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Business Law


1. Define Contract and discuss the essentials of a valid contract. 2. Define consideration. What are the rules regarding a valid consideration? 3. Explain the term consideration and state the exceptions to the rule-‘No consideration , no contract’. 4. What do you understant by capacity to contract? What is the nature of agreement made by person incompetent of contract? 5. When is consent to be free? What is the effect of such consent on the formation of contract? 6. Define the term contigent contract. Discuss the rules relating to the proformance of contingent contracts. 7. What are Quasi-contract? Explains the Quasi-Contracts. 8. What are the various ways in which a contract may be discharged? 9. Explain: a) Discharge by lapse of Time b) Operation of Law 10. Define a contract of Bailment. What are its essentials? 11. Discuss the rights and duties of a bailor. 12. Who is an agent? Can a minor be appointed as an agent. 13. Discuss the various modes by which an agent may be terminated. 14. Define contract of sale of goods, discuss its characteristics. 15. Distinguish b/w sale and agreement to sell 16. Who is an unpain seller of good and what are his rights against the goods? 17. Define the term Negotiable instrument. What are its essential characteristics? 18. What is a bill of exchange? What are its essentials elements and how does it differ from a promisssory note? 19. Define a Cheque. How does it differ from a Bill of Exchange? 20. What is meant by the term crossing of a cheque? What are the various types of crossing. 21. What is effect of crossing a cheque? Who can cross a cheque? What is the difference b/w ‘General’ and ‘Special’ crossing. 22. Define the term commen carrier. Distinguish b/w a commen carrier and a private carrier. 23. What are the duties of a commen carrier? 24. Enlish unifair labour practices on the part of an employer and workmen. 25. Define Cillective Bargaining Agent. How is it Determind? 26. What are rights and duties of Collective bargaining agent?

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