Through long standing traditions of service and philanthropy, Michigan citizens have demonstrated the true strength our

state possesses when we all work together for the common good. As reported in the 2012 Michigan Civic Health Index, Michigan residents engaged in giving and volunteering in the following ways in 2011.



94% Michigan volunteers

Michigan residents volunteered

20+ hours

served by Michigan volunteers

Michigan’s volunteer service was valued at

$5.1 billion

Giving Beliefs
Perspective on charitable organizations...
there is a greater need for these organizations today than in the past. are more effective now than five years ago and are honest and ethical in the use of donated funds. play a major role in making our communities better

90% 74% 89.7%


86.8% of households
contributed money, property or both to charitable nonprofit organizations

report they will contribute in the same way in 2013


report they give more money to charitable organizations where they also volunteer


As we continue to address community needs across the state, the philanthropic and volunteerism needs of our state’s nonprofits and community organizations is greater than ever. Find a way to give your time and talents in 2013. Visit

Source: Additional information about the data above, as well as other factors of Michigan’s civic engagement can be found in the complete Michigan Civic Health Index.The Michigan Civic Health Index, published jointly by the Michigan Nonprofit Association, Michigan Community Service Commission, and Council of Michigan Foundations, can be found at

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