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solider and ask question t facebook pages photos ppl asked detention gdf same person used the same photo in FB how he uses it all instruction ask them to structure and ask them in between as it comes from the army background as he has worked with teen where xeveryone has to structure ranks and asked haircuts musters then drill sergeant whom they then their moulded into structure yes sire no si gre no excuse sire in 18 weeks mature after that they respect drill ser Online and computer are answers for school reforms join the admission powell w nats a strucutre starts with structure with mommy lanagugae the learning starts with lanagugae by observatin thats why structure child lacking the basic task like color , numbers and tieing shows using the persuaion the structure thats how the children used to structure and learn more if dr is no such struture the things wil fall flat thats probs r ther first grader has blizketerg but if the first grader is in the inconsistent with those in environment not through with alphabets by 3rd grade the child who hadn't been in with structure understands that he is lacking he is on the way to drop out if u r not right level at grade 3 u r a candidate for jail at age 18 high incarceration bcoz everyon good start

he had though he dint do well he used all the transcript C city college.0 enough for the army start with life decides in ur end with in country of opportunity whr everyone can get the chance when if dont invest in our children the result is bad thats why 25% drop out minority ppl in low income area nt getting 20s arrival banana republic we r dint dnt even think of droping expectation from cousin extended immigrant woman in pillow they kept jobs no self actualization culture in all families successful ppl mentor boy and school uptown and downtown minority majority leaders of the great country immigrant policy joke then immigrant policy hot dog green card recognize general dint accepted the money young ppl coming from different place of world . engineering and biology then went to miltary he conveys this msg to everyone when structure gets dvlped is there 2 things one you do well who love doing cert ain things and when get those 2 things together u enjoy aftr 5 yrs of not imrpoving his case was refferred IRTC A rolled the grade up with 2.

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