Sickness is but a form of Defense...How Great Thou ART Posted by: "carolyn_overby" carolyn_overby@yahoo.

com carolyn_overby Fri Jun 29, 2007 6:39 am (PST) The following words just seemed to flow through me as i read the words " Sickness is but a defense" in a posting a friend did on her blog....and i could not get any further in reading as the following just start flowing through my mind... Sickness is but a defense against the Truth...and The TRUTH is That which YOU ARE Remember when you were a child and something would arise in your life that you feared...Like a test at school or a bully you were afraid of ...You would retreat by claiming you were sick so your parents would let you stay home from school...Then you would feel guilty for the lie and perhaps get sick...trying to prove you were not lying to yourself or to anyonelse ...The belief that you were guilty of a lie could actually bring on the symptoms of being sick....Do you see the parallel here...What you fear you defend against and SICKNESS is but a form of defending yourself against Truth....But what you are defending yourself against is the LOVE that IS YOU....You Are defending yourself against what YOU are..Beloved ONE...every defense mechanism has come into being to defend yourself from a guilt that you imagined and judged to be true making it a belief within your mind...But it is not the Truth of YOU...Just a mistaken thought that you chose to believe........There is nothing to defend against for there IS only LOVE...There is ONLY ONE LOVE and YOU my Beloved are IT...Let us give all defenses over to our ONE Holy, Wholly Spirit...Let us lay down all of our imagined weapons (thoughts) of defense and RE-member there is only ONE HEART...and that ONE Heart Is the ONE LOVE that Thou ART...."HOW Great Thou ART" an old hymn i seem to be remembering right Now is going over and over in my mind ............I LOVE YOU Beloved ONE that Thou ART....... Blessings of Joy Loving ONEness

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