CAUSES FOR DELAYS IN MARRIAGES ; Part—1 (5) If the Sun and Saturn are adversely posited in the lagna or the

7th house or vice versa, the marriage will be delayed for many years; marriage may be denied if both planets Sun and Saturn are at in mutually 7th house . Same type of delay occurs if Saturn and Moon are conjunct or stay in mutually 7th houses. Then the chance for absolute denial of marriage is less. (6) Sun and Moon are enemies of Venus. If Venus occupies any of the sign of Cancer or Leo and that is flanked on both sides by the Sun and the Moon, the marriage will have many obstructios. If Venus is in Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius except Libra and closely conjunct with malefic (within 5* on either side), there will be severe problems in the settlement of marriage. (7) The position of the lord of the lagna in the 7th house can either deny marriage or can create aversion to marriage in the person and may cause unhappiness to the family members and displeasure in the marriage and family life. (8) If Rahu is in the 7th house with two malefics, the marriage is obstructed. Even retrograde planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in 7th house can cause delays or obstacles in the marriage.