Seattle Scream

15 April 2069 Ë Issue 40

Lone Star/FBI Operation Rounds Up Weaponry
A Lone Star/FBI Joint Task Force has rounded up several major weapon smuggling operations in Seattle. Twenty-three people have been arrested and more than 300 weapons, including rocket launchers, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition and a variety of types of explosives have been seized. The majority of the raids took place in and around the dock areas. “For too long the people of Seattle have been at the mercy of heavily armed criminals,” said Lone Star Spokesperson Angela Daystar. “A surprisingly large amount of illegal weaponry passes through Seattle,” said FBI Special Agent Nate Jefferson. “If we can shut down these smuggling routes, all of North America will be safer.” The FBI cited cooperation with the Salish-Shidhe Council as well as excellent intelligence gathering by Lone Star for the success of the operation so far. Further raids and arrests are expected as the joint task force continues operation.

Body Lottery-Seattle for the week of 8-14 April 2069, the winning number is:

Diamonte DiMarco Shot!
The troubled Seattle open call of the 12th series of the Road to Stardom series cumulated with a sniper shooting pop star Diamonte DiMarco. The high caliber bullet was fired from an upper story building in downtown Seattle by police have yet to publically pinpoint where the sniper was located. Diamante DiMarco was made famous by such hits as “This NuYen Body” and “Upgrade Me” and now by her role on Road to Stardom is stable and said to be recovering quickly. Her room is Seattle General is under high security watch and many of her loyal fans are keeping vigil outside the hospital. A-Prime has offered a reward of ¥50K for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the sniper and the DD Fan Clubs have raised an addition ¥18K for the same ends. The Lone Star investigation continues. DiMarco’s agent and APrime both insist that she will be healthy enough to host the first episode of the new series of Road to Stardom next week. No motive in known for the shooting and, as of yet, no one has claimed responsibility.

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Condolences to the relatives
of the victims.

Flare up on California / Tir Tairngire Border
The US and Tir governments are still investigating an incident around Weaverville that left two US Boarder Patrol Agents and a Tir Soldier dead. While both sides have moved military forces to the area, they are insistent that this is not a cause for war. “Accidents happen and we will sort out the cause of this tragic confrontation,” said the US Board Patrol statement. A small number of Anti-Tir protestors have gathered in Sacramento to try and provoke a more militant response against Tir Tairngire. “The elves are always pushing, trying to take more of our land,” said Marcus Hull of the Restore California Movement, “we have to push back.”

Virtual Courts Begin Operation
With the support of the US Government, a network of virtual courts has been established to help with the backlog of the Metroplex legal system. By using volunteers from other US jurisdictions to provide judges and lawyers as needed, ten additional criminal courts for minor offenses will be operational beginning Monday.
Knight Errant has provided funding for the technology to run the virtual courts which are expected to ease the backlog of cases. If the first ten virtual courts are successful, a further forty are planned.

NAUBL: Seattle Screamers against Horizon Coordinators
The Seattle Screamers Urban Brawl team plays against the Horizon Coordinator on Wednesday at the Omnidome. With both teams at the bottom of the league it is expected to be a hard-fought game as both sides try to claw their way up in the rankings. The Screamers are still smarting over their defeat at the hands of the Portland Paladins last week and may be able to take it out on the Coordinators.

Beer Weekend Seattle
This weekend will see the best from local beer-makers and breweries as they out in force in downtown Seattle for the first Beer Weekend. Which will feature tastings, demonstrations and more with an emphasis on home brewing and responsible drinking. Activities for children will include a circus and several play areas so bring the whole family.

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