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A permissive state is not necessarily the

Despite the successes, the forces of
same as a permissive society. People may have
Liberalism and human freedom are now
to some extent on the defensive. The had more freedom to do all kinds of things in
“Permissive Society” – always a the sixties ( and indeed they may have
misleading description – has been welcomed it) but they did not necessarily
allowed to become a dirty phrase. A exercise that freedom. Individuals often
better phrase is the ‘civilised society’, a expressed liberal attitudes on issues of
society based on the belief that personal morality but behaved in ways that
different individuals will wish to make were little different from their more morally
different decisions about their buttoned up predecessors. Surveys
patterns of behaviour, and that, consistently highlighted the continued power
provided these do not restrict the of moral conservatism across age ranges and
freedom of others, they should be class divisions throughout the decade.
allowed to do so, within a framework of Mark Donnelly, Sixties Britain, 2005
understanding and tolerance.
Speech by Roy Jenkins, 1969

Sir, I believe, and I’m by no means the only one who
does, that Mr. Roy Jenkins’s Obscene Publications a) Explain how far the views of
Act introduced in 1959 was an unmitigated disaster. Source B differ from those in
He was, throughout his time as an MP and
particularly as Home Secretary, a “permissive” and Source A in relation to Roy
his personal philosophy and social disasters littered Jenkins’ attempt to bring about
the “permissive” years. In 1969, he tried to claim
that Britain had become a better place in which to liberal change in the sixties. (12)
live over the last 10 years. I say that it was in this
period that the moral state of our nation was b) Use Sources A, B, and C and your
weakened, and the outlook of our children made
own knowledge. How far did the
A letter by Mary Whitehouse to changes of the 1960s in Britain
the Glasgow Herald, 1982 create a “permissive society”? (24)