SUN – Belongs to royal caste, male planet, cruel nature, lord of the direction of east and is the life

giver. Shape Nature Round face, honey colour eyes, a little hair, bilious nature are caused due to the influence of sun. Self confidence, pride, activeness, mass attraction, importance in the society, valour, broad mindedness, generosity, short temper, feeling happy if others praise or surrender, enimity with parents, earning are caused due to the sun. Carelessness, unnecessary expenditure due to negligence, recklessness in family matters, new ideas in emergency times, geniousness, etc are also caused by the sun. Government Jobs, political powers, professions connected to gold, brass, copper, zinc, etc, metals, minting, medicine, trade of grass, news agency and clerical etc., professions are the significations of the Sun Soul, war, father, favorability of cash, skill, body, shining, blood, cloth pleasures. Life, mind, strength, valour, determination, pious love, emotion, longevity, face respect, status, generosity, ideals, personality, devotion, foresightedness, intuition, thoughtfulness, conduct, will power, blood, arteries, veins, hemorrhage, heart and eyes etc are the significations of the sun Heart diseases, facial diseases, typhoid, etc, poisonous fevers, epilepsy, lack of rememberence power, diseases connected to blood, sun stroke, etc are the significations of Sun. Afflicted sun causes eye and dental diseases in the middle age as well as ill-health to the wife.




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