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EDCI 397 Formal Lesson Plan Template


Why do you think the poet chose these words and images?

Essential Idea/Question Driving the Project:

How is this animal important to me and my community? How can I raise awareness to protect this species?

NOTE: Per the EdTPA guidelines, use Arial 11-point type to complete this template.

Standard for this Lesson:

4.0 Writing: Students will compose in a variety of modes by developing content, employing specific forms, and selecting language appropriate for a particular audience and purpose.

Topic for this Lesson:


Indicator for this Lesson:

4.2: Compose oral, written, and visual presentations that express personal ideas, inform, and persuade

Lesson Objective:
4.2.b: Describe in prose and poetry by using purposeful imagery and sensory details with active verbs and colorful adjectives

Evidence (Formative Assessment):

Students will produce a poem as their final product. Students will use descriptive language to convey a message or create a mood.

My students may have had prior experience with poetry and did not like it. They might not have any interest or motivation to want to learn about poetry. To remove this barrier I can launch this unit with an interesting and powerful poem to grab their attention. In addition, my students will have choice about how they write their poem, what they write their poem about and the format.

Instructional Materials:
Book: Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein Poem: Sick Printable Mad Libs for kids, from website below

Shel Silverstein Website Practice Being A Poet section (Mad Libs Wesbite)

Management Considerations (Routines and Transitions):

Prior to the lesson, everything will be prepared with copies of the poem and Mad Libs for each child, including a handful of extras. Students will be seated at their desks and are aware of classroom protocols at this point in the school year (raising hand, clean up process, etc.). Maintain time frame as closely as possible. Transitions during the parts of the lesson/learning experience flow from one portion to another.

Learning Experience
Event Procedure/Activity & Questioning Strategies

5-7 minutes

Reading a selected poem from Where The Sidewalk Ends What stood out in the poem? What descriptive words do you remember? What were some of her Peggy Ann McKay symptoms?

15 minutes max

Visit authors website and explore different material. Specifically, Practice Being A Poet section of the website. Mad Libs worksheets to practice using descriptive words Once they finish, ask a few students to present their work, give them a chance to showcase their exploration.

25 minutes

20-25 minutes to complete rough draft

Star Spangled Banner vs. Defence of Fort McHenry (poem written by Francis Scott Key in 1814, watching battle of Fort McHenry during war of 1812) Does this poem sound familiar to any of you? (only present the first stanza of poem) Authors can use poems as a way to inform and explain a situation or problem to their audience What was Francis Scott Key trying to convey with his poem? Split class into three groups, each getting one of the remaining stanzas. Identify descriptive language, how does he incorporate facts into poem, how is it informational? Using the research you have compiled about your animal and the methods from todays lesson, write your own poem, informing us about your endangered animal. Do not forget descriptive language Use any of the forms of poetry we have already discussed (haiku, limerick, acrostic, two-voice, etc.) Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible when writing their poem. Students review a partners poem and provide feedback. Teacher reviews descriptive language and how it is used to portray a specific message in poetry. Teacher provides overview of what we will be doing in the next lesson and how this draft will be included in the final project.

(Approximate Time)


(What does the data from the formative assessment indicate about student learning? To what extent did students reach the desired result? What insights did you develop about teaching? How can you improve your professional skills?)