MAKING JUDGEMENTS Complete the table with quotes and comments.

Bruno doesn’t always get on with his sister, Gretel.

Evidence / Quote
‘He wasn’t particularly bothered if Gretel was being sent away because she was a Hopeless Case’

This suggests… This reveals…

Personal Judgement
The reader may consider Gretel to be obnoxious because of the way she treats others: ‘Run me a bath, Maria, will you?’ This quote reveals that Gretel treats Maria disrespectfully.

This quote suggests that Bruno feels his sister is annoying and cannot be changed for the better.

Bruno has a bad feeling about Lieutenant Kotler.

Bruno is sometimes a little fearful of his father.

When Bruno first meets Pavel, he doesn’t trust him.

Bruno thinks badly of his mother for taking credit for something she hasn’t done.

Extension: Write your own examples in your exercise book.

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