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Outdoor Webelos Leaders Skills

Outdoor Webelos Leaders Skills

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Published by: leobrites on May 02, 2013
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A training den leader is selected for each den. This trainer is responsible for making sure the den arrives at
combined skills sessions on time, and also for conducting the separate skills training for Webelos den leaders.

Although the activity badge sessions are designed to be round-robin sessions, they can be done as a series
of sessions for all Webelos den leaders. If conducted in the round-robin style, one trainer is needed for each
activity badge station.

The minimum training staff for a single den of about eight participants is four trainers. For two dens, it is five
trainers; for three dens, six trainers.

Several nonpresentation staff members should be recruited to help with session setup, food preparation, and
other facilities and quartermaster activities.

Additionally, the director of the Webelos den leader training should work closely with the course director of the
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training to ensure that schedule changes and skills presentation locations
are coordinated.

To build and maintain a good pool of potential staff members for future courses, it is a good practice to have
new staffers making up 30 percent to 50 percent of a course’s staff. All staff members are to have taken the
course themselves.

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