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Game Development

Unit Text

O About Fonts and Faces (Vaughan,2011 ):

Typeface family of graphic characters that includes type sizes and styles Font a collection of characters of a single size and style belonging to a type face Font styles boldface and italic Font sizes - represented as one point or 1/72 of an inch Leading computer fonts automatically add space below the descender Kerning spacing between character pairs


O Four categories:
O Serif - short decorative tips at the end of the stroke

for each letter.

O San Serif - there is an absence of short decorative tips

at the end of the stroke for each letter.


Script - the letters appear to be handwritten .

Decorative - the letters have a unique style that sets it apart, having an artistic design element incorporated into the lettering.

O Examples
O Bell MT O Bodoni MT

San Serif
O Examples
O Arial O Tahoma

O Chaparral Pro

O Geneva

O Examples
O Bradley Hand ITC O Brush Script MT

O Examples
O Chiller O Old English

O Edwardian Script

Text O Sanp ITC

Using Text in Multimedia

O Small types, use legible fonts. O Vary the size of a font based on the importance of

the information.
O To make the type stand out or more legible,

explore the effects of different colors.

O Bold or emphasize text to highlight ideas or


When to use the different font styles?

O San Serif are best for web pages. O Printed publications use San Serif for headings

and Serif for the body.

O TEA (2011). Career and Technology Education

Principles of Information Curriculum. Retrieved from O Vaughan, T. (2011). Multimedia: Making It Work. Publisher: McGraw-Hill.