Writing – Informal Letter 2011

GUIDELINES 1. Informal letters are written to friends & relatives. 2. The format:

Your address__________________, ____________________________, ____________________________. Date________________________ Greeting, Opening_______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Contents_______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Closing________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Signing off,______ Signature________

3. The language used is simple and friendly. a. You can use contractions such as can’t, I’m, won’t, you’re and so on. b. For examination, do not use slang like, “Hey, Wassup.” , “gonna” , “kinda”, “wanna”

Prepared by: Teacher Nuha, SAMBBST, Selangor. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha.blogspot.com/

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You may begin your letter by: • Asking about the person’s health. Begin with: Date Greeting • • Opening (1st paragraph)  Dear.  I hope that you’re as fit as a fiddle.. Add a fullstop at the end of the address Selangor Darul Ehsan. Add a coma at the end of each line of the Seksyen 8. Jalan Tebing 8/8. Asking what the reader had been up to?  How’s the weather at your place? Not too hot I hope. For example: Dear Amin.. Selangor. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha.  How’s your family getting on?  I’m fine and I hope you’re fine too. you wanted me to describe / advice….  Did you get to visit your grandparents?  Did you go on your trip to Paris as you had hoped? They say Paris is a beautiful city. In the 2nd paragraph.  Dearest……. Page 2 of 10 • • • • Content (Several paragraphs) • Prepared by: Teacher Nuha....Writing – Informal Letter 2011 4.blogspot.  I’m glad to learn that….. Dear Latifah.. My dear Uncle Syed.. Expressing happiness: For example:  I received your letter on…  I’m happy to receive your letter…  Thank you for your letter which I received….. or My dear….com/ . Explanation about the format: Format Address • • Explanation The writer’s address is written at the top right-hand corner For example: 25. For example: 6 June 2011 Written on the left-hand side of the letter. Written below the address. For example:  How are you? I hope that you’re in the pink of health.. mention your main reason for writing the letter... You may use the following phrase:  In your last letter. SAMBBST.  I’m so glad to hear….. (for close friends & family) For example: Dearest father.. Expressing sorrow:  I’m sorry to hear that….. Expressing apology:  I’d like to say sorry for…  I’m sorry for not writing…. Dearest Siti. address 40000 Shah Alam.

that’s about all for now.  Hope to receive a reply from you. If you are writing to your parents.  Take care of yourself.blogspot.  Hope to hear from you soon. SAMBBST.  Yours affectionately If you are writing to friends or relatives. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha. For example: Signing off Signature Nuurunnuha Prepared by: Teacher Nuha.  Well.Writing – Informal Letter 2011 Format Closing (Last paragraph) Explanation  I’m writing this letter to…. Sign your name at the bottom of the letter in the right-hand corner. You may use the following phrases:  I’ll write again soon.  Yours faithfully.  Yours sincerely. Selangor.  Bye / Goodbye.  Yours lovingly.  Let me pen off here. you can sign off using:  Your loving daughter. you can sign off using:  Your friend.  Please give/send my regards to…  Please convey my warm regards to….com/ Page 3 of 10 .  Your niece / nephew.  Do write to me soon. Inform the reader that you are ending the letter.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

What a relief! Math and science papers were quite tough.barbecue . campsite 2.shady .safe 3. Write a letter to your uncle and invite him and his family to join you. you should: • use all the notes given to persuade your uncle • elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting • make sure it is not less than 120 words Use the notes below to write the letter. facilities . 77000 Jasin.Writing – Informal Letter 2011 A) INFORMAL LETTER – TO INVITE Exercise 1: PMR 2006 You and your family are planning to go camping for the coming school holidays. 16 October 2010 Dear Uncle David. on a camping trip for the coming holidays. When writing your letter.a stone’s throw away (Meaning: very close) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fill in the blanks with the above notes and idioms in the correct sentence. SAMBBST.children’s playground .peaceful . location .blogspot. Beckham and Ryan.mini market . 1.in stitches (Meaning: laughing uncontrollably) .games .to their heart’s content (Meaning: to their full satisfaction. My final year exam ended yesterday.near a town . 5.swimming .trekking Use the idioms below to make your letter more interesting: . This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha.20-minute bus-ride . REWRITE the letter.in the pink of health (Meaning: in very good health) . You have found a suitable campsite.tent for rent . I’m writing this letter mainly to invite you. Aunt Lucy and your sons.toilets . Please pray that I’ll pass all subjects with flying colours.clean .com/ Page 4 of 10 . activities . Melaka. without limitation) .shower rooms 4. Prepared by: Teacher Nuha. Selangor. Everyone here is as fit as a fiddle. Jalan Parameswara. How are you? I hope you and your family are (1)______________________________. Then.

(7) ______________________________ and (8) ______________________________. crystal clear waterfall waiting to tempt us. The boundary is clearly marked. There are also (15) ______________________________ and (16) ______________________________ at the campsite. Selangor. I hope you will have good news for us. Do say you will come. Simon Prepared by: Teacher Nuha. He said the place is serene. so we can easily go there if we need supplies. Apart from making the place (9) ______________________________. Moreover. Uncle David. My brothers and I always end up (20) ______________________________ every time we play. the greenery makes the atmosphere so cool and refreshing. SAMBBST. so you and Aunt Lucy need not worry about the boys wandering off. At night. it is located (4) ______________________________. It is in Taman Lipur Tasik Putih. I can bring along my new board game which is extremely fun and hilarious. Do give my warm regards to Aunt Lucy. Father’s friend also said that the place is quite (10) ______________________________. We can go (17) ______________________________ and (18) ______________________________ during the day. There is a (5) ______________________________ in the town. there’s an unpolluted. we can have (19) ______________________________.Writing – Informal Letter 2011 Father has found the perfect (2) ______________________________. Trust me.blogspot. We can also have marshmallows for dessert. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha.com/ Page 5 of 10 . The place is planted with many trees. It’s going to be so tantalizing and delicious. Bye! Your nephew. There is a (13) ______________________________. There are (12) ______________________________ so you don’t have to bring your own. Well. Park rangers are also on duty to help us if we have any problems. Father has a new recipe for barbecued lamb. The campsite boasts of excellent (11) ______________________________ too. Beckham and Ryan. They can play (14) ______________________________. The campsite is located just (3) __________________________________ from your house. It is only a (6) _____________________________________. A friend of father has camped there with his family. Although the campsite seems secluded. The rental is not very expensive. I’m sure the boys would love that.

He is facing some problems.blogspot. giving him some advice on how he can overcome some of his problems. Write a letter to your brother.com/ Page 6 of 10 .Writing – Informal Letter 2011 B) INFORMAL LETTER – TO GIVE ADVICE Exercise 2 Your younger brother has just enrolled into a residential school. Use the points given below in your letter. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha.have an open mind concentrate on studies make use of the facilities available follow school rules Expressions used:       as fit as a fiddle  in good health time is gold bad hats  troublemakers state-of-the-art  modern a healthy mind creates a healthy body pen off  stop writing Prepared by: Teacher Nuha. SAMBBST. • • • • • organise your time choose friends carefully . Selangor.

Divide your time for doing homework.a. life in residential school [5.is. These [16. are missing] having you around. played. missed. are telling] me that you’re having some difficulties in your new school. I especially miss you as I no longer have anyone to [3. learning] at home. Next]. learnt. There [13. the] open mind. belittles. Prepared by: Teacher Nuha. washed. habits] will only lead to disaster and jeopardize your studies. Next. studying.belittle.In addition. ________________. an.activity. please keep [18. you may find [11.habit. were] as fit as a fiddle and not too homesick. don’t forget all that you have [20.Writing – Informal Letter 2011 Underline the correct answer.it. faced.play. In your last letter. wisely. activities] such as smoking or drug abuse. make sure that you organise your time [8.is. Since. washing] clothes and so on. slowly. misses. in. were] very different from home. Then. please do be careful [12. were] bound to be some bad hats around. are. ________________.influence.wash. tells. make sure that you’re not [14. You will [17.a. plays.face. met.on.is. [9. SAMBBST.miss.tell. I suggest that you have [10. ________________. you [4.blogspot. So. Selangor. First. meeting] friends from various cultures and backgrounds. It is more difficult and you may [6.com/ Page 7 of 10 . As you may already know. Don’t [19. 16 January 2011 Dearest ______________. was. [7.meet. meets. influenced. influencing] by the wrong set of friends. Stay away from any unhealthy [15. At the same time. was. at. are. belittled] anyone else’s beliefs or traditions. was. washes. it’s] easier to finish all that you have to do and still have some free time for yourself. of] your choice of friends. However. I hope you [1. influences. facing] many problems. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha. its.learn. don’t fret too much because all these problems can be overcome. quickly] because time is gold.foolishly. So. an. playing] badminton with. the] timetable. learns. REWRITE the letter. So. All of us are fine back home although we [2. told. faces. are.

[22. had. Therefore. was.use.achieve. I know your school [30. Playing] games is not only a form of exercise but it is also a way for you to relax. you can [28. takes up. was. used.However. helped.has. We would be [37. disappointing] if such a thing were to happen. had. helping] you to solve your problems. Selangor.disappoint. You’re advisable to study in group so that it will be much easier to have discussions. created. make full use of them. you should [34. gains. uses. creates.has.take up. equipped. were] to help you get better results and hopefully a scholarship. are. are having] any problems with any subjects. helps. For that reason.blogspot. There [27. Please write whenever you [39. seemed.gain.com/ Page 8 of 10 . are. Plus. took up. If you [36. is creating] a healthy mind. achieving] your ambitions. disappoints.break. its. disappointed. seeming] tiresome but they instill self-discipline and are good for character building. Take care and goodbye! Your loving brother. broke. So.create. Perhaps you should [31. This is your best chance to [23. is having] tennis and badminton courts. I will pen off here. have. The rules may [35. taking up] one of these games. following] the school rules.has.follow. equips. Study in the library whenever you can because [26. We are all anxious about you and eagerly wait for [40. breaks. concentrate on your studies and do well in your examinations. gained. Besides. play games now and then. I hope my advice will [38.your. achieved.Writing – Informal Letter 2011 The main reason you were sent there [21. In addition] . it’s] state-of-the-art facilities. Played. you may be suspended or expelled. Besides. [32.help. gaining] as much knowledge as possible. have. Last but not least.is.it. yours. Your school is also [27. _______________ Prepared by: Teacher Nuha. it’s] comfortable and more conducive. Never break any rules. using] the internet conveniently not only to carry out school tasks or projects but also to [29.it.is. have. followed. SAMBBST. Plays. equipping] with the latest computers.seem. were] many reference books you can look at. follows. its. achieves. you’re] letter. had. are breaking] the school rules. a healthy body [33. are having] time.Play. Don’t be shy to consult your teachers if you [24.equip. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha. SM Sains Muzaffar Syah is distinguished for [25. seems.

as far as the eye can see! We (8) ______________________________ the Highlands Tea Garden Resort for a night. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha. (1)_________________________________ and Auntie? I hope that both of you are enjoyable and educational stayed at tea leaves was invigorating We borrowed full loads had the time of our lives grand treat (2)______________________________. The first thing we did when we arrived was to (9) ______________________________ of the plantation on the back Prepared by: Teacher Nuha. As we (5) ______________________________ to the plantation resort. There were rows and rows of tea plants like (7) _____________________________________. we (6) ______________________________ by the vastness of the plantation land. ________________.Writing – Informal Letter 2011 C) INFORMAL LETTER – TO GIVE NEWS / TO TELL EXPERIENCE Exercise 3 Your uncle suggested that you and your family visit a tea plantation which was owned by his friends.com/ Page 9 of 10 . SAMBBST. through the rows of tea plants. ________________. We had such an (4)____________________________________________ trip. Selangor. 31 July 2011 My dear ______________.blogspot. Then. REWRITE the letter. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct answer from the box below. Write a letter to your uncle to thank him for his suggestion and to tell the wonderful trip that you had experienced. keeping well take a tour drove up tour by How are you your suggestion were awestruck a sea of green leaves At the end of the tour learnt about tea plantation Send my regards to Auntie eye-opener waved warmly plucking tea leaves fast and hard made from -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------________________.Thank you so much for (3) ______________________________ to visit the Highlands tea plantation.

Father gave us a (16) ______________________________. (25) ___________________________________. this trip has been an (22) ______________________________ for me. Selangor. Whenever I drink tea now. (14) ______________________________. They worked so (20) ______________________________. They were very friendly as we passed their houses and they (18) ______________________________ at us.blogspot. You know.com/ Page 10 of 10 . The smell of fresh tea leaves (12) ______________________________! Then the lorry took us to the tea factory where we (13) ______________________________ tea drying and the different grades of tea. Until then. bye! Your niece. We could choose anything we wanted! (17) ______________________________ bicycles from the resort and we went cycling to the plantation workers’ settlement. we could almost touch the (11) ______________________________ as it slowly weaved its way between the low tea shrubs. some (15) ______________________________ tea. This material can be viewed @ http://teachernuha. I will always remember the tea shrubs and the workers who worked so hard at the (23) ______________________________.Writing – Informal Letter 2011 of a lorry. We chose to (10) ______________________________ lorry because in the open vehicle. Soon they were walking with (21) ______________________________ of tea leaves to the collecting lorries. The next morning before we left. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves. Uncle. _______________ Prepared by: Teacher Nuha. we had afternoon tea at the café where there were so many delicious cakes and pastries. Thank you once again for your suggestion. We really (24) _______________________________________________________. SAMBBST. we got up very early to watch the workers (19) ______________________________.

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