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Political Campaign by Diego Leonardo Escandon Davila

Political Campaign by Diego Leonardo Escandon Davila

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Published by: Diego Leonardo Escandón Davila on May 01, 2013
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Political campaign by Diego Leonardo Escandon Davila If I’m elect, I promise that I going to work with children, with

our children, because they are the future of this World. My proposals are simple, and there are summary in 3 different aspects First one Children Second one Environment and Third one War There are in priority order, and all of you are asking your self how I going to improve the future in just 4 years, and may be you are thinking that I’m crazy for take that’s points, I mean children and environment can be together, but war that’s a contradiction. Yes it is, but if you look around you, you can see a lot of contradictions that are working together and just there are perfect. You know it’s like the sun and the moon, ying and yang, good and evil, light and dark, you know, alone there are just beautiful or scary. For that I did my logo. So, what will I do with my first point? Simple my first point is children and the best way to work with they is the education, but I know that is very boring to go at higschool, and stay in a chair reading and writing, no, it is not my idea to education, and that’s bring me to my second point. The second point is environment If I won the elections, I would build a forest park, where can live the animals, birds, bears, fishes, wolfs, deer, etc. a place where people can go to camping, with a specialized people who teach about our animals in their life, and they can be protected, and the people can be save because in the campaign place animals can’t stay and animals will have their special place. And finally my last point War Why war? Simple, I love my country, I love my people. If I won the elections, I would protect you, protect our children, and protect our environment. I’m a peace man, if other country wants to fight, I will fight.

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