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NOTES - 4.8 - Newtons Method

NOTES - 4.8 - Newtons Method

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Published by Shannon Burton
Newton's method notes, AP Calculus - Applications of Derivatives
Newton's method notes, AP Calculus - Applications of Derivatives

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Published by: Shannon Burton on May 02, 2013
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A 1 page paper typed, double spaced explaining what Newton’s method is, how it is used, and when it cannot be used. Three worked out examples (that do not come from your text book) with step-by-step instructions. These can be on loose-leaf paper. In your text, p. 298 #13 – 21 odd

Scoring Rubric: POINTS 10 5 5 5 each 15 DESCRIPTION A thorough explanation of Newton’s method in words, why and how it is used and certain cases where it cannot be used. Paper is typed, double spaced with no grammatical errors An illustration of Newton’s method Three worked out examples NOT FROM THE TEXT with step-bystep instructions Text work is neat, complete, and correct

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