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Fingerprint Reader Attendance Reader

Fingerprint Reader Attendance Reader

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Published by warezisgr8

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Published by: warezisgr8 on May 02, 2013
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Fingerprint Reader with Color TFT

F-300 FP Reader -Attendance Reader with inbuilt Battery Backup, RF Reader, USB & USB Host

Technical Specifications:
                 High speed and reliable fingerprint matching, it can match 2000 fingerprint templates within 2 seconds Inbuilt Battery Backup which gives power upto 3hours (rechargeable) Inbuilt RF Reader Identification time <=2s Reader has Real Time Clock and memory for registering the fingers, cards and memory for storing the punch transactions. Built in strong embedded fingerprint identification system Optical fingerprint sensor easy to use and reliable User capacity 2000 Transaction Storage 50000 Communications TCP/IP, USB, USB Host. FAR <=0.0001% FRR <=1% LED Red and Green Audio Visual Indicator: Red LED (Denied) / Green LED (Granted) LCD 128*64 Graphical. Operating Temperature 0- 45 degree Operating Humidity 20%-80% Power Requirement: 12V 1A DC

Note: The design and specifications are subject to change.

Warranty : 1 Year


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