The Cellar

By Sophie Brear And Theo Wightman

Post production script-18th March 2009 Killface Media Productions c/o 1 Burley House Burley-in-Wharfedale Ilkley West Yorkshire LS29 7QB Tel:01943 864 264


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Int.Cellar Stairs-Night A door opens to reveal a dark figure of average build and average height. Opening Titles 2 Ext. Still of house

3 Ext. Alleyway Girl in dress, Blonde, Average build walking down an alleyway, man comes up from behind, puts bag over her head and drags her off screen. 4 Int. Dark cellar Girl sat on the ground with black tape over mouth. Hear mans footsteps entering room. 5 Int. Dark cellar Man stood in front of girl with knife. Man comes towards girl and holds knife against her throat.