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Nepc Virtual 2013 Appendix a Ncsl Search 2008 2012

Nepc Virtual 2013 Appendix a Ncsl Search 2008 2012

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Published by: National Education Policy Center on May 02, 2013
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2012 Status: Enacted - Chaptered. Chapter No. 238
Date of Last Action: 03/20/2012 - Enacted*
Author: Stephenson (R)
Topics: Accountability| Distance/online/virtual learning| Education Technology| High

Summary: Modifies provisions related to the Statewide Online Education Program to
include prohibiting preference to an online course or course provider, the fees paid to
an online course provider for an online course, modification of the payment date,
withdrawing for an online course, course credit, the counting of an online student for
released-time class, the taking a more than one full course load, online course provider
performance reports, an audit of Electronic High School and courses offered by same.

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