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Published by: Divya Singh on May 02, 2013
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Methodology Of Product Research

 And the process of doing marketing research in different nations is said to be International Marketing Research. .Marketing research  Market research is the process of systematic gathering. recording and analyzing data about customers. competitors and the market.

Role of International Marketing Research  International marketing research plays an important role in the identification of threats and opportunities and development of a company’s strategies for globalization. evaluate and compare potential foreign market opportunities and develop a marketing plan. and prepare for global changes.  Research also provides a company with foreign market intelligence to help it anticipate events. . take appropriate action.  It enables a business to identify.


COMPETITOR ANALYSIS  Product range  Product’s price positioning  Years of existence in the market  Competitor’s target market  Competition growth rate  SWOT Analyses .

M. Equipments and other facilities)  Processes (Technology.I.S etc. R&D.)  Products External Scan      Social factors Technological factors Economic factors Environmental factors Political factors .SWOT ANALYSIS Internal Scan  People (Human Resources)  Properties (Buildings.

OVERALL MARKET ANALYSIS  Overall market Size  Growth of Total Market  Addressable Market .

 Focus Groups Discussions.  Case studies are carried out as in-depth interviews most often face-to-face. ANALYSIS  Lifestyle  Brand Awareness  Purchase behaviour  Perception of brands  Price sensitivity  Preference .END USER/CUSTOMER ANALYSIS METHOD  Telephone interviews based on standard questionnaires.

ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS METHODS  Ad-hoc scanning  Regular scanning  Continuous scanning ANALYSIS  Indicators of the economy  Government stability and policies  Technology and infrastructure  Socio-cultural factors  Environmental Laws .


COUNTRY SPECIFIC PRODUCT CULTURAL DIFFERENCES GUIDELINES  Develop cultural empathy  Be culturally neutral and realize that different is not necessarily better or worse  Never assume transferability of a concept from one culture to another  Get cultural informants involved into the decision-makings.        Language Religion Traditions Images Symbols Roles in the family Colour .

LOCATION ANALYSIS  STEPS:  Define critical project drivers  Develop selection criteria  Conduct location selection .

TARGET MARKET  Check out your competition  Analyze your product/service  Consider the psychographics of your target audience .

 Evaluate the positioning and images. . as perceived by the target customers.  Select an image that sets the product apart from the competing products.POSITIONING  Define the segments in a particular market.  Decide which segments to target.  Inform target customers about the product (promotion).  Understand what the target consumers expect and believe to be the most important considerations when deciding on the purchase. thus ensuring that the chosen image matches the aspirations of the target customers.  Develop a product (or products) that caters specifically for these needs and expectations. of competing products in the selected market segments.

high market share) 3. Dogs (=low growth. high market share) 4. Cash Cows (=low growth.Question Marks (= high growth. low market share) . 1. Stars (=high growth.PRODUCT PORTFOLIO The BCG matrix method determines product portfolio of a business unit. low market share) 2.

THANK YOU Prepared by:.Section IM-1 Debaditya Deepak Virmani Nakshatra Renubala Rajesh Ranjan Sanjeev Sachit Chawla Shivprasad Chauhan Tajinder Pal Singh Puri .

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