A Chemistry Joke

A physicist, biologist and a chemist were going to the ocean for the first time. The physicist saw the ocean and was fascinated by the waves. He said he wanted to do some research on the fluid dynamics of the waves and walked into the ocean. Obviously, he was drowned and never returned. The biologist said he wanted to do research on the flora and fauna inside the ocean and walked inside the ocean. He too, never returned. The chemist waited for a long time and afterwards, wrote the observation, "The physicist and the biologist are soluble in ocean water".


The meaning of chemistry

The importance of chemistry

Scientific Investigations

The Meaning of Chemistry
The study of

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Characteristics and composition of matter The change of matter The structure of atoms and molecules

The Importance of Chemistry Chemistry Used in Daily Life Chemistry Related Careers Chemical-based Industry .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Fertiliser Ammonia Explosive .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Aluminium Hydroxide Gastric Medicine .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Ethanoic Acid(Acetic Acid) Pickled Foods .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Ethanol Alcoholic Beverage .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Sodium Chloride Table Salt .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Sodium Hydroxide Homemade Soap .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer .

Chemistry Used in Daily Life Limestone (Calcium Carbonate) Cement .

Chemistry Related Careers Doctor .

Chemistry Related Careers Pharmacist .

Chemistry Related Careers Biochemist .

Chemistry Related Careers Geologist .

Chemistry Related Careers Nutritionist .

Chemistry Related Careers Chemistry Teacher .

Chemistry Related Careers Ecologist .

Chemistry Related Careers Chemical Engineer .

Chemistry Related Careers Scientist .

Chemistry-based Industry Alcohol Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Food Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Medicine Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Steel Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Rubber Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Recycling Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Petroleum Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Paper Industry .

Chemistry-based Industry Palm Oil Industry .

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