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lea Sa) ae What do you really know about the fascinating history of Gush Katif ‘The Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem takes visitors back in time to the Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip dating back to its conquest by the tribe of Judah 3000 years ago, through the Hasmonean settlement, through the resettlement of the land after the Six Day War, and the disengagement in August 2005 The museum showcases photographs, films, visual displays and art works by new and veteran artists Group visits can be arranged in advance ee 20.00-1y nuns Nos NYEINA,$:00-13:00 1 DI 10:00-18:00 7X DD -ANINS IVY 02-6255456:)970 5 77¥ YM MUSE! ena nya naa JERUSALEM aye Ut A OTN] N7V7U 19:00 TY 10:00 AYWAN A-x DD 3M NONI NOD Ty 71 7972 13:00 791 PIAA 8:00 TVW "1712. 20:00 THI YpIAA s:00 AVA (159 15° TINY WK DOR ND TOA) YW § PIY YW IM RENT NIN? 02-6255456 :?U199 Doynp DIVO # Pup WAM DPD WOW ‘UN PPD OANY DID MNP WDD ND Tessie )0" PALA Uiae UPAe LIA COCR an SL? Bee) ea CRY