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The Apple Dumpling

The Apple Dumpling

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Published by Joanne Ho
Readers theatre
Readers theatre

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Published by: Joanne Ho on May 02, 2013
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Readers  Theatre:  The  Apple  Dumpling  


Based on a Story Retold by Elaine L.Lindy Adapted as a Play Script by PJ.Rittiger


Characters in Order of Appearance:


NARRATOR or NARRATORS (one person or more than one person) OLD WOMAN HENS (no speaking lines) GEESE (no speaking lines) YOUNG WOMAN HUSBAND WIFE YOUNG LORD MOTHER CHILDREN (no speaking lines) PUPPY (barks only) OLD MAN

carrying several baskets of flowers. The HENS and GEESE peck at OLD WOMAN’S feet and basket as she talks with YOUNG WOMAN. I have flour. YOUNG WOMAN follows them. They are arguing in . OLD WOMAN: Well. I hope they did not bother you! Are those plums in your basket? I can smell that wonderful smell of fresh plums from here! OLD WOMAN: Yes. I shall have to find a way to use my plums to get some apples! [Several HENS and GEESE appear from the stage wings. Oh. Old Woman.ACT1 NARRATOR or NARRATORS: This play is "The Apple Dumpling.) My goodness! I have been chasing my flock all over the hills today. I have enough spices. Unless you will take a bag of feathers for your plums. (looks at table) Yes. how I want an APPLE DUMPLING! All I have are these silly plums from my tree. flap and squawk across the stage. You see. one pleased is better than two disappointed! Maybe I can use these feathers to get APPLES! [HUSBAND and WIFE enter. they are my best plums. but I have no APPLES! (puts hands on hips and looks at audience). Once upon a time there was an old woman who wanted an apple dumpling for dinner. I cannot make an APPLE DUMPLING for my dinner without APPLES! (places hands on sides of face). They strut. I wanted to have an APPLE DUMPLING for my dinner but I have NO APPLES!     YOUNG WOMAN: Dear me! There is nothing my family likes better than goose with plum jelly. Yes. I have sugar.] YOUNG WOMAN: (pants as if she has been running and gently swats animals away from OLD WOMAN’S skirt. for that is the best I can offer you. She looks tired. Well. they must do without." a folk tale from England. how she wanted that apple dumpling! OLD WOMAN: Let’s see. OOOooooohhhhh.

    HUSBAND and WIFE. I would not stuff the pillow with straw … or with cotton either. A good bargain and not all of it in the basket! It is good to see them smile! (turns to the side of the stage where HUSBAND and WIFE have just left and waves) GOOD FORTUNE TO YOU BOTH AND LONG LIVES! YOUNG LORD: Why are you shouting. together: WHAT? OLD WOMAN: (takes the bag of feathers out from under her arm and holds it out for both HUSBAND and WIFE to see) A FEATHER pillow is one that is fit for a king. She jumps. no.] WIFE: COTTON!     HUSBAND: STRAW!     WIFE: It is not!     HUSBAND : Is. too!   WIFE: (points to OLD WOMAN) LOOK! Here is one who will settle the matter! Good mother. Old Woman?     [OLD WOMAN did not hear YOUNG LORD enter. answer me this! If you were making a pillow for your grandfather’s chair.]   OLD WOMAN: . OLD WOMAN watches them. don’t you think the best thing to stuff it with would be cotton? OLD WOMAN: (firmly) No. an APPLE for a DUMPLING or a bunch of flowers from your garden will serve me well! Well. or the feathers. these flowers smell better than the hens.loud voices. the geese. As for me.

we have eaten our last crust of bread and not a farthing is left in the house to buy more!     OLD WOMAN: Well! Never shall it be said of me that I eat an apple dumpling for supper while my neighbors do not have bread!   [OLD WOMAN takes the gold chain from her neck and places it over MOTHER's head.     OLD WOMAN: Ah. (gives the bunch of flowers to YOUNG LORD)     YOUNG LORD: (smiles) A fair trade is no robbery!     [YOUNG LORD takes a gold chain from around his neck.Oh! (curtseys) A good road for you. MOTHER: Little have we to give you for all that you have done for us! But this . I never expected this! With this gold chain. Now I must go to my lady love with empty hands. then hugs her. He places it over OLD WOMAN'S head. The court jeweler has forgotten to send the ring he promised. her CHILDREN and PUPPY enter and pass in front of her] OLD WOMAN: (to MOTHER) What is the matter?     MOTHER: Ah. I can buy all the apples in the king’s market and have something left over. it is all the same to me. Then he happily skips off the stage. smelling the flowers.]   OLD WOMAN: (smiles and holds the chain in her hands) Well. I must go to town!     [MOTHER. though I may NEVER have an APPLE DUMPLING. Young Lord!     YOUNG LORD: Good or bad. but you SHALL have a gift for your lady.

(SNEEZE) A golden chain for a bunch of flowers. but an apple tree and apples are poor company when a man is growing old. Old Woman. that is a fine tree of apples! I did not notice it before!   OLD MAN: (sadly) Aye. Slowly. I’d say that my puppy has found himself a new home. you can always have an APPLE DUMPLING for supper! . OLD WOMAN and PUPPY turn to face him. Who knows but that I may have an APPLE DUMPLING yet! [OLD MAN comes out of his cottage behind PUPPY and OLD WOMAN. This Puppy is worth every one of them! (motions to PUPPY. Will you give me a few apples so I can have an APPLE DUMPLING for my dinner?     OLD MAN: You may have as many apples as you like. huh? I must be crazy! I am allergic to dogs! (SNEEZES LOUDLY) A bag of feathers for a basket of plums. I would give them all if I had a little dog to bark on my doorstep!     PUPPY: WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!     OLD WOMAN: Well. with that endless sneezing?     OLD WOMAN: I am sorry to disturb you. A dog for a golden chain. He stretches and yawns very loudly as he rubs his belly and head. (points toward an apple tree behind OLD MAN’S cottage) Why.puppy will keep loneliness from your house and our thanks go with it!       [MOTHER and her CHILDREN exit]   OLD WOMAN: Puppy.]     OLD MAN: (annoyed) WHO is that making all that racket. (SNEEZE) All the world is give and take. who happily follows him back inside his cottage)     OLD WOMAN: If you try long enough and hard enough. A bunch of flowers for a bag of feathers.

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