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Published by: Shendy Regar on May 02, 2013
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Oleh Shendy Regar

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Marketing Implications Introduction Consumers’ product knowledge and involvement are two important concepts in the affect and cognition portion of the wheel of consumer analysis model.1 + description) . Digging for deeper Consumer Understanding . Levels of Product knowledge . Consumers Product Knowledge .Examples of Means-End Chains .Marketing Implications 4.Identifying Consumers’ Means –End Chains .Consumers can have product knowledge at four levels o The product class o Product form o Brand o Model/ features o Table of levels of product knowledge (exhibit 4.BAB 4 CONSUMERS’ PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE and Involvement 1.Consumers have different levels of product knowledge.Levels of knowledge are formed when people acquire separate meaning concepts (accretion process) and combine them into larger. . Means-End Chains of Product Knowledge . Level of Product Knowledge 2. which they can use to intrepert the new information and make purchase choices. More abstract categories of knowledge (tuning) .The ZMEt Interview .Product as Bundles of Benefits . Means-end chains provide a deep understanding of how consumers think and feel about products and brands ZMET provides even deeper even deeper understanding of consumer by identifying the metaphors they use to think about productions & brands 1.Product as Bundles of Attributes .Each level of meaning is useful for certain purposes. but not all purposes .Products as Value Satisfiers 3.The ZMET Approach to Consumer Knowledge .

Consumers’ Product knowledge . and how consumers use this knowledge in cognitive processes such as comprehensive . marketer sometimes act as if consumersthink about products and brands are bundles of attributes o Marketers need to know which product attributes mean to consumers. marketer sometimes act as if consumers use this knowledge in the physical characteristics of their products.Marketers should understand those types to develop effective marketing strategies a.2 Types of prod knowledge o Knowledge about the attributes or characteristics of products o The positive consequences or benefits of using products o The values the product helps consumers satisfy or achieve . marketer sometimes act as if consumers think about products. Products as bundles of attributes o Marketers can change brand attributes in an attempt to make their products more appealing to consumers o Perharps because they are so interested in the physical characteristics of their products.2.Three types of product knowledge + table exhibit 4.

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