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Occult Anatomy


Kulapathi E. Krishnamacharya


We are on the threshold of a New Era which is dominated by the Aquarian forces. It is characterised by diffusion of all dogma in every field — science, philosophy, spiritualism etc. The basic cause for the existence of dogma in any field is lack of balance between analysis and synthesis. The tremendous force of Aquarian influence has its negative aspect which is lack of balance. Unless it is balanced and controlled by a synthesised Master-mind, it may drag into dangerous extremities. We have experienced this effect with the discovery of nuclear force. In the field of medicine also we can observe the intense analytical approach which lead to materialistic understanding and loss of holistic sense. This resulted in too much of specialisation and lack of synthetic understanding of human constitution. The Masters of wisdom are working out the way to put an end to this confusion by enforcing strong positive approach using the power of synthesis. Their prophecy is that the new generation which is going to lead the 21st century will be able to synthesise science and philosophy through spiritualism so that the humanity can be free from all negativism and dogma before it can make a step towards higher evolution. Master E.K. is one such Master who are working for this goal. A strong and positive aquarian force can be experienced in his teachings. He trained the younger generation and paved the path for the operation of New Era with all synthetic understanding. He unlocked the universal sciences in the Vedic scriptures and brought out the treasure of Divine wisdom which is the need of this age. In 1984, he conducted a special course for a bunch of his disciples, in which he has given the essence of his teachings in various subjects which forms a syllabus for the study of occult sciences applied to the human life. "Occult Anatomy" is one such subject taught by him which unlocks the mysteries of the hidden forces in the human constitution. To the luck of humanity, all these lessons were recorded by our brothers and preserved in the cassettes. Thanks to their efforts in this holy work. Now with the blessings of the Master, we are able to transcribe the lessons from the cassettes and bring them in the form of this book. This work was pioneered by our brother Punniah who was assisted by Ramachandra Rao, Raghava Rao and Subrahmanya Sastry. May the Master bless us all by enabling us to bring all the lessons from his cassettes into book form so that it can be passed to next generations. Also on behalf of the publishers I thank those brothers who silently extended financial help in making this effort fruitful. 31-07-1996, SVETA DWEEPAM. E. ANANTA KRISHNA

At the very outset "Occult Anatomy" sounds to be a new and awe-evoking subject. But, in fact, it is as old as man. It is an eye-opener to the inner constitution of the human being. The structure of the hidden and subtler vehicles in man forms the scope of the subject. These vehicles are not visible to the physical eye. They cannot even be found in the laboratories, just like the lines of force of a magnet. The so called physical body is only a phantom, when compared to the inner man who is in essence the "I AM" in all. The physical body is just like a chariot in which the traveller is seated. He has the driver's guiding assistance. In fact, before the traveller has come out of the driver, both are one. The former has falsely identified himself with his vehicle and gets bondage. Thereby again he has to realise that he is one with the driver. The process is called yoga. The goal is the experience or Ananda, also called liberation. In between, there is the ascent of the false "I AM", i.e., Jiva and the descent of the Lord, the real I AM, which meet with

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Kulapati E. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.). Occult Anatomy


each other in the heart centre. This occurs during the pilgrim's journey via many other centres. All this essential subject has been in detail explained in the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Puranas. The Bhagavadgita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras present the core of the subject in a systematised form. However, both of these two sacred works do not touch the theoretical and technical part of the subject. On the other hand, they dive deep into the practical steps to be followed, in a non-technical and lucid procedure. Some Tantra books, Sankaracharya's Soundarya Lahari, books like Shatchakra Nirupanam deal with both the theory and the practice related to this science. However, even these books have this subject "Occult Anatomy" jumbled with many more other things connected with it. Further, for the Occident, this science is entirely a new one. Far the last so many centuries, due to groping in the darkness of materialism, the light of Occult Anatomy is not present there. Now the time has come, to bring this light again. In this connection, we should not ignore the historical fact that the Oaken's rod of Moses is nothing other than the Brahma Danda or Yoga Danda in the yoga science of the Orient. The pattern of organising twelve disciples by Jesus Christ also has the occult message of this subject along the pairs of six centres in man. Even in the Orient, for the last few centuries, the science of Occult Anatomy has been lost except to the eyes of a few. Again the Masters who are the custodians of ageless wisdom, have dawned this subject on the present world through the works of theosophists like Madame H.P. Blavatsky and the staunch Occidental devotee to the Mother-Goddess, Sir John Woodrof. Now the time has come, Master E.K. has presented the subject in his usual, non-technical, lucid, artistic and heart-touching way orderly, for the first time in the history of the world. He has opened many, many gates at the threshold of our true existence i.e., "Real I AM". With due reverence to a chain of exponents of yoga and theosophy Master pays homage to them during the course of his teaching. To the fortune of the modern aspirants and the students of yoga, in February, 1984, Master E.K. taught this subject at Mothugudem where yoga classes were held during his last sojourn in physical frame. His way of presentation was like neither conference nor philosophy. The abstract science was brought into light and moulded as an art by the Aquarian sculptor of ancient wisdom, our revered Master E.K. In the very opening chapter, he deals with Jiva and Deha, the three gunas, the birth of sense-organs etc. Later he takes us from the false I AM to the real I AM. He has enlightened to us the presence of I AM in all, through life activity filled with nectareous love. Thus we can become Iswara, the Lord of senses and the environment, instead of being a slave to them. This is possible only in the presence of an enlightened soul, who has already become 'Iswara'. We are very fortunate, been drawn to the presence of such a magnet like Master. Let us utilise this fortune properly and fulfil his cherished wish "You all must become I AM" He exhorts us by referring to his guru C.V.V.'s promise and instructions regarding Prayer. Master's is a creative, conversational and inimitable style. His speeches are extempore. They are polished with poetic gestures. Sometimes he narrates. At times, he describes and elucidates also. At other times, he illustrates. Some other times, he demonstrates. He extracts the participation of the students and keep them alive to what he is teaching. His pauses too are meaningful. His every action and word in the course of his teaching the subject are pregnant with a certain, definite, esoteric and divine motive. His technique of teaching an abstract and technical subject like Occult Anatomy is unique. His approach, even while teaching, is parental. He thus gets access into the inner corridors of the hearts of the listeners like a mother and absorbs their consciousnesses into Himself. Their presence is neutralised and His presence illumines with a thousand — sunned splendour. The present renderence of the science of Occult Anatomy by Master is, truly to say, only a nutshell of the subject and it will become a concise physics text book of the twenty first century. Perhaps, he should have reserved the details, to be supplemented, for his next birth, to suit for the coming generations. ...the real pranayama, as propounded by the Vedic seers, no other than Lord Krishna Himself and the Master of yoga, Patanjali. In the tight of Master E.K.'s teaching, the darkness of nasty methods under the name of Pranayama is shed out. Further, Master presents the very core of yoga practice, viz., surrender of false I am to the real I AM, who is the indweller of all, through the utterance of OM and listening to our own voice therein. He also deals with the eight steps of yoga. In his description of Samadhi, he illustrates colourfully. He throws light on Kundalini, which is nothing but a coiled coil of our own awareness. He works out the details of the six centres of intelligent energy in the inner body, along the bore of vertebral column, their workings, their governance, their relation with the Panchabhutas in our body, the sounds, colours and meditations connected to these centres and further the manifestation of Divine qualities in the yoga practitioner during his journey via each centre, in a systematised and lucid manner. Three essential Nadis Ida, Pingala and Sushumna i.e., the lunar, the solar and the fiery., their activities, their bestowing the

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Kulapati E. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.). Occult Anatomy


yogic qualities etc., are focussed on the students' eyes. The subject may look like a science, at the outset. When we go through the book, we find it, an art. By the time we come to the end, we are graced with the wisdom of the highest spiritualism enclaved in the fullest blossom of life. Master has given us the divine message thus. Respond to the environment and do not react to it. The how of response and when to respond must come out of the inner most shelf of consciousness i.e., our true existence viz., real I AM and not from the mind. The mind and senses, when properly utilised become sacred instruments to reach the goal. They are neither to be discarded, nor we to be subdued to them. Instead of being drawn and swayed over by the environment, we can magnetise it, when we live always in... In framing this book, care has been taken in keeping Master's words, remarks, grand and subtle humour, wit, examples, short stories, pause, his rich experiences with noble souls, his little responses to students' queries, colourful incidents, in toto, with the pious motto that the readers must be benefitted by the presence of Master. The readers wilt include those who have been in physical contact with him, besides those who have not at all seen him. The former will be thrown into the sweet memoirs of their being in his presence when in physical frame. The latter will be magnetised by his umbrosious presence. But for all the above things, the content of this book becomes very dry and abstract. No lay man dares to open its pages. Now the rocky hill has been melted into a honey-fall. The impersonal Divinity manifested through the personal element of Master is engrafted on the hearts of the readers of this book, as it is taken now. It is hoped, the readers would appreciate the structure of the book which is undoubtedly a masterpiece in the field of its kind. Lastly to say, this book is very, very sacred as it is graced with the invocation of the parents of the cosmos, Siva and Sakti, by Master. Finally he says, "May these Parents bless you all in every way, before we meet again and even after". In these words choked with immensely burning compassion for us all, he esoterically prophecises that we will be blessed with meeting him again and again. Before we do it physically, let us receive his blessings and live in him. 4th August, 1996, Master C.V.V's birthday. Malladi Punnaiah.

We have the Modern Anatomy of understanding the human constitution. We know many things relating to the same. Most advanced things are taught in Modern Anatomy. Much more advanced things are taught in Ancient Anatomy. But we do not know them. The ancients taught many more things which the moderns never taught and they are yet to know. We need not spend much time on Modern Anatomy because any preliminary text book will give it. For example, in Modern Anatomy, we have bony system, muscular system, cutaneous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, excretory system and lymphatic system. A substance called lymph is produced. Its existence is in the circulatory system and protects the system against many evils. In fact, this is not glandular system. Glandular system is connected with lymphatic system. Both are considered the same. Glandular system is otherwise called the endocrine system. These glands are called the ductless glands. This is only a little example of the divisions of modern teaching of anatomy. Each division has its own details much to teach. This is a separate branch of science in itself. For this, you can approach any doctor who can teach you carefully. You can follow this subject with his help, carefully read and make yourself sufficient within two or three years, otherwise, you may become a qualified practitioner without knowing. Either way, you can go. Now what is the Anatomy of the ancients? Everybody has two parts, Jiva and Deha. This is the first division. Jiva means the indweller and Deha means the subsistence or the vehicle. The indweller and his vehicle are just like the chariot and the person who is travelling, the traveller. We can say they are like the traveller and the van or the indweller and his horse. This is a two-fold division. The driver and the traveller are one before the traveller comes out of the driver, because the whole creation was only one space before it came out. Before the solar system come out, there was only space. But after solar system comes out, there is space and solar system. Like that, there is only one indweller at first. From indweller, there will be a bifurcation again, the driver and the traveller. The traveller is the Jiva and the driver is the Lord-consciousness inside. And the indweller or Jiva is also called purusha or person.
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Kulapati E. On the other hand. gas. at this moment. Then Master clarified the distinction between teaching and conference thus. which is not yet suspected by the modern scientists. The ancients explained light as consciousness.K. The first state is "Prithvi" i. What is Akasha? This is not space. That is why it is called 'Zodiac'.dns-systems.htm The word 'person' has come out of the word 'purusha'. that is called fire. Purusha means person. If you go through the very big work called "A treatise on cosmic fire" by Djwalkul dictated to Alice A. His nature is to have a subsistence. From Rajas. there is mental light whose manifestation into physical form is the optic light what we are looking at. the cart will fall down. THREE-FOLD NATURE His nature is three-fold. i. We find prakriti and its three functions.e. It exists in degrees. has taken a pause and exhorted the students in the following way. consciousness is not born. In India. It makes its manifestation. (There is something more to explain this). It is the content of space.P. if the cart is that heavy to be drawn by the horse and the horse is capable of drawing the cart. Purusha and prakriti are person and his nature. It is due to these moulds in the Zodiac that the matter on the earth takes the shapes of the physical bodies of living beings. Thousands and thousands of degrees are awakening from mineral kingdom to the highest of human kingdom.e. prakriti has three functions. The fourth is 'Vayu' i. I know that nobody knows. Even the foremost scientist of the world does not know. Fire is not flame. Zodiac is a guide which contains the moulds of all living beings. so we follow the order). Rajas.. We know ourselves. (Master. I am prepared to learn. Blavatsky and Djwalkul. In this context. liquid (water). Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. The fifth is "Akasha".. These are called "Pancha Bhuthas". It contains the moulds (the designs. please tell me. how can the shape of physical body stand? These shapes are unable to stand by themselves. Fire also is said to be one of these five states of matter. In Sattwam. it is called Sattwam or Poise. So the word 'Jiva' is the root of all such words. We have another word "Zodiac". what I am undertaking is teaching. Bailey. Sattwam is poise. Now let us take up the term 'Jiva'. If the horse and the cart are well-suited to each other. This topic belongs to Astrology. There is difference between teaching and lecture. but that from which flame is caused. The moulds of all types of living beings exist around the belt of space above the equator. we do not know. Do you know why we call zoo? What does it mean? Living beings. Tamas and Sattwa. This is called Tamas or inertia. electricity and magnetism.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. The second is 'Apas' i. please remember. You can call it by any name. Matter exists in five states. Krishnamacharya (Master E. With due respects to modern science. From Tamas. some idol — makers have with them a mould of the shape of Lord Vinayaka. matter is born. For the modern mind. solid. we can follow any order. but the content of space. Nobody need say that we are waking up from sleep. then cart cannot move. Thus matter is of five states.). Tamas is inertia. we have no definition or explanation of flame and light. But if the horse is very capable and the cart is rotten. Prakriti is three-fold. These four are the manifestations of one common existence. But for this phenomenon. The third is 'Tejas' or fire. but in teaching we should follow an order which gives the student a clear cut idea which can never be forgot. the patterns) of all living beings. Deha is called prakriti. "Ji" means to live. So. This is the definition of fire according to the ancient scientists. Rajas is dynamism. it is called Rajas or dynamism. "Is this clear so far ? Is there any confusion?" Meanwhile one among the students sought clarification regarding some term. Let us see.e. Does any body know? If it is known. Suppose there is a cart drawn by a horse. because person means 'purusha'. They put the clay into this mould and brings out the idols. Now something more about matter is being dealt with.. Till today. that means his nature. whether light is matter or energy or something else. What we call light is only optic light whereas there is mental light also. In lecture.. "Jiva" means living being. FIVE STATES OF MATTER We have noted Jiva and Deha. you will find all 4 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . So we can expect an analysis of fire and flame and light in the ancient books. you can know all these five states of matter from the works of Madame H. This is not a conference.e. That is. Can fire be matter? Fire means heat. Knowing ourselves is what is called consciousness. It was already there before all these came. energy is born. light. if the cart is very heavy and the horse is lame.

Pure Rajas gave birth to five sense-organs. So fire is the transmuter or vehicle. And then. there is the birth of atom..K. So mind is the sixth principle of all these five. we have half done the explanation of the four Vedas. The first is sight. These work as the gathering agent. you take a block of ice. But this comes under Occult Anatomy. The senses are only receivers whereas the mind is functioning through them. You find a contact between gross-organs and sense-organs. He carries the substance from one state of matter to another state. this movement occurs from place to another. Therefore we added this also the 'General Knowledge' topic. nose. we got the origin of matter and the five Bhutas. Master clarified). We call this 'eyes'. Fire is understood as transmuter or vehicle. From atom." In all the Puranas.. It is the one "Manas" that is functioning through all these five sense-organs.). it is the organ. he says. speech.dns-systems. liquid becomes gas. ears. And we have five more organs produced purely by Rajas. From Rajas. CREATION OF ELEVEN INDRIYAS Thus from Tamas. it is used for taste. For example. So we will stop it here. That is. they are being drawn. The explanation of the Vedas is continued thus). it causes change of state from one state to other. Krishnamacharya (Master E.. in the Bhagavadgita. we gather matter around us and the principle is bestowed to hands. (Meanwhile a student sought for the origin of Manas. That is why it is called "Vahni" in Sanskrit.. The ladder of descent of states of matter is this. tongue and skin are five Jnanendriyas or sense-organs. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. it is the organ and for taste also. which is not exposed. It has dual role. That doesn't mean hands only gather. and which is to be properly understood. All these five are "Karmendriyas" or gross organs. From space. double role to play.. That is why this is otherwise called "Vahni" in Sanskrit. The flower becoming a fruit is an occult process. Manas is functioning through the sense-organs. The second is 'gathering'. The mind is working through these five sense-organs upon nature. we got the five functions. It becomes water. It becomes air — steam. this is called the ladder. No sense-organ is functioning. The fourth is reproduction. (Master takes a pause here and tells the students thus. until he understands it. for the other four states. And again apply heat. We call this 'ears'. all the students used to recite this chapter in the Gita before the dawn). Thus eyes. This is called as 'nose'. auto-displacement. We gather matter around us. 'Occult' means something hidden.. Change of state occurs. There is what is called "Manas" working through all these five sense-organs. Day before yesterday.e.e. from liquid to solid. From gas to liquid.. light on the physical plane. The fifth is excretion of stools.htm these things. Lord said. That is. The fourth is taste. This is called tongue.. Apply heat. Tomorrow's lesson will give us what Manas is. From space.Kulapati E.. as these terms were commonly used in the days when these works were written. without the touch of Tamas. the fertilisation of a flower is an occult process. Solid becomes liquid.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. before it is made a subject for teachers to teach his student.. This is called skin. the second is hearing. "Better wait until the third quarter of the twenty first century enters. these are very frequently used like drinkable water. there is the birth of the gaseous state. The seed germinating into a tree is an occult process. there is the birth of air. Without the application of energy from outside. But it has many layers.. Before that. That day we had not this lesson. we did not take up Occult Anatomy. the sense of touch. the tongue is used for speech and among the sense organs. We know it as legs. These are called "Jnanendriyas". Movement on the physical plane and the movement on the mental plane. optic plane and light on the mental plane . all these quantities are explained in that book.. So it has a double function. So fire is the agent who transmutes or effects change of state to the other forces. As such. And after explaining. For speech.. That is the tongue. The fifth is touch. just as the radio is functioning through the radio-set. This is grossly about the whole thing. i. It is only a receiver. The first is 'Locomotion'. The third is 'smell'. (Every day during the classes held at Mothugudem. THE THREE VEDAS 5 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . No physical part of the radio-set is radio. Manas also is from Rajas. In the fifteenth chapter. So among the gross-organs. Five Karmendriyas are originated from Rajas. For example. i. We know it as hands. Ithihasas and Epics. The third is expression. "Manashshtani Indriyani Prakritisthani Karshathi". So modern scientist has to wait.. These five petals of the flower have 'mind' as their sixth principle or the stalk of the flower.

And for the three Vedas. The Yajurveda means the mind. Because the tree is sprouting and leaving their leaves continuously. It is impossible. it is never possible to know what magnet is. any where on this earth or any planet. Simply that method is as follows. the Plan. How to place the mind upon respiration? Begin to observe your respiration. we are doing these acts and compiling these volumes outside. They observed the Yajurveda in us and visualised that Yajurveda. Rigveda is acting in us. pure and calm. the Vedas put forth the working out of these laws in terms of the activity of the whole creation. By the contact of a magnet. by virtue of your own aptitude and effort and there is a peculiar process. Just as the trees sprout and put forth their leaves and foliage again and again always. it is said. there is an externalisation in the form of Mantrams. how to conduct a ritual. because you have to become that. What is it that is planning in us? Mind. We know that it is a tree. All this cannot be put on papers or even cassette.htm 'The Rigveda' means word. where we are placed now for these two weeks — so why have we come all the way in buses and trains to this place? It is a strain to come here. in the form of the law of creation. is not possible. You cannot learn it. our purpose is fulfilled. So Veda is wisdom. You cannot know it. So this is the plan of the ritual. "Shuchou Deshe prathisthapya". Then select a posture which is convenient and comfortable to your constitution. i. But you have to become that. So the Vedas existed long before the vedic books were written. The third is the Yajurveda'. In the Bhagavadgita. This is called the song of wisdom. what they should utter. — place the mind upon your respiration. But the actual method. the principles. You can learn about it. the laws were there in us. we are uttering that Rigveda. You can make the preliminaries and pave the way by reading these books and knowing things. observe the movements that are taking place while your breathing is taking place. We can habituate our consciousness to make this true to our consciousness. But you can become that. Prana is the 'Samaveda'. nothing else. explanations and commentaries and finally in the form of volumes of books. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. but it can become-a magnet. There is only one process for transformation. Thus with these implements. You cannot observe with ear or nose or anything. if it is rightly practised by any religion.). it means. So religion differs from religion because much is spoken about the method to become That. Word uttered through vocal chords is called Rigveda. That is. They observed the Rigveda in us and visualised that Rigveda (the book). Everyday spend sometime making an observation of your respiration. There is no second process any day. because they exist in us. Krishnamacharya (Master E. This is coming down as a tradition. otherwise it is not and only just strain remains. If you lay a book on "Magnetism" on an iron-piece. So you have to select a place which is clean and having pure surroundings. what is knowable.. The word 'Yajuh' means the plan to conduct a ritual. but what for we have come is exactly this. the Rishis saw that there was the Veda as under-current. In the same way. So don't prescribe 'Padmasana' to all. Before the books were written. word uttered vocally. This is the first step. This is called the word given by a well-wisher. Iron-piece cannot know what magnet is. The pulsation that causes respiration is called 'Prana'.Kulapati E. word or voice. This one method has been coming down for all these lakhs of years. what are they to do and how they have to behave. You can know about it. That is. "Mano Yajurvedaha". 'Yajuh' means the plan of the ritual. This detail is called 'Yajus'. 'Observe' means only with the mind.dns-systems. what is to be known. Before we were born. All these discourses. how to arrange the seats of the people in a ritual. about these inside principles. with much material to make things understandable. What we learn is about it and not itself. have given it to their disciples. You can't observe with the leg or hand. But esoterically. must be the same. Similarly. So the Vedas exist in you and in the creation around you. This comes under the 'Yajurveda'. ("Pramah Samavedaha"). You can observe only with the mind. But they cannot make you that. No one can do it. So it is only possible for the iron-piece to become a magnet. because the whole creation is systematically coming out. that exist in us.e. the laws were there through which we were born. it can become a magnet. For example. Thus the three Vedas are inside as principles and the Rishis have given us the discourses in the books outside. PRANAYAMA You have to use the three Vedas.K. So what we have to do firstly is to select a place which is clean. The background behind this word is 'Prana'. all these books and explanations — everything are about it. Not other than that. To learn it. it cannot become a magnet. Sama means song.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. Let everyone start his own constitution as a starting point and then he should better himself. Those who have known that method. What are you to do for this? You have to sit calmly at a place. If we do this. It is possible for Jiva to become God. it is not at all possible any day to know what is knowledge. The 6 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . So the volume Yajurveda contains the details of the plan of how to conduct rituals. We are going backwards in the steps of practice to make it understand better. but we can feel it. With the Rishis. not even similar. This is what is called transformation.

belongs to Him.e. This (head) is the place of false "I AM". where is mind? What is its seat? There are two big centres. But he is acting as if he is the proprietor of the whole estate all these days. a guru takes all his disciples to a shoe shop and purchases shoes of the size relevant to his feet to all of them.htm reaching goal must be the same. by way of your observation of respiration with your mind. this fellow (Real I AM) was working. we are doing our job. Labourers have to be employed in order to move their legs. we have put up the stock. He was about to tell them "Gurur Brahma" and said "What do you see?. the Real I AM' who is seated here. this fellow (Real I AM) is working. we use to think that we are breathing ourselves. never. taken from Him on credit. Afterwards. you will come to know this firstly." They closed. Previously when this fellow (mind) was sleeping. Here in this. An Oriental 'Guru' for the first time went to the Occident. Heart exists. I am thinking. there will be no question of his mind attaining stability. (in the heart). These are our fanciful thoughts of illusion. We breathe our air only when we smoke.K. 'We' means 'mind' until we practice everything in Yoga. the indweller viz. It is befitting us. The latter is real "You" and the former is you that became mind. He thought it was like India.M. You can call it negative "I am". Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. This mind is false I am. you cannot cross the threshold to go into the higher and inner realms of consciousness for spiritual progress. this fellow mind begins to travel here gradually. Even while you are in sleep. Krishnamacharya (Master E. This air belongs to Him. all this property. This property which we think our own. the Real I AM has appointed the mind. (Here Master demonstrated the places of mind and "Real I AM". Tuk' will be produced. One of the fellows asked "Can we have our breakfast and come?" He said. In fact. I have passed post-graduation. This fellow. It is not befitting to remove him from service. the respiration is taking place here.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. This (mind) is not the Real I AM. what is to be done with him at first? So the services of the mind should not be terminated but should be suspended. You can call the other. no. I am going.. So one should not be foolish. physical heart and the real heart). Unless and until you know this. Later. seated in the head as His secretary.Kulapati E. Suppose. "Close your eyes. This is the Secretary of the Real "I AM". So when we are waking up. Heart are different from each other. (He has shown the head). "No. gradually the mind goes nearer and nearer the respiration. Priorly. if all are asked to take 'Padmasana'. FALSE I AM AND REAL I AM Before this occurrence. Gradually this fellow mind (false I am) begins to travel here because lungs' are here. their knees will lose movement and sounds 'Tuk. Some people say that we have to concentrate the mind. I am waking up. at all other times. we are eating our food. We must know this. He is the real I AM'. We owe all these to Him. I am coming. It is hypothecated to God-Bank. (Laugh). You start with the stage of the fellow.dns-systems.). you will die at once after you go into sleep. Indeed. This body too belongs to Him. We think we are working here. as his knees are suffering from drawing pains. (Laugh of the pupils). it is given to us. all this is being done by mind. never try to do it. The Guru said. viz. They said. "asam sayo mahabaho mano durnigraham chalam" — "No doubt. It is not ours." (All such humorous illustrations of Master created a happy laugh among the pupils and gave them a relaxation and further they were drawn to his yogic presence). He (The Real "I AM") is working. by selling His stock. In that position. He. This body is like a shop established by Him. we are breathing our air. So what we call this body. What is the fun of it! The same is. You can never concentrate the mind. Then the disciples came with appetite and hunger in the morning and were sitting like hounds. I am studying. "Two slices of bread with some butter in between. Let him observe what is taking place in him. Lord Krishna says. That is a great sin. belongs to Him. the secretary is making up believe for all these days that he is the proprietor of this estate though he is not the proprietor at all. but not by us.. Here is the mind. Select a place and select a posture which is convenient to the fellow. We are making business. the Lord-Consciousness in us is breathing his own air. (Laugh) Physical heart and this Mr. Suppose I prescribe padmasana to all and ask them to be seated in it without any movement tor half an hour. legs will become like sticks. Then let him sit down upon some comfortable place and close his eyes. He asked the pupils to come to his initiation and asked them to come there by 4 A. (Laugh). He located the mind in the head). Hence. never believe that the mind can be controlled". To make this fellow work properly is required. positive "I AM". (Master here gave a clarification about heart i. In the case of some. From inspiration and expiration. If we say. It is a crime itself". People spend tens of years and die in their own efforts because the process is false. If not. Mr. Heart is the Lord existing in the heart. I am giving birth to children. Here is the heart or the place of real "I AM".. It is 7 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . I am doing job. Physical heart is the seat where Mr. the owner of all this estate. but the starting point need not be the same.

So if we still believe that the disturbance is natural.. we have Swami Ranganadhananda amongst us. we need not come to Seeleru. soft and uniform.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. mentally utter the sound "So" continuously. breathing the air and stopping it tight and such nasty procedures are not taught in the office of these two text books on Yoga. Such respirations you should do continuously and observe the movements of your lungs and chest etc. Again three respirations. Don't do any haste. Sri Ramana Maharshi was there. The principle of mind is movement. with them. To be composed is natural. We have spent many tens of years till now and our respiration is among tensions. As such. with the same speed. Naturally there is no disturbance. we proposed to disturb ourselves. Prana and Apana. So also. because it is rather slow. having come all the way. As long as you are exhaling. Take the breathe in. or Paderu or Mothugudem. You will die in the process. and then give a pause for half a minute. At the same time. Now what is to be done with this? It is to be equalised. respiration is normal. Because you are having many inequalities in respiration. Bring mind to heart by thinking of the heart. numbers and metres inside us (in the heart and chest region). While inhaling utter "So" mentally and exhaling "Ham" vocally. Let it observe the movements of the respiration. when it is regular and also when it is irregular. or hatred or fear or suspicion.. This is the first step. During this process. were normal. So Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda lived amongst us. (Leave irregular respiration). At present. calmly as far as possible i. So Yajurveda should be brought to Samaveda.dns-systems. soft and in a uniform way. within your limits. We have to find out the rate of heart-beat. relax the mind by bringing it here. Then the "Chandases" that missed will be again obtained. utter not only mentally but also vocally "Ham". disturbs the respiration. Call it here. The above said conditions are unnatural. (Master 8 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. His heart-beat etc. without any discomfort. He lived in the same world. Movement cannot be made static. If your mind is wandering somewhere. but who still live a poised life. again give a pause. Disturbance has been brought out by unnatural causes. it is disturbed. There is no Kumbhaka business in Patanjali and Bhagavadgita. There may be many schools of thought on this subject. you can do only continuously three respirations like this. you can do all the nine continuously. By virtue of the above practice. The lungs want quick respiration because we are breathing much dust and much smoke along with air all these tens of years. We have to get liberated from these unnatural conditions. Breath in. Therefore. Then gradually respiration should be equalised. That is why we have taken up this subject. It is disturbed. We are disturbing the natural condition. It is automatic. You will begin to find the music inside the respiration and heart-beat and circulation and pulsation once again. it is regular and rhythmic. Then bring out slow. regular and rhythmic. Slowly you do only three respirations like this.P. you should be observing your own respiration with your mind. "Chandases" are not the metres in which the Vedic mantrams are written. Rhythm is natural.K. Every day we disturb thousand times.htm always moving. if had been examined would have been found normal. what have we to do? We have to make the respiration regular.e. There would be no B. so softly that you should not listen to the sound of your own breath or respiration. In the beginning. By birth. while you are doing it.. as much as you can. centripetal and centrifugal. So don't try to concentrate the mind. Therefore 3+3+3. let the breath not move. THE SECOND STEP OF PRANAYAMA As long as you are inhaling. So we have to establish rhythm again. viz. in one stream and breathe out in the same way. This process you do as slow as possible. Gradually you will get a mastery. Stabilise the path of pulsation and enter into the poise of breath. So it proves that it is natural and what we experience is self-made. In the Gita. But go slow. By birth. the Samaveda will be established. Their heart-beat. without any discomfort.). it proves that all these disturbances are self-made and they are not true. what to do? Instead of trying to concentrate the mind. Again three respirations. it is said. By way of this practice. In the same way whenever we are having jealousy. you find the measures. (The heart-centre). Continuously in course of time.. Neutralise the pulsations. It is a false process. And also we see many examples of persons who live in the very busy world in which we are living. We are natural. Suppose whenever we are angry with some one the respiration is disturbed. If so. We can be in Visakhapatnam itself. it is non-rhythmic. That is. Every disturbance we create in the emotional plane. "Chandansi Yasya Parnani". To be disturbed is unnatural. So bring Yajurveda to Samaveda.. Begin to breathe slow. I will tell you how to make the respiration even. the whole experiment is a waste. Krishnamacharya (Master E.Kulapati E. But this is the original school.

Ignorance is called a demon in the form of a snail who encircles us. Again take a pause. As long as you are inhaling. This is all what we have to do. That point of time will occur. From the moment we got separated from the space in the entire cosmos. mentally. At the same time. it will be disturbed. This is the threefold wisdom. In the third step.htm demonstrated this process). "YA EVAM VEDA SA SHOKAM THARATHI" one who experiences it. After doing these nine breaths of the first step. as long as you are inhaling utter 'OM' mentally in a slow. you take up the second step. it would have beginning. That means. So here what are we doing? When we are starting to utter vocally. but while you talk. has no sorrow. non-nasally and semi-nasally. Take a pause. That is why it is called "Anadi Avidya". The rest is what happens and not what we have to do. do 3+3+3. all that written in the books becomes a reality. Firstly. while uttering. Gradually. Ignorance has no beginning because when we are there. it is there with us. your "OM". So it is a necessary evil in creation. as long as the separate existence is there. 3+3+3. THE THIRD STEP OF PRANAYAMA Then the third step. we are describing. you do "Ham" vocally continuously and listen to your own voice. Avidya i. "ESHA THRAYI VIDYA". So it is original with us. Vrithra means a whirl-like demon.e. The second. Without it. we are bringing this (mind and the pulsation that causes respiration) to Rigveda. Krishnamacharya (Master E. soft. Only if we do this.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. this process goes on in you. All steps have to be taken up simultaneously. but is inevitable. uniform sound. Again three breaths. Everyday you should do all these steps. As long as you are exhaling. AVIDYA (IGNORANCE) Avidya in the occult science means ignorance. you will be able to conduct the same type of process continuously. (along with the preliminaries already told before). while exhaling do it vocally and mentally. Take a pause. While exhaling. Do three respirations like this. even while you are talking. third step.. Three breaths. you increase the time and also number of respirations. In the same way. ignorance is there.e. your own voice. It is called "Vrithra".Kulapati E. keep the lips a little open. After sometime. While inhaling do it. Again three respirations.e. While you are listening to others' words. there will be no disturbance for this process to go on in you. So better not go to "Vrithra" for the present. This is what is expected of us. As long as there is physical body. it will get dirt and you have to take bath to get rid of the dirt. ignorance is an evil. If it is there after us. You should not listen to the telephone calls etc. Take a pause.dns-systems. this Avidya accompanies us. Again three respirations. Volumes and volumes of books written deal with what happens inside. soft and uniform manner. you do semi-nasally. So we have no concern with it. Later "Guru" comes to us from inside and instructs us inside what we have to do and there is no more instruction from the Guru coming from outside. Listen to your own voice. After some more time. 'Anadi' means no beginning. OM ETYEKAKSHARAM BRAHMA. (Master demonstrated this process). Again three breaths. like this you do. But as it is along with us. you exhale the whole respiration with the vocal utterance of 'OM' in a slow.. you should maintain throughout. three steps of nine breaths each are there. The same type of respiration.K. it has not beginning. While exhaling. second practice and third practice. In total. various modulations will follow nasally. you do "So" with the mind. i.. you should listen to it. This is for today. you have to utter 'OM' semi-nasally. Like this. UDGIDHAM PASYETHA. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. "Ham". we have linked the whole series the vocal-chords and utterance and began to listen to our own voice. It is called the ignorance which has no beginning. Thus we have brought Yajurveda to Samaveda and Samaveda and Yajurveda to Rigveda. uttering it vocally. This is what is called 9 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . while you are attending to your own business or office work etc. These include first practice.. "OM CHETHADAKSHARAM UDGIDHAM PASYETHA" You have to be seated mentally near 'OM' by worshipping it i. Later. That is the most important part of it. So the moment we are born. the whole experiment is a big failure. it is there. without incurring any discomfort. when you feel the comfort and ease and happiness of it. It will deal with the time of this occurrence. listen to your own voice. An allegory is prepared for it so that we may better understand.). What we have to do is confirmed to only this much. who is not concerned here.

it is called philosophy or metaphysics. Krishnamacharya (Master E. When two persons are talking and one is not understanding the other equally. which is the tenth principle.. It is producing the same sounds. We are looking at a Sun. The box.e. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. (Laugh) Now what to do? This fellow is compared with a man sitting in a Chariot. It will be open and you will have the secret.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. This (what I am teaching now) is the quintessence of all that the ancients wanted to convey to us. You can be like a Chief Engineer in a railway compartment who can take all the suitcases open and take the wealth also with this. Then the Chariot moves. Thus mind does not exist when it comes into contact with the environment. without reflection. They feel that what they deal with i. The mirror is reflecting a Sun. From five different directions. prolongingly like a rubber tube. It is inevitable. We are dashing towards a wall called death. but the sense of touch-pure is not there. what is there. He always receives 10 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . Buddhi.). When we are smelling. allowing the vehicles to work is necessary. That is why in the case of Bhagavadgita. So when one person is talking. So this is the master-key. it is looking at. it is what is called teaching. (5+4=9). There is no question of informing death before it occurs. Purusha always stands from within his own subsistence through ten digits and He is the tenth principle. drawn by five horses. (Laugh) So what is philosophy? Something that cannot be understood.dns-systems. (Is it clear?) When we are tasting something. Purusha E Vedagam Sarvam". (Here Master demonstrated the sound of a horse. So immediately only reaction comes forth. you should take care to do something to get out of it. there is only the image of the sound and not the mind. When we are listening. And at the same time. The mind is conditioned from all the five sides through the senses and it is always busy with its reactions to the environment. was concerned with the understanding of the students. That is what he says. Such are the rules. the four inner implements. I think it is the centre of every branch of learning. philosophy is so great that it cannot be understood by both the one who talks and who listens.. to the laugh of the students). and not allowing him to act. He has five horses to the Chariot. the ninth one. without having any concern for the understanding of the listeners. Further. You have no right to question".e. a local centre of consciousness formed. So have this key with you. It is a straight death. Can you call it a journey? When the five horses are drawing the chariot to five different directions and we are made to travel like that. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. You can see only Sun-reflection and not a mirror. the suit-case will be opened by you. beyond which we do not know. Every horse is pulling towards the grass.htm Ahamkara. he said to them.K. When one — to other person is talking and the other person is not understanding. nice grass is shown to each horse of these five separately. The Secretary is working instead of the proprietor. there is the image of taste and there is no original mind. (Master here took a pause and as a good teacher. there is only the image of the smell and there is no original mind. He has only a receiving pole and no transmitting pole. Some deliver lectures. As such. This episode is an allegory denoting a supra-physical phenomenon. age is advancing. This is called the master-key of the lock of every learning. it is called litigation. The man in the chariot is just helpless when the horses are drawing. There is another. It is always having a reflection of the environment like a mirror and we have not time to have the mirror without reflection. He can be called Jiva. he says. there is only the image of external touch. TEN PRINCIPLES Now we deal with Anthahkarana Chathustayam i. At the same time. they feel high of the subject of philosophy. This fellow who is suffering this way is called. 5+4 = 9. That is. That is how years are passing to us. When questioned. the other person is understanding. So it is highly having a reflection of environment and not its own original existence. especially on the mind. It is the secretary that is preparing everything and asking the proprietor to sign the papers without reading. (Laugh). can this be called a journey? So our lives are like this. Add the four inner implements to the five sense-organs. So it is always in the state of reflecting the environment and there is not time for it to exist as it is.. because he was the first principle. the Ahamkara. Chitta and Ahamkara. "Athyathistat Dashangulam. CHARIOT AND THE HORSES Sense-organs act upon the inner implements. When we are experiencing something hot or cold in touch. Manas (mind). the initiation is given in a horse-chariot. "It has been going on for generations. This is the impact of Kali Age. Apply it to any branch of learning. Another supplementary point to this is being enunciated. He can also be called the negative 'I am'. "Have you understood what I have taught so far?").Kulapati E.

is what is required exactly. The purpose of Yoga practice is instead of living like a conditioned fool. i. (All these steps I have given as lectures. Lord of Buddhi etc. He is the only light. Asana here is not Padmasana. Many types of pranayama are described by many. comes the word 'eight' in English. 'Octagon'. the pulsations that cause inhalation and exhalation and the establishment of their equilibrium. So whatever may be the thing around you. The mind and senses are already doing some practice. The word eight comes from Asta. The fifth is Pratyahara. It is called 'Asana'.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. There should come a time when we live as He. living as the Lord of all these. You cannot call five boys and threaten them and ask them to sit down at a place. There is only one inside. EIGHT-FOLD PATH (ASTANGA YOGA) The practice includes eight steps. a rectification of the defects of the instrument. all these things. 'Octopus'. there the subject relates to the first step of Yoga practice. He has nothing to transmit. Thus he is negative. in the Puranas or the Upanishads. in the form of the capacity of the senses. Highly sophisticated but unfortunately. we are not going to tackle today. What we have described yesterday about our respiration. We have to live as that fellow. Asta means eight. No. i. What are the eight steps? The first is called 'Yama'. So this is called Astanga Yoga. towards nothing. some malpractice. Tomorrow I propose five minutes lecture each. When you are able to maintain that attitude as long as you want. it is only apparatus. the regulation of human faculties is the first thing.). It is called "I AM". each part of the sophisticated machine is working without which the machine is a corpse. So if you begin to live with Him. in artistic way. 'Yama'. This is to bring the senses back slowly from the objects of senses. That means practising stability in ease. Then you begin to practise. That is called 'Yama'. The third is Asana. To attain that. Lord of senses. not lights. not what they practise. There is no one except ourselves inside. Lord of mind. The person who proposed the Astanga Yoga has not given all those things in Pranayama. It is to suspend the change in mind and to sustain the proposed picture in the mind as long 11 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . He is what is called the Light. "Sthira Sukham Asanam". anything around you will be sweet. not at all. that is called 'Asana'. They are travelling from within. What we described yesterday.Kulapati E. of course.. It is He from whom the light shines forth in the form of the mind. Reflector and the apparatus of everything are there. So you should practise a sweet attitude. and He is radiating light outside. Seeking happiness form something else will be a miserable failure. To make the mind and senses practise what we prescribe. He is called in the Yoga science "Iswara" or "Isha". Yama. What happens when a light falls upon another bigger light? It will live only as a light. This is the definition of Asana. not in a rough way. 'Yama'. Asana is for Atma and not for the body. Geneva people will be able to give lectures on this. you will be Himself. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1.. i. All the other things are just reflections. The Asana of the eight angas is not at all the asana of the Hatha Yoga. We are living like fools wandering around. Sheershasana. What does "Iswara" mean? Iswara means the Lord. Krishnamacharya (Master E. Some methods are very rough and horrible else. You have to attract the senses to the mind. But be careful. The fourth is Pranayama. there is a word "Octa". It is only due to electricity that is flowing through this. What does Jiva mean? Jiva means the one who lives. it will be sweet. not any particular thing.. there is path. That is called "Pratyahara". He is the greater "I AM". counting a number and inhaling are not prescribed by the seers. Now we are living as this fellow (False I am). The sixth step is 'Dharana'. Reflection. The second is "Niyama". so that it may become stable. this four-fold instrument. says Patanjali.e. that is Pranayama.K. This is what is required. Jiva is false "I am". Either Patanjali or the Bhagavadgita has not accepted these nasty methods of Pranayama.e. Patanjali and the Gita prescribed the neutralisation of Prana and Apana i. If you practise sweetness of mind. We give only the names and their meanings and the main practice what to do. All the other things like inhaling and stopping breathe. (Here Master again explained 'Yama'). an easy attitude at all times and establish that attitude. In between. Your purpose is to bring them within. That process is called "Pratyahara". What is it that is radiated. "Sthiram asanam Athmanaha" says. Inside there is another fellow.dns-systems. He is expanding. Siddhasana. regulation of the human faculties.e. You can make them sit down by Chocolate or something else.e. Himself expanding. That is what I have explained to you. etc. according to your own will. the Lord in the Gita.htm information from outside.e. true "I AM". Wherever we come across the name of a god. He is the Lord and he cannot be anything else. Why not?) Senses will be towards outside. That comes from 'Asta' and from 'Octa'. i. the tenth one. So these five senses should be made like that.

because you have to remember the import and grasp and receive it. The boy did not know the word sugar. You would not be alive to the name. how to produce. What is the relationship between sugar and a sugar technology professor? 2. Are we closing the other part of the eye. Is this wood there all these four days or not? It was yellow also all these days. This is about Dhyana. and the concert was stopped. a transparent crystal of himself. Not even the board you remember. Did you go by train? Our mind 12 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . It is there. not its shape. what remains? That is the observer himself and nothing else. So we have to do that work. That is called happiness. It was 10-30 in the night. Your friends who came to attend the concert and with whom you are talking about pickles and other things disappeared. There is only one thing and one thing — not its name.K. You have to remember the sentences. What is the relationship between sugar and a boy? The first thing is a volume about sugar. it is experience. These are all meant for electricity. colour. he will sit down there. (In South India. if a Botany professor is looking at a banana.Kulapati E. we will see all these things fancifully and sometimes we will be silly by laughing at each other about his face and' his expressions. The shape of a thing disappears from your mind. but not the actual banana. you won't remember the letters because you have to remember the words. Then his name disappeared from your mind. That is what we call 'sugar'. its location and there are the seats and people sitting around us. his name. The boy has only one thing with the banana. The eye is not permitted to see.htm as you order it. Before he starts music. (Master here showed a wood in the instructional hall). Afterwards. not its colour. They go. Thus what you are grasping is like the electricity that is flowing through the wire and insulation whereas wire and insulation are not at all electricity. how to prepare.M. Crystal. that state is (like electricity) called Dhyana. the environment and the neighbours disappeared and the musical concert and the programme disappeared from your mind. Some were talking on the crop of mango fruits that year. What is there? You wanted to catch the train by 9-30. it disappeared. Everything except himself. there are the musician and his shape. But I will tell you a little bit more. you sat down by 7-30 P. that state of happiness would be attained. His name and his past achievements also are there. I am going to tell you. What is it? Experience: 1. we are enjoying. smell or weight of the banana. We had been to a musical concert. The relationship between us and the world is similar that between the sugar technology professor and sugar. After a few minutes. Suppose. they disappear. If you are looking at a banana. the friends disappeared. The boy need not remember that the sugar is crystallary or transparent or something else. What happened? The hall disappeared. What is the practice required to attain this. All these are about Chittibabu and not at all Chittibabu. The difference between the thing that is seen and one who sees disappears. What it is your remember? The letters we write. The boy need not remember that the sugar has some weight and volume. Then the environment disappeared. what he never calls. where the name of a thing disappears. We will be talking about his achievements. but it is yourself. You would become one with that. how he is expressing and all that. not its import. his fame. you just experience the happiness.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. By way of practice. there is a renowned musician by name Chittibabu). But when he started. But for it. After a few minutes. When all these disappear.). But do you see it until I disturb your mind and bring it to you? Have you seen the log of wood and its yellowish nature and its shape all these three days? Why? You are busy with more important thing and though your eye is opened. you will not remember the sentences. so that we may not see this and open the eye only to the board? But we recognise only the board. So when the one thing required stands and all the other things disappear.dns-systems. Our hunger is satiated only after we cook our food and take it. He has a big wart in his face. we have described yesterday. shape. The actual practice. Krishnamacharya (Master E. But the shape or name or colour is not banana. taste. chemical and mental properties. all its physical. not its meaning. all these three are different from one another. if a boy is looking at a banana. What is our conception about banana? The shape or name of the banana. manufacture etc. and a big brow-mark and big eyes. with the sugar technology — What is sugar? Its definition. his greatness. The seventh step is "Dhyana". He started music. but experiences. all these are waste. The second thing is called Dhyana. but what is there in our mind? There is the hall. The eighth one is Samadhi. your mind does not see it through your eye. This is the meaning of experiencing it or enjoying it. Suppose there is a banana. When you eat it. So he just started the music. I will give you an example. They were talking all these things. There is another musician in South India. What does it mean? Even the person who is experiencing will disappear and only experience will stand. Let us practise it and dwell in it. what you know about him disappeared and the big wart disappeared. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. You got up. Thus Dhyana is something your experience. his fame. Everything disappears except what. What is there? The boy wants something. The peculiar expressions of his face disappeared.

Even ourselves were not present. The disciple 13 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . — their need.K. Physical-not only physical. "It cannot be because this is beyond horoscope. Our nearness to Him should be there. Thus the presence of a Guru is required. It is ageless. what happens. Spiritual training after a certain level goes beyond horoscope. So we require a person who is already Iswara. This is the teaching he has been doing for the past fifty years. But He is the same in every person. You will utter this as His word that is calling Him. Ramana Maharshi was not understood as Ramana Maharshi when he was a boy). He gives the experience to the people around him. This thing does not pertain to any religion. But this thing is understood by us. Either success or failure cannot be gazed through horoscope. Suppose you and I have windows in our houses.Kulapati E. Only one thing was present. Thus. not one after another. "Tat Japah Tadartha Bhavanam". you understand that you are calling Him. These are the eight steps that are to be practised simultaneously. but it is the presence that rouses awareness in us. the indweller is one in all. uniform way and listen to it. He denies the Masters or Gurus. Any human being in any age attains liberation. He got it from the Masters. It is one. Iron is there. He is called 'Antharyami'. What is that happens here? Total absence of the four-fold ring and the five-pointed star. we will come to understand that we are calling Him because He is calling us. He denies sacred books. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says "Suppose a piece of sugar-candy is put into the solution of sugar. After sometime. our senses stopped. He named it "Iswara Pranidhana".e. We were not present. i. when you should not remember yourself. One whom you call is the solution of sugar". because He is calling you to call Him. a magnet. you understand that you feel like calling Him. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. He bluffs and misrepresents things. Magnet is there. what Jiddu Krishnamurti says. The company of noble ones and the presence of Guru causes this. but also awareness is required. So he is a thorough failure. Utter OM in a slow. made up of glasses. That is the key note. What happens to a block of ice when it is placed in water and it is boiled? Suppose you are the block of ice and Iswara is water.). only by practising it. we would have gone to the railway station and caught the train. That is. our programme to catch the train stopped. Then what happens? You are like the piece of sugar-candy. How do you make a total surrender to Him? When you remember everything of yourself. His word is OM means what? For sometime. Reciting it means conceiving its meaning. What happened? The total absence of the observer himself. This cannot be understood. Krishnamacharya (Master E. He denies the scriptures. This is pertinent to science. He is not different from person to person. soft. before us and His presence should be there. but his own principle is wrong because what he does. In the same way. What does the iron piece require to become a magnet? Already magnetised iron. You should be uttering and listening to your own voice. Sri Jiddu Krishnamurti teaches the same doctrine. What is present? The one who is existing in everyone commonly. That is. He is the Great presence. no Guru is required and no teaching is required. Either ourselves or the musician were not present. the proximity and the presence of a magnet senior to it. The glasses of your window and my window may be different.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. He says. But His word is there. What is the effective agent to make the iron piece. This is called 'Samadhi'.K. It is not the instruction. You should be uttering it and listening to it. There is no other way. No. Therefore you started this practice. Utter OM and listen to it.htm stopped. But the original glass which these two are made up of is there. There is only one method. Then how to do it? SURRENDER Total surrender to Iswara.dns-systems. Then only it is called surrender. His word is OM. So the one thing exists. when you call Him by his name? "Tasya Vachakaha Pranavaha" says Patanjali. (Meanwhile a disciple asked Master E. not in experiencing or teaching or giving the thing to the necessary people. He gives a process called a total surrender to Iswara. it is not teaching. He got the experience of it. At the same time he is working as Guru. What is it that is required? The effective agent. when we utter any other. it is not anything. how can you do it? He should be remembered. Master replied negatively. what should happen? That is. If we had been in our minds. Patanjali says "Call Him by name". From where is the will to utter OM or to do something coming from? From Him only. he never speaks. But he clearly bluffs that the Gurus and the books are not necessary. Aurobindo was not understood as Aurobindo in his horoscope when he was a boy. whether such behaviour can be found in the horoscope. only when we utter 'OM'. He begins to call you and you will know that He is always calling you. So His word will be there. This is given by Patanjali. But only one thing that is called experience of music was present. For example.

Not only shirt and cloth. before we totally understand it. So the last item.). They are again translated into words. The cooks of the Gurus and their servants always live near them. They are again translated into syllables. So three things are there in one. In the Yoga science. He also says. our physical body is so. the meaning of the word is translated into the sound. So this should first be understood that Nadis are not physical. Sound is translated into vibrations. you cannot show that there is heat. We accept it. They commented that the ancients had no idea of the number of nerves. For example. The other three are a little bit more true. Nadis also are of the same type. In Ayurveda also. Where does that body exist? The subtle body. a thought forms a line of force in the mind and the word carries it from person to person. If anybody denies. just as the shirt has the cloth. we get. you cannot find energy through space. How is it possible? It is possible that the garment is there and cloth is also there. as its background.dns-systems. But we have to learn their existence from Masters. From him. So they did two dirty things. For example. about the lines and do you know that there are lines of force. they translated it as nerves. The first mistake was to translate the word as nerves. Unless you have a supra-physical laboratory in us. This is what the Purana says. This is what we have accepted. The same way. NADIS How do we deal with an independent subject? Now we deal with Nadis. anger.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. So too. cloth and shirt. in electricity. It has its background existences. The second mistake was to pass a dirty comment that the ancients did not know about the nerves. The word 'shirt' has no real meaning — no existence. And energy follows thought. then hearing. he says. we want an apparatus which can conduct these functions. What are they? Ida. If a person listens to his word. unless there is some supra-physical mechanism. Can you show in the Anatomy theatre the heat between the flame and the glass? You can prove that there is heat. So it is false. not only in magnet. So there is cotton. Some people translated the word 'Nadis' into English as nerves. everywhere. It is a sentence to be meditated one or two decades. For this. no wheels or the chariot are found there". Actually what are they and where are they? How are they? If we go to Anatomy theatre. Energy — force travels through space from known to unknown. the physical world has no existence except our proposals. joy. Nadis are not physical. We hear mainly in Yoga about three Nadis. What is it that is travelling through the space between flame and the beaker of water? This is called heat. shirt is false or a myth. a number of fishes are living in the sacred river Ganges. Thus we have a body different from the physical body. you feel the heat. Then what are the Nadis? When a cup of water is there. They cannot be seen by the naked eye. They are again translated into sound. They do not exist on the physical plane and influence it. I feel sorrowful. the science of Ayurveda and the science of Yoga. then insult and then anger. Then the fool should keep quiet. If a person is sorrowful there. a fool. then sentences. Is this believable? It is more conceivable and incredible work and unfortunately. There are lines of force. Lines of force are not physical. there is the cotton in the fibre. from man to man in the form of conversation. It is all your insanity". 14 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . it is true and nobody can deny. Vibrations travel through space and they reach the ear drums. So it is not possible through the physical body to conduct these functions. We have this technical term used in Mantra science and then science of Tantra. It is said there are many Nadis in our body. It is the name given by us when we cut the cloth in a particular way. Cloth exists and garment also exists. but also cloth and fibre. Djwalkul has said these sentences.Kulapati E. So this is about occult anatomy. "There are no chakras in the spinal column. Do you understand if the Physics Professor says that the magnet has lines of force? Then you can ask him if we dissect the magnet in the anatomy theatre. after a few minutes. "There is neither Ida nor Pingala. One of the initiating sentences of Djwalkul is "Energy follows thought". Exactly in the same place where this (physical body) is. the cup of water becomes warm or heated. When we cut the spinal column open. sorrow etc. They commented in such a way because they don't find all the nerves enumerated in these books in Ayurveda. Yet there is no change in them because there is no aptitude. Pingala and Sushumna. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K. but they do not get the sanctity of bath in the river Ganges. and a flame is here.htm should be aware of him and gradually that awareness grows. Just like that. what are called vibrations in electronics. It is called "thought-form". fibre. But do you deny the existence of lines of force in a magnet? You will be given two slaps on your cheek. What is true is the cloth and not the shirt. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. That is what he says. jealousy. he deserves to be called a dunce. For example. just as the iron piece gets from magnet. we hear much about Nadis. So all these things are called vibrations and lines of force. In the same way. we don't find lines of force. Not only fibre.

He can proceed further. for example. In the Mahabharata. Nadis are the lines of force. He is called.K. It reflects upon the third or the physical plane which is called sex and then the vehicle is produced. Brain is the seat of mind. There is the second layer. remember that the Nadis are not at all nerves. We need not feel ashamed. the materialists.. This Giant built the whole building down to the five brothers in the Mahabharata story. Tubercune. The third is Maya. There is a first layer which is essentially divine. which is more reasoned than the physical body. Suppose we are sleeping. Now you can understand the whole thing. if the Nadis having different physical functions. There are many centres like that. Now what is the conclusion? The shape and the structure will be in the mind. whereas the other body is called the 'subtle body' or etheric body. These lines give the shape and the structure of the physical body. On the highest plane.. For example. Twasta is called the Carpenter. The first category work to conduct the functions of muscle and other movements and also to produce sound sense and colour sense also. Just as the physical body has bones. you can check the respiration or control the respiration in the name of nasty Pranayama. I will speak of them a little later in a separate lesson. So they are semi-voluntary. the heart-beat. 15 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . For example. On the vital plane. mind is supra-physical. So Mayasura brings a wonderful building called "Mayasabha". explained you.e. its muscles and its nerves. Brain is physical. i. the members of which do not know anything of it. It can be said a sheath. Just as we have blood vessels and nerves in the physical body. Then only the nerves begin to move. I tell you.dns-systems. So number and shape-sense also. similarly there are what are called nerves in the etheric body. So compare the physical body with the frozen wax and etheric body with the melted wax. As the wax gets cooled. the subtle also has its bones. So it reflects upon the second on the emotional plane. So in three stages. it is called "Pranamayakosam". he brought all this building through reproduction. previously that number consciousness is automatic and it has nothing to do with our teaching or learning numbers. the first artificer of the metals. Then the second category are obedient to us to some extent. Some of them solidify later into nerves.. suppose when an insect is crawling upon our hand while sleeping. The modern scientist can keep quiet until he understands it and wait until he proves it. from where has this fellow brought it to the physical? The Giant-god just has brought the material from a lake called "Bindu-Lake" (Bindu-Saram). So also muscle and nerve movements. We have a body called the etheric body. The food is getting digested. these lines become true on the physical plane and gives a shape to the wax. the shape-consciousness of the embryo. Welcome to the Nadis. it comes down.Kulapati E. when the mind directs. If the modern science is ignorant of this. symbolic of Joseph. Thus there are only three types. We can't wait for those who worship corpses. you will find how the etheric body produces the physical body. This is the third or the lowest state of the drama. it is these Nadis that first move before the nerves move.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. And afterwards you cannot. Viswakarma is the Goldsmith among the Devas. it is called the vital body. Now let us not go farther in the story. the father of Sun-god. First of all. the Carpenter. Krishnamacharya (Master E. We have no obligations with the materialist-scientist. So they are voluntary. then we automatically do it like that. You can ask how? If you take an example. background body. because this is an ocean-like subject. In Yoga science. He is called the first artificer of metals. These are called Nadis. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. This is only a sample or an example of how to apply the basic principles of symbolism to the scriptures. because this is middle age. but not at all to a greater extent. From that lake. In homeopathy. How do they exist? Nadis exist in the form of lines of force. The physical is called in Yoga "Annamayakosam". That's why we have three architects among the Devas who produce this. in the Puranas.. when it is getting cooled. Mind is not brain. the physical body is called the gross body or 'Sthula'. How many Nadis are there? Now you please remember these words. Nadis are not at all 'nerves' or nervous system..e. To differentiate between the three and understand carefully. Bindu means a drop — a drop of seminal fluid. These get stabilised. going from materialism into finer forces. Produce some lines on its surface. i. it is no excuse. For a few moments. in Freemasonry.. These are all symbolic terms. Higher functions are conducted by involuntary Nadis. it is produced in the vital body and whole thing precipitates into the form of physical vehicle.. it is (i.. On the physical plane. is there. Thus we have lines of forces preserved on the etheric body. the respiratory system — the Nadis of the respiratory system. It is not voluntary. mental and supra-mental planes) called Viswa Karma..). Five brothers means the five sense-organs.. And then involuntary. a layer.e. which has nothing to do with sex act. The plan or the structure is constant and it is printed. When you want to move some part. he is called "Maya or Mayasura". Some remain Nadis life-long on the vital plane. (Master demonstrated with his hand).htm Whereas the other (Subtle body) is previous body. that are produced to shape the embryo and the frame of this body. he is called "Twasta".. one child is given two chocolates and another child is given ten chocolates. You take an example of paraffin wax or green wax melted. I told you. muscles and nerves. There are all involuntary.

It can be called power consciousness.. A group of ten Nadis is governed by an intelligence in nature. There is only one person who is power and also who is consciousness. Every Deva governs hundred Nadis in group of ten. So the same thing 'Kundalini' is distributed as the activity of the five senses. It never means it doesn't exist. Out of them. Chandra means Lunar. More precisely speaking. again three hundred are more important.300 Nadis in all. you can say 'he' are 'she'.). Similarly. which means the 'Lunar Nadi'. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. Let us try to understand how many are very important among these three thousand three hundred. Sushumna is called 'Agni Nadi' or the 'Nadi of fire' The first two have no physical vehicles. But the ancient scientists say that there is no fluid there. We can say 'she' is travelling. Because of our consciousness. It vibrates along the left side. 'feel it'. So it is pure consciousness that is travelling in it. Therefore we cannot know everything in this work. It is called Cerebro-Spinal fluid or Lumbar fluid. the power of sight to others. so also 'Ida' or 'Pingala' cannot be seen. There is a rubber tube through which steam is passed. Do you 16 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . So let us confine it to the number of Nadis in the human body. but it comes out as fluid when you draw it out. one thousand and one are important. with an injection needle. with the thin spring of the thread (the thin thread). along the vertebral column. We have thirty two teeth.Kulapati E. Krishnamacharya (Master E. in the human body. Just as the mind cannot be seen. It proves that the embryo has number-consciousness called 'Kapila' I told you previously. when it is translated into the power to see. There is something working in it. And this is the vertebral column. simply because physically you cannot find it. some fluid comes out. Pingala and Sushumna. He divides his hundred Nadis into ten and entrusts to minor-Devas who work. you should remember that it carries the machine and its engineer also put together. Sushumna vibrates within the central bore of the vertebral column. spinal column. And among them. towards the left. so also Ida or Pingala are the same. 'Ida' and 'Pingala' are also working. You can compare it with an electric charge or electro-magnetic phenomenon. You can prove that you can see.htm The first child gets wild and the second child gets mild. thirty Nadis govern the whole functions of the three hundred. So this is the introduction for yogic Anatomy. suppose you stand like this. And also you can compare it with the electronic activity. So it is compared by the ancient scientists. If you try to draw something out of it. The modern scientists say that there is fluid in the vertebral column. You can't show to anyone what your sight is. There is only a functioning in the area given. but you cannot demonstrate your sight to others. It is said there are 3. We can't find Buddhi anywhere in the body. Out of them. Introduce an injection tube into the rubber tube and draw the steam. Mantra Sastra and Ayurveda that one thousand and one Nadis are the foremost. It has a location also. The central nerve-bore in the vertebral column is the location of 'Sushumna'. what do you get? You will get drops of water and not steam. So towards the left. And the next one 'Pingala' is called 'Surya Nadi'. That is the nature of 'Kundalini'.K. Why is it called Kundalini? Since it is compared with a serpent and since this serpent has coils. We can't say that 'he' is travelling in it. If anybody says there is no 'Buddhi'. No materialist can say we have no intelligence. it is a coiled coil of your own awareness. there is something going on in the spinal cord and that something is called 'Kundalini'. (Laugh) So number consciousness is different from learning numbers. 'Ida' vibrates towards the left of the vertebral column. Just as the mind cannot be screened in x-ray photo. We have what is called intelligence. Father consciousness is travelling in it in the state of 'she'. there is "Pingala". They are called Ida. we are called 'he' or 'she'. They are prominent. the power to smell etc. towards the right.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. three stand as leaders. In all these comparisons. If you can't believe. Even this single point is difficult. These three have no nerves on the physical plane. you can see through the eyes that power. The word 'Kundalini' means a coiled something. So you can at best. You can call it power-consciousness capsule. which means 'Solar Nadi'. that is the power of the sense organs. Within the central bore of the vertebral column vibrates Sushumna. These intelligences of nature are called "Devas". 'Pingala' towards the right side. out of them. there is "Ida". KUNDALINI There is the third Nadi.dns-systems. see this example. why you — you call me — I stand like this. Mainly there are thirty two Devas in every constitution. It is said in Tantra sastra. Just as mind is working. For example. the power to hear. the Agni-nadi-Sushumna. You can't call 'it' or that' because the words it or that can be used only in the case of inanimate things. So look here suppose here is your head. No materialist can dare say that there is no mind. You cannot show it. when the outside climate is less hot than that inside the tube. How many Nadis are there in us? You know human body. his statement becomes true confined to himself. Ida is also called 'Chandra Nadi'. that is arranged in a lotus tube.

Beyond that. In fact. the second is called 'Swadhisthana Chakram'. When this Kundalini travels to the highest centre of illumination in the seventh centre. travelling in a thermometer. Prohibition of hair cut on New Moon is not Indian tradition. That's why in the ancient days. but it is not true. nakha means nails. If we increase the candle power of awareness (Self-awareness). Vertebral column has six centres on it. beard and mustache and nails. The father should see the face of the child and touch his head. Tomorrow we deal with big stations. Then the fourth is 'Anahatha'. What does `Taniyasi' mean? Very delicate and subtle. It is called the Navel Centre of Solar Plexus.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. In English. This is in short about 'Sushumna and Kundalini'. When we live according to the path of yoga. we feel this. One more thing. they used to have a cut. the more so we feel it. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. Another scientific secret which is not yet known about it is that the quantity given is always limited for one life. they used to live a clean life. 17 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . "Kliptha Kesa nakha smasruhu".Kulapati E. Krishnamacharya (Master E. but not at all the Indian custom. Of course. beard etc. "Bisatantu taniyasi".htm know how the thread in the lotus tube exists before you pull it out? You will find thousands of little threads arranged in coils which form the bulk of the Lotus-reed. If you draw with an injection tube. The total of all the levels of consciousness that are working in us is not felt by us consciously. That is. the first is called 'Muladhara' or 'Base Centre' or 'Base-Chakra'. Manu orders that we should have a close cut of hair. So Siva is the father of us and Sakti is the Mother of us all. that is Alexander's land. The present stage of our evolution is the result of the chain actions of all the previous births. They thought that these Rishis grew hair. Kundalini is the potential form of the Mother-Goddess in us. (Master is here demonstrating). A thread is physical only upto a certain extent. Not correct.). we become aware of everything. However. It should not be translated as 'G'. As a symbol of changes to be brought about in this. It is full of pure energy. a stick namely yoga-danda is prepared with wood. The third is called 'Manipuraka' Chakram. you will get 'awareness' transformed into the physical fluid. It is said that if the birth-stars are not good. after the birth of a child the father should perform the ritual called 'Jata-Karma'. after the child is born. There are stations along the path of the journey. the father should not see the face of the child before he sees the image of the child in oil. There are some 'Mantras' to be recited at this time. Spleen Centre. Manu says. What is the second of the chakras? 'Swadhisthana'. we may get into contact with many hundreds of misconceptions before we get the right theory. within one birth. 'Kliptha' means all these things should be close cut. Master said. The fifth is Visuddhi Chakram. the entire universe is reflected on the curtain like mind. Some misrepresent the habits of the ancient Rishis. Actually. It is wrong. (When somebody asked Master some question. "Let us see regular things first and then irregular things). it is no guarantee that we will have spiritual progress. This continues until we are 'Siva'. whiskers. It is called heart-centre. These centres are called the Chakras.K. It's always better to follow Djwalkul's books and close your eyes and ears to all other books. the attainment of Siva state is our goal. (Master demonstrated with regard to the sixth centre and said). This is the Brow-centrs. Now you understand the importance of the thin bore that is there in the centre of the spinal column. some of the foolish Greek customs have come to India and intermingled with the ancient customs and there was every confusion for sometime. some authors have translated as Agna. This is the cerebrospinal channel. The next one is called Head-centre or "Sahasrara". This energy is called Sakti. on every New moon and Full Moon day. This is the custom now in India. So this is today's lesson from Occult Anatomy. So the scientists aptly called it like this. smasruhu means mustache etc. The Rishis are having all these things that is only in the cinemas. Tomorrow we go to the 'Six Chakras' and 'Sahasrara'. As it moves upwards. We have to become Siva. because this is ourselves. 'Bisa' means Lotus-tube. It should be 'J'. When we begin to feel ourselves. all the future evolution can be completed and its awakening can be had. just because we have this stick with us. then the location of the pointer moves upward. If we observe from the bottom to the top.dns-systems. mind is called Siva. (Master is replying students questions). whiskers. It was the custom from the land of Yunan. Do you remember this is the name among one of the thousand names of what? The Mother-Goddess in us. SIX CHAKRAS Now we speak something about the six chakras and the seventh. It is pure consciousness. The more duration of the time in self-awareness. It is called the Spleen Centre. Very delicate and subtle means that the thread is physical only upto a certain extent. 'Tantu' means thread. before the navel or "umbilicus" is cut off. it is fabricated with a fabric of what not — "our awareness". It is like the mercury column. This is called throat centre. From the time of Alexander's invasion to India. Kesha means hair. In this state..

it is called Siva. from cold to heat without adjustment. So understand your vertebral column as a metal with six poles. It is called Muladhara. But they go suddenly from heat to cold. only points wherefrom energy is emanated. different from other tissues. living long. they are not even points on the physical plane. All such things are due to these things like the use of air-coolers etc. the other six are called the Shat Chakra or six chakras. without going home. The total is called the nature in various awakenings. The blood has its own formula. your consciousness and yourself are there.). it is called Jiva or the living being. There was a renowned Botany Professor of Andhra University who got retired. On the plane of matter. he got a pain here. Immediately he called a rickshaw and asked him to take to the hospital. Heart attack. the bones have their own chemical formula. yourself. if you take north and south. They can be called 'S' Centres. On the plane of energies. Now there are people in certain regions who live for 150 years. people who get 18 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . the same metal. It is cold in winter and hot in summer. But suddenly. those who live exposed to cold and those who are accustomed to do it. Master clarified thus) Centres do not get damaged. They are aristocratic. Power and consciousness these two put together are called nature. hale and healthy. Physically. Sri Jillellamudi Venkateswara Rao. Master clarified thus). Various energy Centres will be carrying nature's awakenings. THE GOVERNANCE OF THE CHAKRAS The base centre or Muladhara governs the activity of the physical matter of our body and its bio-chemic action.e. the opposite is the working.. And the next one. We are coming on the way of nature's working and adjustment and so the system goes to dearth after some time. for example. it is called the Mother-Goddess or the Mother. But these are centres. Krishnamacharya (Master E. there should be a unit of power and consciousness.dns-systems. (Some one asked whether the centres would get damaged. chlorosis all these things are due to the use of air-conditioners and air-coolers. your power. blood vessels and the heart undergo jerks of sudden expansion and sudden contraction. So physically. they will be like little points. Suppose. automatic regulators which will be thoroughly spoiled by the use of air-conditioners. When these six Chakras will be there in the narrow hole — bore called Sushumna. so to maintain the consistency of this chemical laboratory. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. Thus there are six Chakras. the whole thing is chemically the same metal. And there he died. your body is cold. There is an automatic adjustment of temperatures in our constitution. Our body is cold in summer and hot in winter. It was too hot outside. Kundalini means your power and your consciousness and Yourself. There are three aspects. When conditioned by all these things. here unless the doctor surgically operates long ago and inserts a plate. All the tissues and minerals are kept in order by this centre — Muladhara. Body is physical matter. So it is all the splendour of nature. thrombosis. your power. This proves. that means the earth or solid in our body. For example. air-coolers and refrigerators. The chemicals in the body are working in different formulas and these formulas do not change. So the whole vascular system i. The compartment had air-coolers of a very nasty type. there is a regulator of temperature in your body. With beautiful colours in the pictures in the books. your consciousness and yourself. There are three aspects. Here there is neither attraction nor repulsion. there are no Chakras. Your power. That is the difference. the plates will be there. the hillman and the bushman. They are like the stations in the journey of the Kundalini.K. We find no wheels in the vertebral column. They leave the body and go away. chemical apparatus. not even points on the physical plane. you will see. That's why. If you take a magnet. Especially.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. quite healthily. In some corners of the Himalayas and in some corners of some mountains elsewhere also. (in the heart region). you have to heat.Kulapati E. you should not expose to the outside cold. centres. the Chakras will not be there. haemorrhages. The whole magnet is same you can't find better iron here and worse iron here. The second one is Swadhisthana. he was in the air-cooling compartment.htm Without Sahasrara. (Master here has demonstrated). it attract and repels. by name. Thus you can call them energy-centres and centres of consciousness. Don't think. It was too hot. You can say. When the sun is too hot. 80% of the heart attacks are due to air-coolers and air-conditioners and such other things. there are colour plates. He was coming from Nagapur in mid-summer. In winter. Chemically. They are only points that emanate energy. can you find the pole physically on the magnet? If you take a magnet. The moment he got down. But in the case of our physical body. 120 years and 130 years. So the sudden jerks are not welcome to the heart and blood vessels. energy and consciousness put together — one capsule 'S'. That's why the scientists of yoga have written that Muladhara governs the Prithvi of our constitution. you have energy-centres on the magnet. Taken pure. your body is hotter than normal. it you call it a pole. your consciousness and yourself and also here is your body — physical matter. I touch a mechanic rod. it is everything the same. When it is chill. But here and here. He got down suddenly at the Visakhapatnam platform. (Someone asked Master about heating in winter. For the past about twenty hours.

The accepting of gases that are required. Then we move it. through generations. that means heat and temperature. So is it bad to die of a heart disease? It is always bad to die of a mind disease. That is the power to expand and contract alternatively according to the law of pulsation that exists in cosmos. nothing to worry. around us. it is better this centre (heart) fails so that we may not be a nuisance to any one for a split second". they die. which draws and holds strongly the string. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. for that. Vayu is not exactly air. Every time I go to Guntur. not this centre (brain). 19 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . They will be on the bed. In many respects. "Two months ago. we are able to breathe. They are to be fed by people. According to the law of pulsation. So the ancient scientists called this centre pertaining to the water element. There are two centres working — brain centre and heart centre. Please be careful about what we have described now. There are thousands of centres in the body having Vayu.dns-systems. "Is it?". Instead of having the other centre (brain) failing. We are permitted in this body. to make the water removed. and the rejecting of gases. Some people have the heart centre failing. we would have swollen legs. Of course. if this centre is disturbed. I meet him unfailingly. And because lungs undergo pulsation. He is called Dr. for example. Food is to be given into mouth and nasal feeding is given. Such a mechanism exists in spleen centre called Swadhisthana. Next. We have temperature regulator. There is one force pushing the tumbler far from us and another force. it is called pulsation. we can enjoy the atmosphere. carbon dioxide etc. it is possible that our body is hot in winter and cold in summer. Without this mechanism. the spleen centre. such a centre exists in us. we have heat producing mechanism and temperature-regulating mechanism put together. There are two centres in us. That is good. I said. If we sacrifice our heart. Otherwise what happens? Just like these mechanic rods. There is one noble soul who is about ninety three years now at Guntur. when this centre is disturbed. because the function of the lungs and function of the heart put together they belong to the heart-centre. (As a reply to somebody's question. The same thing happens.. whenever we drink water. one of the advanced theosophists. It produces pulsation here (heart).K.). Some people have the brain centre failing and heart centres working. Muladhara governs earth. Then he said. not required. are accustomed to these things. So what should we do? We should drink one tumbler of water and then eat a tablet of lassix. So in obedience to this law of pulsation. what happens? First. or face etc. Master said this). the heart beat and circulation. That is. because there is pulsation in the heart and then the blood is being circulated. Krishnamacharya (Master E. Polyuriea or stoppage and blockage of urine — all these things will be there. All such things like the above will be there. then what happens? It goes and accumulates in the bottle. This double pulsation is called 'Vayu'. oxygen etc.S. but Vayu is the principle according to which air moves in space. Chalapathi Rao. or something. Recently I went to see him three years ago. Suppose we tie string to a tumbler and put water in the tumbler. Amancharia Sesha Chalapathi Rao. we would have been hot in summer and cold in winter and died immediately. Because the heart pulsates. sometimes two years or three years or five years nastily. I was introduced into the Theosophical Lodge and many a ritualistic temple. the planets go away from the sun and come near the sun and they are bound by the equilibrium.htm exposed. this centre produces what we call thirst and then we feel it mentally and we drink water. it is not bad to die of heart attack. When the water is insufficient in the body. And the latest. Only if such an instrument is there in our constitution. oedema of the feet and face. many things I learnt from him. the centre of fire element. A. The equilibrium should be there. for example. what he said. Then the heart begins to pulsate and also the lungs begin to pulsate. So the first alternative should be welcome by every sensible man. The second alternative is too nastily. he is my guru. The acceptance of necessary gases like oxygen and the rejection of unnecessary gases like carbon — it belongs to the heart centre. Immediately. the solar system is produced and the sun pulsates. Then he was ninety.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. Such things. Swadhisthana governs fire. but this heart centre is the main centre which controls all the other centres. "No.Kulapati E. we go to Anahata. It will be swelling. They live like idiots. we are living and then blood is being circulated. The naval centre regulates the water content of our constitution. Manipuraka governs water. That all depends upon our own choice. that is the function of the heart centre. under whose direction. (Then Master has clarified some student's questions thus). This is called Swadhisthana. It is welcome. this fact also. hydrocele. This chakra regulates the water economy of the constitution. what happens? If you drink a tumblerful of water or beer. They do not have diseases and they don't die of heart attacks etc. to make us diuritic. near to us. I learnt from him to wish this centre (heart) failing. Similarly. I had the first indication of a little heart attack". So what Vayu is called. The heart centre governs the respiration. He said. there is a centre regulating water content in our body.. This centre is the naval centre or Manipuraka. It regulates what is called Vayu in us. Thus there are two types of forces — centri-petal and centri-fugal. So the ancient scientists of yoga called the spleen centre.

So according to modern biology. And then. please remember. "What comes to you from me when you pray. is intelligent energy. it is being supplied to all the six centres in the body. Similarly. When this earth planet was manufactured by them in the solar system. What enters into us. This passage is closed in the corpse.htm The Vishuddhi Chakra or the throat centre forms the passage between the space around us and the matter of our constitution. (Some student asked about some advanced subject. 60 years.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat.K. Vishuddhi chakra is the passage between space and ourselves. food can be accepted by the body. My God!. whether you want it or not. or healthy. That is what C. Through this centre. they are deputed to do it and then they are asked to stay here. to join space and us. That is. Therefore there is no use of your prescribing something to it.Kulapati E. (Inge. when we do Prayer? It is intelligent energy. it knows better than yourself. It is the content of space. this energy cannot be called God. So evolution takes place under the guidance of the highest intelligences in nature on this earth. until the human frame is evolved. Electricity cannot be called electrician. So let us not be stupid.. The laboratory in which these connections are continuously made is what is we call the cerebrospinal mechanism. So it is only a circuit of energy coming and going and energy never exists in the body. "God. Food is only fuel. Because that is an intelligent energy.V. So C.V. They came down to the earth and assumed all the functions within themselves. We can understand now and how the progressive process what we call "evolution" is taking place. but they are not granted because need not. Ether is not space. So this is called intelligent energy. the intelligence outside sows its seeds in the cells. But according to the evolution theory of the ancients. When we are dealing with the present things. Prana is supplied to the constitution. That is the difference. Even though you desire many things. as the first group of scientists and supervisors to conduct the reproduction and creation and the evolution of the earth. taking all the other atoms as disciples who are being evolved gradually. sixty. In the space around us. If we ask the modern scientist how form evolves when there is no intelligence in it. For 50. it is not ready to do it because they are not wanted. Master said this).V. Space is called in Telugu "Mahat". It knows how much to come. how is it called? It is called ether. three planes are working. Let me be happy. should not be applied now. How is the content of space called? Akasha. While Prayer. He is giving us. But we are able to accept food. the intelligence in space conducts the evolution to impregnate the laboratories of bodies with the same-intelligences. through the laboratory what we call the mother's womb and through the process. Only after taking in of the basics for 25. At first. It is the content of space). it knows how much to enter and what to do in you. The three planes in us are linked up with the three planes outside. This energy never stays in the matter of the body. give me my daily bread". It enters into the constitution through throat centre. evolution is only of the form. These intelligences are called the Devas who are conducting the evolution. don't try to suggest better things to God. What is there in space? The content of space is what is called energy. Then it does all the functions in the constitution. What is the difference between a dead body and a living being? The corpse is in space. or 30 years. became the first group of 20 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . This connection between the individual and the earth planet is due to the function of the three qualities (inertia.. We are also in space. that is entering into you. So the intelligences become the first group of teachers or Masters in nature and these atoms that are evolving. what is the use of praying. It is not a fact. From there. Every second. This is one aspect. we must go through them only systematically). we must understand the basic principles what you have mentioned.). intelligent process which we call the sex act. it is entering and functioning and going out just like the electric current through wires. Akasha is not space. He has to blink. Then Master said thus. how to work and when to work and what to work. not the driver and the engine. Even though you prescribe certain things while Prayer. they are not granted. give me my daily bread . how bodies are manufactured in nature. he has no answer. Both intelligence and energy are included in it. the content of space. dynamism and poise in nature). said. (As a clarification to a student's question. even without praying. it goes away to its place in space.V. At this fifty. from space. was may pray many stupid things. what is required to you will be granted. said.dns-systems.. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. Krishnamacharya (Master E. we go to these advanced things.. we are living by food. That means. Thus the Vishuddhi Chakra or throat centre is like a pin arranged. according to the ancient theory of evolution. because we are living and then food is decomposed to extract energy as fuel. first in the atoms of this planet and then in the cells of primitive organisms and gradually. Then only. it increases and makes the laboratories more and more sophisticated. THE ANCIENT THEORY OF EVOLUTION You can understand how living beings are maintained.

Another such a third which makes us understand every page of "Secret Doctrine" is the book called the "Divine Plan" by Barbaroca. Barbaroca is a wonderful gentleman from Australia. Judge. It is written in two volumes. he wrote the book "The Divine Plan". which she herself does not understand. who devoted thirty years to teach Secret Doctrine to various groups of students in Adyar. The first volume is called the "Science". Next step. Adyar. called Alice A. If you read the autobiography. The first volume deals with Cosmogenesis.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. it was man who came first to the earth and then the other living beings under his supervision. verified and applied. After reading these books. the Physics text book of the twenty first Century. by itself. he says that the sole purpose of his writings is to make the Secret Doctrine understood. "Secret Doctrine". We have finished the two steps of the study of six Chakras. the "Secret Doctrine" by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. so these two are diametrically opposite theories. Another very great book for beginners as well as for great scholars is the "Ocean of Theosophy" by W. Why the Guru takes so much pains. Madras). Then do you know what happens next? These intelligences who came first. many of them. there are people who devoted their lives to the study and the understanding and the teaching of this book. According to Darwin theory and Mendel and Lemark. Leadbeater. It is best to read the Divine Plan.Q. it is the primitive lower beings gradually evolving and man is the last and final. With great disinclination. he was out and out an Indian mind and Indian soul. The wonderful text-book that explains all these stages with quotations and passages from the ancient scriptures is. you will understand. While he was dictating being seated in the Himalayas. According to the ancient evolution theory. She was peculiarly fit to receive the matter and translate it into Crystal-clear English. what is called. They say that it has taken place. The second volume is called "Theology".W. This is the step.dns-systems. One of the practical difficulties of Djwalkul was through births and rebirths. it we ask how evolution has taken place from the stage of amoeba to that of man.htm disciples. we cannot suspect that there is something very higher in Bhagavadgita except philosophy). because she was not at all a spiritualist or an occultist. He calls it. it was worse. how? This is a mad theory. The second part deals with Anthropogenesis. she wrote the 24 volumes being in London or New York. Another great and wonderful book which forms the prelude to all these books is "Ancient Wisdom" by Annie Besant. It is a little advanced one. whose name I am not able to recollect. That was the tragedy of the peculiar fellow. "Cosmic Numerals" was written by another gentleman.Kulapati E. we can directly go to the Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky which is as big as more than two thousand pages in royal size. the Upanishads. Since it is very difficult to read and comprehend this book. she was not at all inclined or temperamentally not at all fit to receive these things. is called the "Human evolution" by Mr. I remember. After understanding these books. So this is in short.K. Another such wonderful book is 'The Cosmic Numerals". it will be a bit easy to read the books of Djwalkul. The Darwinists have no answer with them. first. (As a reply to a student enquiry.). Djwalkul. It is science and it is theology. This is the evolution of the ancients as against the Darwin theory which has many defects and anachronism. That is why Blavatsky confesses that these are many portions in that book. dictated by him to Alice A. she worked with him for thirty years. — they become the first group of human beings on the earth because they got themselves evolved. (Master replied to a student's question with reference to the Bhagavadgita. the syllabus to understand the Vedas. Barbaroca. With Alice A. They form an explanation and application and verification of the book of Blavatsky. for the book of his disciple? Has he got any soft corner for her? The only soft corner he has is about more than three-fourths of the Secret Doctrine was directly dictated by him to Blavatsky and it is the only book taken down as his dictation. Though he was born 21 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . Bailey. That is what is called the beginning of the Spiritual Hierarchy on this earth planet. no doubt. because all the twenty four volumes of Djhwalkul. (William Quan Judge) Another such wonderful book which is very simple and the shortest is "A text book of Theosophy" by Bishop C. Master referred to another book. It gives us all the preliminaries to understand these two or three books. Krishnamacharya (Master E. That is what Djwalkul directly says in the introduction to a wonderful and noble book called "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire". Why he should take so much pains for the text book of Blavatsky is that Blavatsky also was his disciple. After having taught this book for thirty years. he dictated to his disciple. It is called "Solar system" by Powel). Until we read books like Secret Doctrine. the Puranas and Ithihasas. One of those books that makes us very easy to read this book. Now we go back to our lesson. Bailey. I think. No. What we gave yesterday was the first step. Their very purpose is to make people know what Blavatsky's book contains. Bailey. (These books can be had from the Theosophical Publishing House. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. In the introduction.

though they are one in essence. He may be partial. Only six stations are there for sixty-thousand couples. There should be a key-board to receive sound. Krishnamacharya (Master E. The features and the key-board to these things is fitted in the sixth chakra. with automatic arrangement. Ice block and water are different by state. Light is not colour. So ten thousand couples are to be allotted to each station. moving. our previous acquaintance with it. walking. All these sixty thousand pairs or couples should have only sixty power stations. Only after working for thirty years through Alice A. Look at the tree. Energies are females. clear-cut English which is correct. So the quantum of energy that is put forth is also a bit India. So there should be a key-board for sound. having a very high and fine command on lucid English. ears and the nose and in the place of origin of speech. the place in the spinal column to start the effort to utter this sound. 'here is Inge'.000 Saktis or ladies in the symbolism of Tantra and then corresponding sixty thousand intelligences. If there are six turbines. He is very bad in English grammar. and also form.K. No. Master replied). there must be a key-board to colours. His expressions continued so. They are called 60. just like the positive and the negative in an electric wire. Therefore. Wherever we are speaking out. awakened state and dreamy state are existent. So intelligences are called males and energies are called females. Colour is a vibration whereas light is an awareness. Also the mechanisms needed for the three states — Sleep. in the spinal column. two are working with impaired capacity. he was always defective in his English. smell. Alice A. My mind should work with it and then the mechanism to utter. he had to stoop to dictate these things to her. that effort coming into the vocal chords. In the language of the people who organised this session. (Master here demonstrated thus). it is the same thing with the fellow. (As a clarification to some one's enquiry. there are the centres of all the sounds and that particular sound which we want to utter should be switched on. suppose this is light. Master said thus). we cannot count things by numbers. The key-boards related to that animal. (Master was then looking at Inge). The energies are useful in multi-purpose for the intelligences. For example. light and within light. (Laugh). Also the Key-board for all these things is fitted in the spinal-column. How many things should work? First your shape and my recognition of your face. especially.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat.Kulapati E. (Intelligences). That means that only to say in a fine language that he has undergone a great torture. in the eyes. are existing here in our mind. if I look at you. These both exist together in one body. And it continues so with him. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. colours. the idea of the animal getting translated into the language known to us. Even now. It was very difficult for him. taste and know touch. the idea that it drinks milk and as such we should be careful of it. There should be a key-board and to know what is palatable and what is not. (Laugh). For these two purposes. There are only six main centres called chakras. any name with which we call it. in the average human being all are not working. Bailey. Intelligences are called males. in the throat and the vocal chords. rays of light. They should tackle with my previous acquaintance with you and also the sounds that make your name. So unless we go to the science of spiritualism and practise yoga 22 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . our relation with it. Then along the spinal column.000 each in number.). there are key-boards in the six chakras. the energies that are working in all these are sixty thousand in number.htm many times in the West. Energies are there. So it is highly sophisticated mechanism. We are notifying them as two different entities. She confesses in one place. So he wanted a fellow who can translate these things into lucid. To the eye. Then I can say. The intelligences who are handling the forces are called the husbands of these ladies. we say 'cat'. the sound 'Cat'. he could better understand the structure of the Occidental mind. the sixth chakra. These are called Siddhas. So we should conceive them differently. its shape. To differentiate between the desirable and the undesirable and permanent and temporary. (Laugh). That is what is confessed. But there are as many as sixty thousand functions at work every moment in us according to ancient science "Tantra". That is colour. These are called Sakthis. Unless there is a key-board. These are called males and these are called females. but there are many functions. The total is light. SIX CHAKRAS — KEY BOARDS TO SENSES Now we go to the next lesson of the Six Chakras. our Ruth reproduces a point of Djwalkul. Suppose when a cat is coming. The Six Chakras contain the Key-board of the five senses. So they should contain the communicating mechanism between senses and objects of the senses. They are like the typical Indian power-stations. also the key-board for number. because numbers exist in space and our mind. our present camp of two weeks is organised by the Siddhas of power stations (Electricity Department). She says.dns-systems. (Laugh). they are one. So there should be a key for sound. That too. and further in memories. So it is a highly sophisticated electronic system. We are speaking of manifestation. for your information. Bailey was a mother-tongue English-born. though in essence. Ah! Yes. we should differentiate like this. (Some one asked about something. Both are 60. I say `Inge'. Why? The author may be a male. We have given only example of functions. Light is different from colour in the state. All these should happen in a split second.

This is another lesson about the six chakras. in original. But among all the available ones.). very hot. Madras. Volumes and volumes of commentaries have been written on this book. So they should have divisions. DIVISION IN CHAKRAS Now let us know how many divisions each Chakra has. working will not go properly. Chittoor District. Panchabhuthas.000 Sakthis and their arrangements and functions are explained in that book. Krishnamacharya (Master E. the element of air. Muladhara (Base-Centre). If the commentary on "Shatchakra Nirupanam" by Malayala Swami garu is available among the publications. breathing in and out and heart-beat etc. He lives like "I AM" and 'Mine'. Sometimes you may get it from Adyar or if you don't get it. So we are fainting and dazed with the summer and even day time. more than half of these sixty thousand couples will be eating and sleeping because the sun is too hot. and Vyasasramam. The main condensers will be with the fifth chakra. that you are travelling from the plane of labourers to the plane of energies and the architects and the apprentices and their Gurus and their engineers and their builders and their creators. As you go higher up these chakras. Even though people eat. Otherwise. there are creator mechanisms. So how many? Fifty departments in all. So there will be a squeeze. Even now. In Sahasrara. So water scarcity is there. So He has no business to work. the second the fire. (As a clarification to somebody's question.000 Siddhas and 60. all the turbines are not working. There are twelve divisions. Saundarya Lahari. it was Malayala Swamiji only that strained very much to present these things lucidly in Telugu during my boyhood days. This has ten divisions. is a very great book on this subject. with air. The whole system fails if the energies fail. Higher up. The third is Manipuraka. the translation and the explanation given by Sir John Woodrof in English is the best one. we will be feeling hot. Pandy Bazar. Lower down. energies come from outside. the first one has four divisions. So the number of petals increases in the first five chakras. Swadhisthana or spleen-centre has six divisions or six petals. Tonics and medicines go waste in that context. There are ten departments. you have to write to "Ganesh Company. It is called a flower of four petals. There are sixteen divisions in it. On the other hand. energy has no supply. And finally in the Ajna Chakra. It is a commentary of the original Sanskrit science book called "Shatchakra Nirupanam". there are darker forces.Kulapati E. These things are not found in Sri Bhashyam. please remember. You can directly have all these things from a book like "Saundarya Lahari" or "Shatchakra Nirupanam". So unless these fellows are working here. If this centre does not work. there are only two divisions steering all the other. there are intelligences who are trying to steer the forces or energies. The fourth is Anahatha. and he calls himself "I AM" called Siva and Sakthi. The fifth is Visuddhi. The name of the book is "Serpent Power". the water supply is less. There is something on this subject in this book. 23 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . but it is highly difficult for you to understand these points in it.K. what happens is.. All these are working within Himself. one who exists in Sahasrara is both Siva and Sakthi. Only Vedanta is comprehensively touched in it. Then the fifth is with ether and energies. his books are being published. Erpedu. Kalahasthi. And especially in summer. So many of these.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. The name of this book is the "Wave of Bliss". If there are secret orders from country like Russia or America. As you go higher up. They want these because they should deal with the five states of matter. It contains all these things elaborately and all the 60. "Serpent Power" by Sir John Woodrof is a wonderful book. these are working. all these things can be found in it. Publishers and Book-sellers". (Laugh). (As a clarification to a student's query. Each station should have ten thousand and also they should have divisions well-arranged. In Telugu. The first one makes the solid matter in body work. Thus there are six stations.dns-systems. these condensers and power-store houses will have a cut off by those who conduct strikes. there are instincts and reflectors which work only in darkness. when intelligences are working in a dormant state. The second one. no workers. no labourers. very much commented and translated and explained lucidly and very wonderfully by Sir John Woodrof and the name of the book is "Serpent Power". no managers at all. In Sahasrara. Within Himself.htm etc. because He lives in all these planes as His own presence. and all this capsule is called Jiva or the indweller with his mechanism and vehicles. Shuka Brahmasramam. they go weak and feeble and at last gradually people die. it is our fortune. If the commentary on "Shatchakra Nirupanam" is available. Master replied thus). The whole thing is called Mine. there will be a little pinching pain in the heart and there will be no time even to take up to the cardiology department. the third — the liquids and the fourth the air. You have to obtain these points from this book and note down. As you go lower down. Master said thus).

Just as water and ice block are different. because they utter it and they are different from it. for example. Beyond that. He calls it "At-one-ment". THREE EYES OF MOTHER This is what we have seen about the three main Nadis. The Mother-Goddess or the nature in us is having three eyes. Once physical blockages are to be removed. For Manipura. instead of producing blockages in the constitution. But for a person. For the second one. the functions of the pulsations will be as follows. So he could be calling this word. it is "OM". In the Lalitha Sahasranama and the Kali Tantra. a sharp aspect about this is being explained. For Muladhara. there will many types of blockages. because through the vocal chords. So the pulsation comes there and touches it. the other is the solar pulsation and the third fiery pulsation meeting in the Brow-Centre. Surya and Agni. Agni is working to channelise "Tamas" properly. Allopathy is to be 24 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . they call it Aksharam or the Mystic sound. If they are not working. No. because there is no word in English. constipation or sluggishness in emptying urine from the bladder. They are in that stage.. He said. Surya and Agni. Let us go to class. Thus she is described as having three eyes. And the activity of the Fire is working through the gap between pineal gland and pituitary body in the brain. The Lunar activity works through the left eye. She said. Bailey. The something happens only.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. OM.htm CHAKRAS AND SOUNDS Another aspect. says "All these things I teach you only to practise the art of uttering 'OM' and entering into it. They want to listen to it and enter into it. in some cases occasionally and in some cases for prolonged periods. it should be "RUM". ice-block. He said "At-one-ment" for "So-Ham". The eyes are Soma. That's why the Mantram "So Ham" means "I am That". it should be "HAM". Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. So he says that the very object of practising all these things is to know the art of uttering the sacred word and living as one with it. i. So inertia is properly channelised. The nadi "Ida" is working towards the left as only a pulsation and no nerve. They are as follows. Soma. But Alice A. it is "RUM". (Laugh by the students). "We can't accept". the utterer utters 'OM' and enters into it by listening to the sound. For Swadhisthana. the Goddess Kundalini is said to be having Soma. There is no word in English. But the difference is that in Ajna. in not less than ten of his books. please remember. Solar activity works through the right eye. But in Sahasrara. That is what he says. Bailey to accept the word. So he utters it and enters into it. And for Ajna. In Muladhara and Swadhisthana. For Sahasrara also. (Master referred to taking meals. For a person. And also we have seen that Ida is Lunar by nature. Allopathy cannot do it at least. "OM" will be existing as an ice block floating upon the mind called water.K. For Visuddhi. He said. Even homeopathy is not a complete success because. That is why the Mother-Goddess is described as having three eyes like Lord Siva. "You accept it". He exists in a state of "I am That". Allopathy is for temporary clearance and saving the situation. For the Swadhisthana. What is it? They enter into It. Any treatment can give only temporary relief. Please excuse me. Lunar. it should be "RUM". but he is kind and he forced Alice A. No second thing remains. it is said "The sixth Chakra.). So in the Bhagavadgita. There are six sounds for the six Chakras through which we can enter into the consciousnesses of the six chakras. (He has given something wrong). For Anahata it should be "YUM". he exists as "I am That". So physical plane or Annamaya Kosa is as important as other things). Krishnamacharya (Master E. who does not know the art of yoga living. the utterer and the utterance are different in this state. whose yoga practice is systematically being conducted. It is only for the utterance of the word. There is same mistake in conducting Hatha Yoga). from after middle age. it is . But finally. the sound of exhalation is "Ham". 'Pingala' is working towards the right and Sushumna is working through the narrow bore of what we call the spinal column or the spinal card. grumbled to accept this word because there was not such word in English. there is nothing. when you reach the consciousness of Sahasrara. Djwalkul.. when fused. it is nothing but water.e. of the practitioner. it should be "VUM". that the object of my books is envisaged. Loose contact. it seems. Master made a remark humorously thus.dns-systems. For Manipura. Kundalini is not flowing through Sushumna. We said about the cerebro-spinal system. (Sixth state). Homoeopathy can never do in such things. it can permanently cure a disease. "You have to accept it.Kulapati E. Pingala is solar by nature and Sushumna is fiery by nature. There is some mistake in this book here referred by some student. One is the lunar pulsation.. (The mike was defective. but cannot stop disease being produced once again and cannot save from death thus. Surya and Agni as Her eyes. The three meet in the 'Ajna Chakra' and they will become one. it is called "LUM".

a life in a dark room where the lights have failed. non-disciplined fellow who toils in life. a fellow known something of everything and nothing of anything. not the lowest principles. But unless there is the yogic way of living. On the higher and deeper level. because there will be many impurities. Master replied thus). Surya will be working with Rajas.dns-systems. queen or any fellow). he cannot know anything thoroughly. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. because the fellow has no discipline. When he knows many things. THE ACTIVITY OF PINGALA The third is Manipuraka and the fourth is Anahatha. what happens is. (Master clarified that soma means Lunar activity. By this. believes what he wants. So he lives and straight goes to the grave without practising. he cannot follow anyone properly. Reaction to the environment stimulates the mind into temptations and activity thus causes involvement and chain-actions. Suppose it is working only with the highest principles. it is working with the lowest principles. 'Rajas' and 'Tamas' are like razor blades. otherwise a fellow uses them to cut his skin. fame or anything for any purpose. Instead of the highest principles. Instead of all the three Nadis working along the whole vertebral column. Homoeopathy cures. The activity of `Ida' works with the yogic disciple to produce the Sattwic state of mind. So it will be on higher planes. That's all. the third work. That is. from right another and in the middle. Ida. the fellow knows the highest philosophy. His knowledge becomes a stumbling block. will make wait at the door of others as a beggar to purchase wealth. He will do the same thing without beggary.K. the activity of 'Pingala' pulsation will save the fellow from such a beggary. He may be reading everyday morning the Sermon on the Mount. ladies use razor-blades often for males in the salons. Then he stumbles over everything.htm used compulsorily. So when there is no discipline. to the families in course of these hundreds of generations. the solar activity of 'Pingala' will be working with activity of water and air elements. all the rare things he has learned. the various sciences and knowledge of various secrets stop working for their utilitarian activity and make their contributions like the wicks of candles to enable him to use light as his life. because whatever he does automatically. fame or importance. a real cure can never be affected. There is an even distribution of the functions of the three Nadis among the six chakras.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. no regularity. because he doesn't believe in wealth. For the yogic practitioner. He has no reaction at all to the environment. Such a change occurs. no training. Like 25 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . struggles between two rows of chairs or stools or furniture in a dark room which is called his life. The intelligence and the awareness and the comprehension of the untrained. Krishnamacharya (Master E. For the one who has no yoga-practice. but a lazy fool donkey who does not practise his god principles which he knows. the physical tissues have not soft corner for these things. `Ida' works in Ajna and Visuddhi Chakras. In Bhagavadgita. Then what happens in him? He will be having only the activity of response through the senses to the environment. If yoga way of living is practised. Response produces the attitude to discharge one's own duties. position. An expert uses them for shaving. So his God is locked in his little shrine room which is never opened and he dies handing over the key to his son. When he knows many people. from left one. In the drama "From Midsummer Night's dream". or the 15th Chapter of the Bhagavadgita. This is what happens.Kulapati E. one character expresses his readiness to enact the roles of king. This is what happens in the case of a non-yogic indweller. I don't know because I am a male. there is no even distribution of the function. not Pingala).e. power. where the fellow enters and stumbles upon his own furniture and gets injuries. can do anything. (If all are doing all the deeds. nobody. Unless this yogic practice is not undertaken. So here is the clue for that. and regularity and practice of these things. This is one aspect of the six chakras. So the activity of Pingala will save him from such a situation. It is just like a life without light. The solar activity makes the dynamism in the person evenly distributed and properly utilised. from the side of the father or the side of the mother. Meanwhile somebody asked something. I think in West also.). what he knows. (Master instructed ladies not to write this point and created laugh. The various aspects of worldly wisdom. Agni or Sushumna will be working. his consciousness stops shedding light upon objective perceptions and begins to shine as itself or pure subjectivity. there is no willingness to submit oneself to such a training of life. THE ACTIVITY OF IDA The Lunar Nadi i. it is said that the uncultivated will branches into many alternations and ends in endless nothing.

The names of Asanas. For a true practitioner of yoga. So it is not the value of the thing. makes him passive towards the zeal to do anything. he is automatically irritated. If a student is a gold medalist. even the knowledge of many sciences cannot save us. But when he found the students feeling this very important. ABILITIES OF THE SIX CHAKRAS Now another aspect of six chakras. Unless we permit ourselves to regularity. even after ten years. As such education can never save us. (About this point. the principle of poise. what we are doing today.htm that. when once a fellow gets a gold medal. but it is the utility of ourselves that makes things valuable. then take it.dns-systems.). With regard to education. Theism means the confidence that we can live in the world and we can 26 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . degree. not according to the world and the efficiency in the world.Kulapati E. hope and faith in humanity at large. The present system of education is such that one who memorises the first volume of oxford dictionary can get B. degree and one who memorises the second volume of the same can get M. This great ability of the base chakra gives us further forbearance. (Here Master has clarified that hope is different from desire). We are starting a short next lesson on six chakras. So this is what the glory of the quality called Sattwaguna gives.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. This is because what we call education is not education. transcending the dangers and standing above them. education. we can burn the hands. What is the difference? Please add a few sentences. This is one aspect. which is most deficient in an average Indian. Some good things — one or two things should be there at least in our life which we will be doing continuously. Then Sattwa. take it). If you advise the fellow to get better. What can I do? That is what he says and whenever you try to introduce the element of discipline. nice-take it. The real test of a perfect human being is to live in continuous happiness and to make others happy as far as possible. This activity saves from all these dangers. Securing gold medal in memorising means that his brain is off for this life. we are in the palaeolithic age. Some people think that theism means belief in God. he turns out to be an efficient routinist. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K. he says: "What can I do? Everything around me is wrong and every fellow around me is faulty. because these dangers cannot be averted by education. he said. Only that which can save us is our willingness to push ourselves into training. on get into a training or make oneself better. Master said. what we practise is not true yoga.A. Survival through arts. theism and hope. It is only a literacy and memory test. and discipline and regularity. it is very important. THE CONTRIBUTION OF THREE GUNAS IN AN UNTRAINED PERSON In the case of an untrained fellow. and Pranayama and practices and the knowledge of six chakras can never give us yoga. PRESENT EDUCATION So this is another aspect of the six chakras.A. What does it mean? Doing the same thing. Rajas and Tamas contribute to a temptation to do something not required on one side and to avoid something that is expected of him. The world is livable or otherwise because of ourselves. there is no yogic way of living at all. nothing else. who fears change. unless we have. that is not correct. the six chakras externalise six different abilities that work in life. bloating of mind with a registered factory of books. So he becomes stunned in life and he uses his original brilliance which he never gets in this life. "You feel. that means he is a champion in memory test and nothing else. In course of time. It gives him patience. If this aspect is not realised in life. we are made to memorise books and we call that filthy process. I am amidst a bundle of fools and rogues and cheats. A great ability called "Iravatha" works through the Base-Chakra. if we cannot handle it. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. "I need not write. Nice. continuity of purpose. So continuity of purpose is most important. No. Memorising the dictionary is not education. So another lesson is completed. This is the thing. To train one in the use of dictionary is education. by way of laziness on the other side. nothing else. what is called the element of regularity and a taste for order of things. Nothing else. Instead of using books. The world is livable or otherwise according to us and not according to the values of the things around us. But for this element. Just as though fire is valuable to cook the food. though it is very much glorious.

So the basic unity is there in all these as undercurrent. He has written three glorious books. these subjects were transferred from person to person with this much clarity. determination. That is what she has got. there is the original book called "Buddha Charitha". But you have listened to what I have said. The ability of the base-chakra is symbolically described as "the brilliant elephant". that. The first is called Iravatha. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. If you make somebody else. the matter does not enter into the mind. The second is called Makara. It is called 'Makara' — which symbolically means Ma + kara — the grip of five fingers. we do not have a fork from which we can derive the same wisdom once again. everyone of us.Kulapati E. says that the bow indicates the desire to enjoy things and the arrows indicate the objects of the senses attaching the five sense organs. in his introduction to a book called "Power as Mother". Nobody nor even myself cannot put in the form of a book the matter what all I have told you in its entirety. He can do nothing for us. What is the relation between a few pieces of iron and a magnet? It is not description of the details. The second one. It externalises grip. In Sanskrit. he could not escape the clutches of the Church. The ancients too had the same difficulty. 1) The translation of Bhagavadgita called "The Song Celestial". The symbol of this is a mystic amphibian reptile with the face of a dear and the body of a crocodile. That is what he writes. (Laugh). But he is a great light. Who is Venus? The word Aerotics comes from this. Even if God is there in a temple or a church. That elephant is there in all of us. (Laugh). written by Aswaghosha. without missing the necessary significance. Suppose you have brought a book containing every letter of what I have told you. Without disturbing this mainly. but unfortunately imprisoned in the tail. no doubt. Edwin Arnold translated it. another great ability works. Makara is described as the vehicle under him. This means that he has gained victory over indulgence and the sense organs. These qualities are almost covered in the Golden stairs. faith in the goodness of other human beings who are our brothers. Theistic attitude causes in us. his brain gets heated. This is described as the flag of Manmatha in the Indian mythology. These things can be transferred from one person to another and it is not possible to obtain everything for a person from books. He called Christ "The Light of the World". got it printed and handed over the book to a layman who has not listened to what I have told in the classes. the vehicle of the "Lord of senses". 3) The biography of Christ called "The Light of the World". As regards the belief in God. wonderful fellow who has seen the truth. when fertilisation took place. Understanding never helps. Swadhisthana makes another great ability work. Thus it is the transformation that is required and not understanding of these things. by a glorious poet called Edwin Arnold. Even then. (Indra). This Deva is mystically described in the Indian scriptures as having a sugarcane bow and five different flowers as arrows. Therefore Sir John Woodrof in his book says. This fellow is called Aerotics etc. The ancients have continued the tradition incessantly. Nevertheless. this book will be similar to the Puranas (Indian mythological scriptures). "Sakthi and Saktha" a Tantric book. which was once universal". In her dream. In the ancient times also.htm live happily. he could not but be a Christian. The 27 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . as now.. From the third chakra viz. Once again. vertebral column. that elephant came and approached her with great brilliance and entered into her body and stayed there.K. because it is religion that has killed all these ancient sciences. He is a noble soul.. how much effort is put forth. God is there for those who feel Him and He is not there for those who do not feel Him. if we do not feel Him. The elephant is imprisoned in tail. All the three are very. But there is limitation for them to get into the form of books. You can come across the "brilliant elephant" in this book. what we have to do is. many stories were built up in the scriptures. who tasted the truth and who led the truth. very glorious translation in English. 2) The life or biography of Buddha called "The Light of Asia". i. we have to erase the concept of religion and then take the aspect of the scientific study of spiritualism. This is a very. symbols have a deeper application and significance in Astrology.dns-systems. "If we succeed in destroying it in the Indian tradition also. The day on which Buddha was coming into the mother's womb. (Some student asked Master some question. There is no race or no nation which is still having these things survived in it. He called Buddha only "Light of Asia". Make them once again filled. these things are understood. His is a very wonderful translation. Thus.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. achievement and the physical and mental strength which makes you complete whatever you undertake. In a Yogic student. So bring about a book with all what I have said and give to a layman. Church Christianity has killed in all the nations the ancient sciences inevitably and it has killed upto 50% in India also. Nobody can translate like him. It is also described as the banner of a Deva called "Irac" in Greek mythology.e. I think many of you might have read the biography of Lord Buddha. Can you bring about any book which can present these things in a straight and simple manner? No. Egyptian mythology is totally gone. you will meet him there. Manipuraka. Thus all these fingers. Bow is made up of sugarcane. But the details are lost in the Greek mythology and the details are prescribed in the Indian mythology still. It was written in English also. Master replied thus). very glorious books. Poor fellow. Krishnamacharya (Master E. The ancients taught more wisdom than what I am teaching now. Sir John Woodrof. For that. she saw in a dream a big brilliant in a six-pointed star. inspite of his great knowledge and equality. But still 50% survives. but the touch of the magnet to the pieces of iron. in the sign called Capricorn.).

Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. You can rewrite yourself. He does what is not needed.Kulapati E. (One student asked Master to show an example with these Characteristics. the other person says. somebody says that he will get poverty.). I can't show anyone as an example. quickness and premium and importance in society. mastery over himself and others. So there are two different schools of thoughts. a dash which can break the opposite thing and can never turn back. importance will be bestowed. If others are talking. antelope is called "Chaya"..dns-systems. Antelope jumps over difficulties and troubles. If there is no yoga practice. Makara and everything remains the same. So please strike off the name "Swadhisthana" and add only "Manipuraka Chakra" for all the second Chakra. What does it mean? It is a straight dash. what not to be talked. "Yoga is skill in doing deeds". You have to make a small alteration. except the name of the Chakra. This person has the capability to control others through veneration. Please make a correction there. So there is a sequence in it. good humour and sense of security and also caution. let any circumstance prevail. Manipuraka Chakra. he just keeps silent. To me. There is a difference of opening among the ancient scientists about the order of these Chakras. I should accept to myself. playfulness. So Sri Krishna says. It gives timidity. Another ability works through the heart-centre. let any say to him whatever words. It has no need to turn back. it indicates foolhardiness and a risk-loving nature which gives a straight dash to get damaged. I am timid in some respects. That is called straight dash. in Astrology"). Then fifth. There will no problem further. Suppose we print and publish this book. One who is bound by his beliefs cannot think of yoga at all. Master replied thus. So. i. Then Master replied thus. But unfortunately. After hundred years. is pertinent to the Manipuraka. Doing wrong deeds and checking them. the language of the then people will be different and so there is the difficulty. For one who has no training. "You are an elder. we will come across the matter you have asked about.K. So you take down the second one as the third one. Let any body come to him in any condition. It gives him the capability to control others through veneration. He looks as if he 28 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . Everyone should be like that). A non-yogic person does not do what he has to do. not for Swadhisthana Chakra. If we look after an antelope and bring it up. Timidity and disinclination to face the problems and solve them. It escapes. And now what we are going to describe is for the Swadhisthana Chakra. doing only deeds that one needed. He speaks those which he has to speak. That's why the 'Makara' is described as amphibian or water amphibian. it is said that one who recites this with devotion. "Not now. number it as three and the following as number two and you can rearrange afterwards. In Vishnu Sahasranama. he will automatically attain mastery over others. What I am going to tell you. no — To me. It is described as a great ram.e. Then it will solve the problem.htm ancients also tried their best to handover these things to the posterity. If one sits on a cloth. Next (4). If one attains mastery over himself. (Some student asked some question. But the person under the graceful influence of the fifth chakra does only such deeds which he has to do and does not concern himself with the other things. he can practise yoga. In the name of yoga practice. It signifies the element of fire. Another great ability works through Swadhisthana Chakra. an undisturbable tranquility under any circumstances. (Again somebody asked Master whether doing yoga practice. That is what Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavadgita. Then Master replied thus). In Astrology. For a non-yogic person. it will help our yoga practice. He does not mind them. A clean towel is enough. sitting on a cloth leads to poverty. his life is entangled with trying hard to deal with the outcome of what he has done unnecessarily. It imparts skill. because he should remember that he is more valuable than his beliefs. This person always maintains tranquility. For what we have described as the "Makara". It causes courage. Such a fellow who believes in such superstitions can never practise yoga. In Sanskrit this animal. What all I have told you about the abilities of the Swadhisthana. enterprise. it will be a foolish dash to a wall. Examples — No. properly getting distributed in the form of various energies. (Somebody asked about the use of the skin of antelope in yoga practice. speaking that which is needed and allowing the mind to entertain the thoughts that are needed only. this activity causes escapism and timidity. "See what I am doing". As a consequence. if I want to practise yoga. The skin of an antelope is not required for being seated during yoga practice. killing an antelope is useless. we will have a next lesson in the sense that 'Mesha' or 'Aries' belongs to the first set of fire. this is for Manipuraka Chakra. Master clarified thus). You know discussion is as good as two dogs fighting with each other on a road. So this is the fourth one. the diction of language gets varied. This is the way of life of a non-yogic person.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. This person never enters into discussion. He says. Then only. That is enough. You can take it as the third one and now the second one I am going to deal with. It is compared with an antelope. their diction in the language is different from ours. Krishnamacharya (Master E. take as the second one. With the passage of a hundred years. What does it mean? Immediately after seeing this person. But with yoga practice. his mind will be in the same condition. I will do what you say".

In the Seventh. With regard to other thoughts. will lead us to the highest experience of light in social. we find the names of these six mothers. mundane and spiritual aspects. such things are there. Lalitha Sahasranama. Father and Mother as one. These abilities are called the Mahasaktis. Swetha Gaja is the name of the symbol in the case of Throat Centre. The specialisation of anyone among these is useless. Sometimes.K. Each stanza explains in short. Remember that the form side of the symbol never helps us. And the last three Saktis are experienced. made of millions of Lightnings. the ticket you have purchased for the cinema is a waste. it is called 'Hakini'. She is one with God. So for the science of Mantrams and for the science of Tantras. you go and get into sleep". i. In Anahatha. When others surrounding him are engaged in discussion. unfortunately. Then the fifth centre gives him the capabilities to control others through veneration. Therefore. (Then somebody enquired Master about the yoga-training at this step and also the use of meditation of symbols. He allows the mind to entertain those thoughts which only are needed. a yogic person does not listen to their words lest his mind should get mad. only by those who are living a yogic life and for others. (Laugh). Then there is the next one i. Suppose we are enjoying a good picture. Father absorbed in the Mother. We said that among these seven types of abilities. Master has clarified that now there is no yoga training. the name of the Cinema hall. This centre has no influential activity in his case. They are all the strings of the same thread. That only remains. Similarly.dns-systems. Untrained souls experience the negative aspects of these abilities. as it is called.e. Tantra Vidya called "The thousand names of the Mother-Goddess". whether yogic or non-yogic. thoughts never enter into his mind. ethical. a correlation is there along with the yogic practice. it is called 'Kakini'.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. he makes the mind keep silent. without awareness to a second thing. Only below this centre. not devils. seven Sakthis. That science is called Tantra or Sri-Vidya. he keeps himself engaged in his activity. After sometime. the Graceful role of the Mother-Goddess is working upon us in the form of the moon-phases. there is no use of meditating upon these symbols). Each of these names has a separate stanza in the names of Lalitha Sahasranama. it is called 'Sakini'. The awareness of Mother-Goddess when properly established. It is an awareness into which we grow and transcend all our limitations. That also we narrated. people understand these names as devils and demons. "I am here. The people who have undergone training. In the Ajna Chakra. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. mastery over himself and others. So let us get familiarised with the names of these great abilities which are called Sakthis. In Swadhisthana or spleen-centre. The quality side helps us. doing only deeds that are needed.htm is listening. the curtain and the name of the picture disappear in your mind. she is called 'Rakini'. In Manipura. speaking that which is needed and allowing the mind to entertain the thoughts that are needed only. He says to his mind.e. If we know the names given to the abilities. In the highest treatise on Sri-Vidya. they are quite useless and the people die without making any contact with the last three abilities they have. work for equal distribution and utilisation and channelisation. it is experience. This is called Sri-Vidya or the Science of Love about the Mother-Goddess and her role in creation. when others are chattering. the first four are working among all the people whether trained souls or untrained souls.Kulapati E. she is called 'Lakini'. She is called 'Sri' or 'Sakthi'. So we should be careful. So they are the mothers. The practical keys 29 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . applying to our practice of yogic life. Suppose someone keeps his telephone by his side and gets into sleep. Then what is there? Only experiencing is there. Undisturbed. Even the name of the picture slips off. All these abilities will be bestowed automatically. In Vishuddhi.). The symbol is once again a milk-white elephant. In the Brow centre. and she cannot be separately identified from God. he may just smile with others pretending as if he is listening to them. divine incarnations of Mother-Goddess in us. Since scholars did not know anything of this and explained in mistakable terms. That is what we have seen. They are the incarnations. while in the Head Centre. He puts off the switch. the experiencer is aware of himself also. If at all you remember that. but much about these and what to do and how to do. an undisturbed tranquility under any circumstances. That is. SIX MOTHER-GODDESSES With reflections reaching the earth. the sixth called Ajna Chakra. we will be able to make an approach into another great science which can be practised. Krishnamacharya (Master E. The ability working in Muladhara or Base-Centre is called 'Dakini'. the yogic person puts off his ear. those who are seated beside. You do not remember that you are seeing. It gives us a practical key to behave in this world in all fields of our activity. It is called the Mother absorbed in Father. Yoga practice.

When the awareness is working in each of these six centres. So the distance 60° apart between two planets in Astrology is a sure sign of the blessing of the Mother-Goddess in terms of the two planets. Krishnamacharya (Master E. the Chathurmukha. Start here. The figure surrounding it.htm that are to be followed are formed in the Lalitha Sahasranama. triangle. Now the shape that is characteristic of each chakra can be familiarised by the mind daily for a few minutes without much effort. Chathurbhuja or the four-armed is Vishnu. This is called Mandala or Varthula.e. So this is something about it. You need not do anything. Dakini. That is why in the Bhagavadgita. All the five objects of the senses that are to be used. An economy of power. time and opportunity will be established. A solar system forms first by forming an awakening of the centre called `I AM'. The fifth is the Circle without centre. Master replied thus). The shape given is an equilateral triangle. It is exactly what is meant in Astrology when you draw the mark of sextile. That is called harmony. Mandala. what comes out? The consciousness of `I am'. for Rakini. Here in a circle. (Somebody asked Master a question. The one difference between the other methods of practice of spiritualism and this is that all the other methods prohibit some of the objects of the senses while practising. Is it clear? Now I will give you the shapes that are basic to each of these Chakras. Then he will direct you. For example.dns-systems. then there will be a radical change in the order of preference of life. The disciple. in order to receive the grace of the Mother-Goddess.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. we don't do it. First. there is no point in the centre. KOULACHARA AND SAMAYACHARA As regards the meditation of Guru in the six chakras. the square (†) is called Brahma. In Anahatha. for Sakini. If you do from below until the end. The Lord says that I initiated the Sun-God to weave his web of existence of light into the synthesis viz. This is called Narayana. Thus the figure to be meditated for Hakini is a point. The sixth one. that particular form suggests to the mind from within and we begin to realise it around ourselves and construct material objects according to these shapes. They are not actually hands. From that. The third one is the Crescent moon. (Master clarified somebody's doubts thus). He is called Brahma. This directly deals with a proper use and a better use and a scientific use of the objects of the senses. with this symbol (Master gave on the black board) and then there well be a connection between your guru and yourself with a very incredibly short period of time. it is said that the first initiation is `I am'. There is Centre forming awareness everywhere in space. Hakini is a point as small as possible to be meditated in your mind.Kulapati E. the remaining solar system and creation follow. 30 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . `I AM'. We begin to care for the essentials and stop taking notices of non-essentials in others.K. The shape inside the square is like plus (+). the Chathurbhuja. Sri Chakra i. We adopted this as the basic emblem of meditation. for Lakini. This is how you have to do. Chathurmukha means four-faced creator.). Some. The second one is born from the centre of the first one. will be totally removed. How is it possible that you have initiated the Sun-God?". differing from others and segregating ourselves from others. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. as `I am' consciousness. to grow awareness of each of these Mother-Goddesses are described in it. hexagon. The shape of Dakini is "the cross and the square". close your eyes. You meditate your guru in each centre. that is stimulated. Loss of energy and time due to contradicting others. the following is the process. Mother-Goddess is with six hands. It is called "Chathurmukha" in the navel lotus of Chathurbhuja. Crescent moon. But here this method is different. the sun awakens in space. (mont-rissle). but it is the regular hexagon formed by the double triangle. Soon after an awakening from sleep. by mistake.e. SHAPES OF THE SAKTHIS OF THE CHAKRAS There are some basic shapes or forms which exist in each of these centres as psychological symmetries or designs. Arjuna could not understand this point and questioned the Lord. "You are born recently whereas the Sun-God was born some millions of years back. i. In the same way. The second one is called Lakini. You remember that there is an emblem of meditation for the members of World Teacher Trust like this . diet with jaggery and rice is observed and exclusively when that is acting upon one. When the lines of force in our vital and mental bodies get rearranged according to these basic shapes. for Kakini. said that jaggery and rice should be made offering to the Mother-Goddess. The edges are to be linked up but in haste. square. he will look to everything.

Just as a vessel immersed in water is automatically having a little water in it.dns-systems. That's all (Somebody asked a question regarding the meditation in the seventh centre. The second one is called "Rupa" or form or shape. Further.K. Next. It is only an illusion. That's why. From above. how far we submit ourselves to that routine. This is related to the throat-centre. prescribe only two times of Prayer — morning six and evening six. Only such ones that are given in the books like Bhagavadgita are sufficient to be followed. five. It is false that we have our own mind separately.m. instincts. due to the above said thing. i. the content of space. our head also has a little mind in it. He cannot be located in the earlier stages. So from the highest to the lowest. for one. air is the medium of sensation. then you prescribe the third item. touch. Thus.. all these things. The second method is called "Samayachara". the power to find the taste of anything. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. First. Let us see. If you locate. Sound works through ears.e. "Swadhisthana". seen and listened by us. after going home. that is. sound works. Muladhara. So Gandha is smell. So it is bad to approach from the lower fellows to the higher follow. it is called. The element of fire is the cause for this. The next one is taste. just like the enemy hiding in your own house and yourself searching for him outside. There are nothing like special regulations. The background mind radiates or pulsates in the individual mind. let us follow the same routine. within the narrow bore called Sushumna nadi. You have to undergo training and keep discipline. The next one is Rasa or taste. i. we call the reaction. The next is called "Sparsha". because It is yourself. And even after seeing wife. Going to the class and teaching. In the third one. Rupa is form. Yesterday I told you. The first method is called "Koulachara". Prescribe the same timings for what you want to do. The lowest. of all the five. Upon it. Master clarified thus) No. as water is the medium of our taste. smell. the sense of touch.htm you have to guard yourself and protect yourself against the many evil forces.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. sound. the space-mind. Manipuraka deals with the water content in our body. Yes. It should not be jumbled. This is related to the heart centre. just as television and radio waves are caught by our machine and we have the radio programmes and television programmes. because it is in water. light is the medium. Manipuraka. Master said thus). you need not do anything. Next. It is yourself. because there is mind in space. You have to follow the routine daily. you spot these things mentally. The heart centre deals with the element of air and pulsation. you will be in trouble. the mind in space. As regards the regulations and discipline to be followed. "Gandha". This has connection with Manipuraka. And then. they (the gurus) will protect us.Kulapati E. We will have to protect ourselves. 'Rupa' works through the apparatus of eyes.e. this Sabda works with ears. The apparatus is nasal nerve. "Mahat" works only through the medium of individual mind. regularity. (Master was replying to a question of Inge). Next Sparsha works with skin. Vishuddhi. The next for sixth is called "Mahat". Through ether. It includes colour sense also. two. This is connected with Swadhisthana. Sabda works with the gap between the pineal gland and the pituitary body. we are trying to attempt here.). Next "Rasa" works through tongue. you find Rasa or taste. In the base centre. Don't approach the higher officer through the lower officers. Thus here ends the 31 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . The objects of the senses should be located in each of the five lowest chakras. Meet the highest officer and win over him and the lower officers will work for you. you have to do this meditation of guru in each centre. Each centre should have the object of the activity of one sense organ. because the seventh is too aristocratic. The power to smell is radiated from the Muladhara.. Krishnamacharya (Master E. inviting us for dinner. smell is the nearest to the physical existence. we know the colours and shapes with eyes. this Gandha has relationship with the activity of the nose. you locate as Inge and not as Siva. (Some student asked Master regarding the regulations to be followed. Since our head is in space and since space has mind. from the beginning. After you get mastery over these timings. When the finest particles touch the nerves of the nasal membrane. for the seventh. This is connected with Muladhara. MEDITATION OF THE SENSE OBJECTS IN SIX CENTRES Now the activity of the five senses should be mentally located in each of these Chakras. This power is connected with the second centre. So it is the sense-activity. solar fire is working as light and colours and then we are seeing all these things having form. That is. dealing with the physical plane. The fire through the sun. From 4-30 a. mind. Approach from the higher to the lower fellow. the power is called "Gandha". three or four. And the next is "Shabda". reflexes and emotion and our temptations.. The finest of the physical existence gives smell. Rasa is taste. gradually increasing the number of items for which you prescribe a time. you can follow the instructions given in the Bhagavadgita and such other books. so also our head is having in it. So He is concealed in you too much. That is the truth. from morning to night.

anyone can write a book. in the temple-science. touch. as a colleague of Uddhava. So Tantra is net-work and design. Now a few words about Tantra. then for medical purposes. Each moon-phase has four equal divisions. It is about the fabric of this creation that these books teach us. if one is having self-restraint and mastery over his senses and body. within a short period. we use shape and then we use taste in the name of Prasada. What we call the temples of the various cults are only products of these. how to entertain romance which has nothing to do with sex were prescribed. The origin of temples is this. So even the cosmetics and the tasteful food and colourful pictures. It is not wrong because.Kulapati E. because it is an ugly act. There are sixty four types of handloom industries in this creation. So they are called the sixty four Tantras. In the Celibacy. So these aspects are properly used and you are trained how to regulate them. Yesterday. he can be a master of enjoyment and sex life.. we were telling sixty four. "Tanu" means threads.K. sex is an insult to romance. not sixty four books. how many tantras are there. You are "Swatantra". Similarly. simply because we do it like that. There are sixty four fabrics in the creation. The word Tantra. So we should prepare it most tastefully. That is the secret technique in these books. of the Mother-Goddess etc. we were talking of it. Weeks are there. because you form the very basement of this fabric and the presence in these fabrics". literally and etymologically. when he is a house-holder and should be away from enjoyment. for this session. Krishnamacharya (Master E. in the process of offering to God. music — all these things are useful here in this. So Tantra means me fabric made up of threads. You can tomorrow write a good book on Tantra. Unfortunately. They do not belong to us. That is why now he has given the above temples. taste. Generally. he has to go to the hospital. to God. Sankaracharya describes in "Saundaryalahari". He worked five thousand years ago. How to lead sex life. because he is sick often. in every Tantric book. Djwalkul calls these "Mystery temples". you have a right use of these aspects — smell.e. independent of all these. i.dns-systems. means "the fabric and design of something" (Master showed a cloth for demonstration). the moon. So an idol or an image with a smiling face of the Mother-Goddess and a beautiful colour combination of a picture by an artist. leading a life is also prescribed. It is about the weeks. We give incense in the temples.. Therefore. all these are conducive to these things related to the upward path. So it is not the weeks that are there in these books. there are sixty four moon sub-phases called moods.htm lesson of the six chakras. one realises the full benefit. they will come in future. We can't prepare some dirty thing and call it 'Prasada'. you will go into confusion. If you know the secret. because there are 6400 books till now. to be conducive of the upward path. Husband and wife living a life. But as a house-holder only. which disturbs the aesthetic sense of the romantic life. In the pre-marital state. So he says. it is a preparation only and not realisation. a standard work on Tantra and teach properly and receive properly. the pre-house-holder state. If you try to locate the books. The use is gone and he says they are once again opened. you find that there are sixty four Tantras. you can mention that there are sixty four tantras. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. within a short period. not less than that. Master taught something about Tantra and Mantra). the householder is the one who is fully qualified to practice these things. that is required.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. paintings. If you question. So every Tantric book says that sex act is an ugly 32 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM . But you are always above and beyond these. in the Tantras. We use incense. tantras exist in the creation and in us and not in the books. We mentioned that there are sixteen moon phases in the sixteen syllabled name of the Mother-Goddess. they mention that there are seven days in a week. For example. So it is the total offering of the senses and their sense-organs and their activities to the Mother-Goddess. Even in that. "Oh! Mother! You have sixty four fabrics working as Tantras in this creation. When talking of Nadis. In each book. The reopening of these mystery temples will occur in future. TANTRA (As a reply to some students questions. art. sound and meditation. In all these Tantras. shape. So it is the law of compensation that works. According to the science of Tantra. (Master here demonstrated the process of offering). explaining in the language of the century. including in the Grihastha state or householder state. in us. astronomically in the sun. If one is irregular and begins to indulge and enjoy in the pre-marital state.). many people do not know the difference between romance and sex. the word Tantra is used to denote a particular branch of literature. suppose there are twenty authors writing Astrological text books on seven days in the week. That's all. how to live happily. But there are more than seven books.

3. the wonderful fellow Siva started the Creation. not only the Vedas. even while we are in the foetus. That's why. anger etc. the out gate of your respiration will be in throat. Every book of Mantra and Tantra begins with this. tempted by female. That is how the Tantra books start. before we meet again and even after. Krishnamacharya (Master E. serious. Some are the devotees who worship God as 'You' and some others are the devotees who worship God as 'I AM'. (because there were two fellows. Sakti looked at Him and smiled. These effects in conversation are produced almost involuntarily and without our mastery. "Ojas": It is the tissue that generates 'OM' in us. Definition: Mantra means a secret. "OM" is called the Universal I AM. While inhaling. Ojas makes the lungs respire. it starts like this. for husband and wife. And without these two sounds. Esoterically. Always. There is no one in the vicinity. proximity.dns-systems. The friction required is caused by the consonantal sound vibrations of 'S' and 'H'. it is a ritual. MANTRA 1. "My darling". For example. He said these words. Then Siva said. they (the seers) have given the meaning of 'He' and `I AM' to these sounds. it opens like this. "Aham" in Sanskrit is I AM. So it is elevated and sublimated. the process is called Tantra. When the five senses and their objects are used to produce the desired effect. when Himself and His darling were lonely. There was no third fellow).net/~hpb/books/occ_anat. So let us divide the worship into two. This created the whole world. They can talk nonsense. then the sound is called a Mantram. just as the words used in conversation produce like. (Master said this as a joke. with the help of a thought form. the science of Mantrams is one-fifth of the Tantra. it means that which protects and saves through meditation. Therefore. Siva and Sakti sit on the high cliffs of the mountains of the Himalayas. producing 'So". So may these two parents bless you in every way. You know in Sanskrit "Saha is He". That sound produces reaction and its results in others. When it gives the highest enjoyment. It inaugurates the sounds of "So-ham". `So' becomes grammatically afterwards "Saha". because He is also a male fellow. So some people meditate ' I AM' and some people meditate "You are". We should be very careful about the nasty and dirty meanings given by the Occidentalists of the modern age about Tantra. This is the true meaning of the word Tantra. 2. there are only two vowels which make components of `I AM' or the omni-presence of the Lord. From the moment of birth. Then Siva smiled. it causes inhalation and exhalation. His smile was captured as reflection in the eyes of the Mother-Goddess. very artistic procedure. Since the sound is one among these five sense-objects which are rightly used in the Tantra. then the sound-vehicle is called Mantram. So these two sounds are equated to you and He. So. So with this conversation. the in-gate is in your nose. Siva was a bit grim.htm disturbance of the aesthetics of the romantic enjoyment. to the laugh of the students). dislike. producing 'H'. it starts in the fifth month. even the sex act is prescribed through a very. THE PARENTS OF THE COSMOS In the Tantra books. When sound is charged with etheric matter. When you are exhaling. 4.K. (Laugh). When sound is used as a vehicle to produce the desired effect. in the mind and with the help of the potency of these sounds. this "So" is called Purusha or Consciousness and this "Ham" is called "Sri" or Mother-Goddess.Kulapati E. The disciples may be divided into two". it is called Mantra. That means creation came as the solar energy called Siva reflects on the moon and comes down as the Moon's Light called the smile. In some rare cases. 33 of 34 1/31/2008 6:11 PM .). so that there may not be any disputes. along with all the other rituals. Occult Anatomy http://ftp1. in the Tantra. The tissue galvanises the lungs and heart into action. So there are two types of devotees. Some people worship Me and get liberation. they want. When they are directed voluntarily towards a desire object. Heart-beat starts even as early as in the fifth or sixth month. A few remarks about Mantras which completes your information here. That is the reason why the 'Purushasukta' starts with 'Sa' and the Srisukta starts with 'He'. "Some people in the creation worship you and get liberation. He said.

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