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go green

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drama script writtten by smk convent muar student Mei Yan
drama script writtten by smk convent muar student Mei Yan

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Published by: abdfattah on May 01, 2013
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Muar District Level English Language Festival Drama Competition Team: SMK CONVENT MUAR Title : Go Green Team


Nu m. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 12. 13. 14. 15.

Name Nur Hanny Fatiha Bt Abd Rashid Sakina Bt. Siraj Aliah Suraya Bt. Sallehuddin Shobhana Naaidu A/P Rajendran Premila A/P Kunalan Elaine Tee Geok Ting Nur Sakinah Bt Jasmi Goh Jou Zhi Gina Jones Ho Low Hoi Co Pathmaloshini A/P Jeganathan Lim Ching Jia Celine Chua Faith Lim Er Hui Mei

I/C Number 960201-01-5734 980729-01-6100 980328-01-6804 980203-01-7280 980313-01-6940 981206-13-5324 980624-01-6622 970411-01-6312 980905-01-5132 970722-01-5034 960403-01-5628 980410-01-6264 970226-04-5074 970107-01-6940 960601-01-5100

Character / Crew Sara Old Lady Lilo Prop Manager / Stage Manager Prop Asistant Sound Manager Mather Alice Victim 1 Father Businessman Aboy Victim 2 Daughter/ Mary Customer / Director

Alice : Sara. you are with me. you are rude. What are we going to do after this? Shopping? Alice : Shopping? Not again! We have done shopping for three times in this week! Please don’t go for shopping today. you may go home now. where are we going? Alice : Yes. (Turned to Sara) you should apologize. Sara : Come on. ( Turned to Lilo and Alice ) You don’t have to say sorry as it was not your fault. We are not going for a shopping. She was the one throwing the rubbish. Lilo : I know you are the best. so don’t worry about it. Sara : Okay. Old lady : It’s okay. Am I right. ) Old lady : Ouch! ( Lilo and Alice stopped and wanted to apologize to the old lady but Sara ignored them and urged them to leave faster. She deserved to be hit. I am very curious. Tell us where we are going to. Lilo :Thanks. stop it. Sara! Here is your drink and Lilo. It was an accident. Dirty people like her should not appear in my sight. Sara? Sara : Don’t be angry. . I can’t wait for it.SCENE1: OUTSIDE A 7-11 SHOP Alice : Hey. this is yours. Alice. but the entrance fee is very expensive. Sara : We are going to…. Old lady : Young girl. I cannot afford it. I love you very much. exactly. ) Lilo : I am sorry. Legoland! Alice : Wow. Legoland! I have been longing to go there. Sara. She just simply threw the rubbish and it accidentally hurt an old lady who was a scavenger. I will pay the fees. You don’t have to apologize actually… Sara : Yes. Alice. ( They finished their drinks and threw the rubbish into the dustbin nearby except for Sara. aunty.. Alice : Let’s go. Lilo : No shopping today? Then. okay? Lilo : If you don’t like shopping.

Sara : Why should I? I did nothing wrong! Old lady : What you did just now was actually polluting the environment! The dustbin was just beside you but you threw it on the floor. Coming. work. stop… Old lady : You have a bad attitude and you are not repent for what you have done. Let’go. Sara. but not pollute it! They will have they have done! They just simply things which are living in such a to pay for what . Such a big bungalow. Alice : Sorry. I have not met them for more than a week. (Stopped for a while) What for I said it? Nobody will hear it. Don’t you love your environment? Your country where you are living in? Why are you making it dirty? Sara : Busybody! It has nothing to do with you! Everyone does that too! Littering is just a common thing which happens every day and everywhere! Lilo&Alice : Sara. (They turned and left the place. I want to leave now. why not take a stroll in the park? SCENE 3 : IN THE PARK Old lady : (sighed) nowadays. Sara : Alice…? Alice : okay. They should be grateful that we are beautiful place. (When they were about to leave. calm down.) Old lady : sooner or later. work. Work. throw rubbish and spit. Lilo. Besides. busy with your work again. aunty. people do not appreciate Nature. We are so sorry. SCENE 2: SARA’S HOUSE Sara : I am back. the old lady said something.) Old lady : If you continue to pollute the environment. you will get your retribution in one day… Sara : Let’s see. I don’t want to waste my time. they like to throw recyclable. arguing with this old woman! Lilo: Alright. Sara : Since I cannot fall asleep. Alice. with only me. Sara : It is none of your business.

you will have to pay for what you have done. heed my advice. and the rivers are severely polluted now. the old lady used to stick to hit Sara and she fainted. (Touched Sara) Sara : Hands off! Stay away from me! (When Sara wanted to leave. It smells.(coughing) eww.. Sara : polluting? I don’t think so. where am I actually? . Garbage collectors will collect the rubbish so that it is clean again. I don’t want to hear your nag anymore..( Sara came in and they saw each other) (Sara ignored the old lady and passed by her. stop polluting the environment. Old lady : Polluting doesn’t only mean littering.) Old lady : Young girl. Heed my advice.) Sara : (wondered) where am I? Shouldn’t I in a park now? But now…. causing us all to have no water to drink! Sara : What?! Tell me.(looking around) Where am I actually? Why are there so many rubbish on the road? And the air…. SCENE 4: FUTURE ( The victims came in and started to make a lot of noise) (Sara woke up. No trees is around. (Spotted victims) There are people! I must find out what had happened! Sara : Hello… may I know… Victim 1 : Water! Do you have water! Victim 2 : Give me food! Give me water! (Coughing) Sara : What’s wrong with you two? Victim 1 : What’s wrong? Can’t you see? We are suffering! Victim 2 : Yes! The air is so dirty now.) Old lady : People will have to pay for what they have done. ( Wanted to leave) Old lady: I mean it. It is our responsibility to take care of our earth. It actually includes switching on the lights and do not switch them of… Sara : Oh please.

I will suffer more! NO WAY! Stop the sale! Worker : Okay… Customer : Hey! I heard that there is a discount here. Faster. (They went away. . with the discounts. there will be more customers.. Businessman : How many percents of discount? Worker : 15 percent. If I sell 1 kilogram of rice. May I know what year it is now? Victim 1 : it’s 2113. leaving Sara alone.) Sara :What is going on? 2113? I should be in 2013 (looking around) this is totally different from where I used to living. Victim 2 : Indeed. ) Worker : Come. Businessman : (took out his calculator) 15 percent. mega sale! Mega sale! Businessman : What? Mega sale? I will suffer loss if I offer discounts! Worker: But boss.. If I was in 100 years again. I want to buy half kilogram of rice and 10 bottles of water. faster.? The air… (Coughing) Victim 1 : Clean air? So funny of you. Sara : 100 years ago? Wait. Victim 2 : Oh yeah. Sara : Malaysia? Are you sure? Malaysia is not like this. Times 250…… 37. lady boss told me that if we say we are having sale. But now. SCENE 5: BUSINESSMAN’S SHOP ( The businessman and his worker came out.5… I will lose RM37. Victim 2 : oh no! Is it the effect of the pollution? Victim 1 : It must be! Come on! It’s time! The shop next street is opened now. come. I will get RM250.5 and if I sell more.Victim 1 : Have you gone nuts? It’s Malaysia here. bewildered. Let’s go and see whether we can get some water. Malaysia is a very beautiful country! A place full with greens and clean air! But here…. 15… percent…. I might believe you.

I am the only selling water and rice in this town. Customer : No wonder. You have only two choices. Please.. We really need water to survive. Victim 2 : We need your help. give us some water. it can’t be used anymore. If you have no money. . Many people die of starvation and dehydration recently. Businessman : But I am the boss and I call the shots here. RM100… altogether RM225. Victim 1 : Please! Just a bottle of water will do. right? I buy two. there isn’t any discount. go away. But. then don’t come here. to buy or to starve. Thank you. Here is RM20. RM125 and 10 bottles of water…. remember. Customer : What? So expensive? Everyone is now suffering from the pollutions yet you are not helping others with your wealth but selling things at such high price? Businessman : Come on. don’t buy. Victim 2: We have not drunk for two days. do feel pity of us. why not? If you find it expensive. One bottle for RM10. get lost of my sight! ( The businessman kicked the victims and Sara who was happened to be there witnessed all these. ) Sara : Stop it! Don’t treat them like this. Businessman : Go away! Don’t affect my business.Worker : But my boss said that… Businessman : Sorry. ( Pushed Sara away ) Sara : What kind of world is it? People are so selfish and not sympathetic. Businessman : Are you kidding me? What kind of notes is that? Ancient notes from 100 years ago. please. Businessman : I don’t care. Half kilogram of rice…. Shoo! Go away. As long as I earn money. I will sort things out! (The customer went away. Businessman : It can’t be. It is because of your selfish act. Customer : (pointed at the worker) but he did mention just now. Businessman : NO NO! You two beggars. Victim 1 and victim 2 came to the shop at that time) Victim 1: Please. Customer : You are too selfish! I will not buy from you. Don’t disturb me.

Greet this sister. a place where it used to be clean and beautiful has become a place with pollutions. Sara : I have no home here… Father : Oh gosh! You are so pitiful. how do you do. Mary : Hello. She cannot help us either.) Mother : Girl. It is a global environmental problem. Let’s find our solution ourselves. Sara : Malaysia. Sara : ( turned to the couple) may I ask you a question? Mother : Go ahead. Sara : Hi. thanks. come on. not only Malaysia but also other countries. Sara : Why did Malaysia become like this? It was a pollution-free country but now… Mother: What? How come you do not know? Father : Pollutions happen everywhere. Victim 2 : Don’t talk too much to her. SCENE6 : COUPLE’S HOUSE (They went back to the couple’s house. just go to our house. How could it be? (Sara heard people coughing. It is near. Sara : Actually….) Father : Mary. Victim 1 : Alright. Sara : Okay. You better go home now. Mother&Father : What?! Sara: Trust me. come. You should know why it is happening. I am from 2013 and that’s why I don’t have a home here and I am finding a way back to 2013! . why are you here? The air is contaminated now and it is not good to breathe in. we do not face such serious pollution problems like now. I am from 2013 and in that time.Victim 1: They only care for their profits.

you eat it.Mother : Maybe she is right. Sara : Can you two tell me that why the pollutions are so serious? Father : This is because people nowadays do not care about their environment.) Sara : Mary is sensible. these things happened in my years too and there was not a big pollution problem like this. they litter. Sara : … Mary :Mom. you deserve the best from me too. Mary. (Mother ate a bit and father too. ate a bit and gave the bread to Mary. Father : Because you are our daughter. Mother : Be good.) Mary. Mother : Okay. they use motor vehicles with no catalytic converter. we believe you. How can you two not to be hungry? You go out and find water and food everyday but you always leave the biggest portion to me. Father : Alright. they build factories with the toxin flow into the river and they cut down trees to build houses. Mary : But. (Went to take a piece of bread. . eat this. Mother : You may not suffer from this problem in 2013 but when it goes longer and longer. hungry and thirsty but you always leave the food and water to me. Mother : Yes. mom. Mary : You are parents. the effects will accumulate and when the effects work. and this explains why she doesn’t know about what problems we are facing actually. just like now. We are not hungry. my dear. Father : No need. Mary: Dad. I think I better save it to you . I am hungry. so you deserve the best from us. Mother : Yes. I will take you some water. You are tired. so you eat it. this is what we only have in our house. I know you are not telling the truth. Let us just share the bread. Sara : But. Mary. the consequence will be severe.

) Sara : I think I better leave now. Sara : I know it now. Sara felt regret and also warmed. it is all for Mary. that’s why we can still survive in such circumstances. just stay in our house. I want to prevent all these to happen. this is mine! (Snatched away the bread crumb) Victim : No.) Sara : I am so…. She also felt warmed with the couple’s family. Thirsty… I need water…. I will stop all these from happening with all my might. Give it to me! (People started to fight) . struggling for clean air. she turned her head and she saw many people lying on the floor. Mother : As long as we stay together as one. we all depend on you. Although they were poor and they might die due to the pollutions someday. we can survive. snatching the food and also water. I want to go back to 2013.. (Sara heard someone coughing.) Father / Mother : (coughing and snatching the food) Daughter: No. it is really dangerous and the air is really bad for your health.. famished. Mary : Good luck.Father : Yes. thirsty.. I want to save our mother’s earth. Mother : So fast? Why not you stay here? Father : You have no home here. Mary : We will stick till the end! (At that moment. exhausted. what you all have done will leave an effect to your next generation. they still remained as a happy family with love. and I hope it is not too late. Sara : I appreciate your kindness but I really think I have to leave. She had regretted for what she had done which was partly blamed to cause the pollutions. But… the river is so dirty… I can’t drink it. Father : Remember. I want to find a way back home. Mother : Good. sister! Sara : (bowed) thanks! (Sara came out.

. Sara : (fell on the floor) am I going to die. (Sara spotted someone lying on the floor and she realized that he was one of the victims she met last week. the park she went before she went to the future. Never pollute the environment again.. (Sara fainted and died. fan will do. where are we going? Shopping? Bobi : Objection!! . Don’t die! Mom!! (Cried) Daughter:: Mom! (Sara felt so awful when she saw the people’s life were so desperate) Sara : It was the pollution. I shall protect the environment for my future generations’ sake…. she picked all the rubbish on the floor and threw them into the dustbin. I will turn a new leaf…. She turned around and she realized that all the victims were not around.Daughter: Mom. I was one of them to. I will change…... It was… caused by people who polluted the environment… no. I must not let that happen! (Sara went back to her house and on her way home. switched on the fan and switched off the unnecessary lights) Sara : It’s no need to switch on the air-conditioner.) (Sara woke up and realized that she was in the park..? (Cried) I don’t want to die… please.. Sara : The old lady! Did I really go to the future? Their lives are so desperate. When she reached home. she turned back again and she saw a girl holding her mom) Daughter:: Mom… mom! Please..) Sara : It’s wasteful! (Sara switched off the air-conditioner. give me a chance! I will change. are you okay? (Sara heard a person talking.. Everyone is going to die.. Sara : I will…. (The next day) Lilo: Hey Sara.) Sara : the victim! He is dead.. she realized all the lights and the air-conditioner were switched on. I will never...) Sara : Am I dreaming? ( You have to pay for what you have done) Sara heard a sound.

we shall support her! Lilo : Alright then. Sara : (smiled) Let’s go! --------------------------------------------------------------The End------------------------------------------------------------- . It was so tiring. Bobi : Hey. of course! We shall protect our environment! Lilo : But. Sara is right! Since Sara has changed.. we are going to do this!! ( Showed an advertising paper ) Lilo : Volunteers?! Bobi : To clean the park?! Are you pulling my legs? Lilo : Sara.... Did you mean it? Sara : Yes.Sara : No.

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