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Sex is the Ultimate Paradox of Life

Sex is the Ultimate Paradox of Life

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Published by nkmgmt3030
Raw and original,these thoughts are fundamentals on sexuality of human beings and even animals,watch human beings in sexual action,they are more comic and mad beyond belief than any of the animal kind
Raw and original,these thoughts are fundamentals on sexuality of human beings and even animals,watch human beings in sexual action,they are more comic and mad beyond belief than any of the animal kind

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Published by: nkmgmt3030 on Apr 02, 2009
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Sex is the ultimate paradox of life

Everyone wants to fuck and want to be fucked!But they say and behave outwardly as if it is the dirtiest thing in the world and as if they care absolutely nothing for it!

These blokes are the JERKS
• Still there are people who manage to ‘penetrate’ through the layers of defence and get to penetrate and be penetrated. • This they call as ‘Social’ Skill! • One of the hallmark of these JERKS is that they have no care in the world. Which makes them to look like gutsy! • When the woman needs things other than sex,the jerks are proved to be absolutely useless! • And the LOSER routine starts!

Sexual Nostalgia
• Sex is the most powerful positive feeling in life. • The ones who remember you the most with yearning are the ones who spurned your move for sex with them. • They realise years later,after getting frustrated by the rejections when they made the same move on others.

Opportunity Lost
• Then they consider you as the precious pleasure opportunity lost and remember forever as they remember regrets. • No doubt,life for almost all is a journey to collect frustrations and regrets.

The skillful few
• Those who play the game, by instinct or by observation, right, are the ones who get what they want mostly and do not regret if they did not get because it was the loss of the other party.

Love for all
• Women give sexual favours for Guts,Strength,Power,Money,Status in that order.They call it as Love! • Men give favours for sexy looks,sex,sex with more partners,more places,more varieties!They also call it as Love!

Love exists between parents and children!
• That which exists between men and women is LUST and for moralistic reasons they call it as love and foolishly women expect that to be love! • That explains their miserable lives of ‘LOVE’.! • Misplaced unnatural expectations! • If they rerally wanted love they could have gone to their parents! • Why do they want the strangers to love them! It is only an alibi.

Skilled Love satisfies LUST
• When skillful men realise that women have nomenclature issues with desire and sexual pleasures,they happily play along.As long as they have the lust for the other one,they happily call it love. • They have no issues sticking to nomenclature.They prefer sticking it inside much much more!

Man’s world
• As they say a man’s world is that on which the women sit! • Why would men lose THEIR WORLD for silly word preferences! • Clever at least in this choice,by only the few,who are the men of the world!

Extraordinary Attraction
• Sex by nature only sustained by the challenge and thrill of the unknown.Once the partner becomes familiar,sex with that one loses all value! • But value for sex with new partners remains! The more seemingly unattainable the object of lust feels to him,the more powerful the attraction,the tension and the pull. • Film stars fill up this category!They are ordinary people in an extraordinary business where technology ..contd

Extraordinary attraction..contd
• multiplies their value simply by projecting them to more eyes and creating more demand for them by the promotional artists and make-up craftsmen.

Cycle of Liking
• You do not like the one who likes you. • The one whom you like does not like you. • So it is a vicious cycle of frustration to all.

Pride and Sex
• Pride creates hurts and anger and the defensive walls!Angry people are not approached for sex.Anger is not sexy!

Joy and sex
• Joyful people are seductive,inviting and get moves for sex all the while. • But some are just put-on showy type,they are really not joyful and they are alarmed at the proposals for sex! • Joy comes from humility,wisdom, humour,the ability to take everything for what it is!Just what they really are,not to magnify with emotional lenses • .Most of all what you choose to remember,to hold in your mind decides your emotional state,joyful or otherwise.So Joy can be just a matter of your choice!

Sex makes jokers
• Imagine haughty people in sexual performance! • They become incredible jokers,when they perform all those lickings and suckings of those parts which nobody will even look at,or even the owner of those parts would be shameful to show it off! • Where the haughtiness vanishes just for some dirty things!

Ultimate Humour
• Nature has the ultimate sense of humour or even we can believe that it played the ultimately cruel joke by making people pathetically lust after each other’s dirtiest parts which they not even are able to talk about.

Sexy people are only lusted after
• It is not true that everybody’s dirty parts are lusted after! • Only those who are pretty,beautiful,sexy and attractive and young have that power! • Again it is a great paradox,that power mostly becomes their ultimate danger because they are sought after by abusers mostly! • Sexy people are perceived by others as OBJECTS of desire not as human beings with their own ideas,feelings and faiths about their Life! • Those who can actually USE them for mutual pleasures are usually cowards and do not make any difference!

Struggle for Sexistence
• Since attractive and sexy and young people are not great in number and none of them are also in a great hurry for sex. • Attractive,sexy people are the most career and professional minded in the world and sex is nowhere in their priority unless they have decided to make their career out of their sexiness or at least use it to to enhance their opportunities! • All the competition for sex with the minimally available desirable objects has created the whole world of incredible variety of tactics! Moralising is one of them,to deceptively distract the competition so that there is more chance of getting to the object for themselves!

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