Education/Training Required  

Smith Tuangswang

Master’s or doctorate degree in biostatistics or related field o Bachelor’s degree is sufficient to enter the field of biostatistics Strong foundation in science/mathematics

Responsibilities/Daily Activities       Fairly typical office hour week – 40 hours a week Generally set in office environment; may extend into the field Problem solving, adaptability, communication skills Work well as part of a team Often coordinates with other health professionals Analyze genetic data/disease occurrence

Salary Range   $61,996 - $80,330 annually Median income: $74,433

Sources  Biostatistician: job description and info about starting a career in biostatistics. (n.d.). Retrieved from Career_in_Biostatistics.html Biostatistics careers – how to become a biostatistician. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Self-Reflection The name of this career – biostatistician – would give me a few laughs from people who incorrectly pronounce it. It seems like you become part of the blue-collar zombie office force though, from the information I have from these sources. You work a 40-hour, 9 to 5 week. Your work environment is usually an office setting, and you rarely get to go out into the field. Sounds good, if you like sitting in front of a computer screen all day, and talk to your co-workers around the water cooler.

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