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A Visa Renewerʼs Guide to Fukuoka

By Mike Risi


If youʼre teaching English in Korea, itʼs likely that you will have to (or already have)
made a ʻvisa runʼ to Japan. The closest Korean embassy from Korea is in Fukuoka.
Here I will explain the process or getting a visa renewed, and give directions to the
embassy from a popular subway stop. Before proceeding, it is important to note that you
should bring at least twice the amount of money you think youʼll need. Japan is VERY

Arrival in Japan

Once you arrive at Fukuoka airport, go outside of the arrivals area and get on a free
shuttle bus to the main airport, which the subway is connected to. They come pretty
much every 5-10 minutes, so your wait wonʼt be long.

Get off at the main airport area. Youʼll know it when you see it. This is the ʻdomestic
terminalʼ of Fukuoka airport. From here, you have to go to Tojinmashi station, which will
cost you 290 yen. Tojinmashi is the 8th stop on the orange line.
Once youʼre at Tojinmashi station, climb the stairs and look for one of these:
You want to take exit 1. So, do it. Head straight out
Youʼll pass an International Clinic on your right, and in the distance, you will be able to
see a “Cosmo” gas station to the left. Keep walking until you see this:

Turn right.
Keep on walking. Youʼll see a 7/11 on your right. Once you see that 7/11, you should be
in full view of the Consulate:

Cross at the next corner and youʼre there. Pretty simple, eh?