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Grade 10

Sources of Energy

A good fuel/source of energy

1. That would do a large amount of work per unit volume or mass
2. Easily accessible
3. Easy to store and transport
4. Economical**

Factors to be considered for choosing fuel

1. How much heat it produces
2. Less smoke generation
3. Easy availability

Conventional sources
1. Fossil fuels – Coal, petroleum and natural gas
Advantages –
(i) Easy availability
(ii) Generate heat that is easily converted into electricity

Disadvantages –
(i) Non-renewable
(ii) Limited reserve
(iii) Cause air pollution

2. Thermal power plant – Coal and petroleum are burned to produce heat
3. Hydro power plant – (Renewable source)
Problems – Limited places for construction (only Hilly areas)

Technological improvement
1. Bio-mass – Charcoal, cow-dung, vegetable waste, sewage
2. Wind energy – Environment friendly, renewable

1. Solar energy – Solar cooker, solar water heater (very efficient for small scale
electricity production)
2. Tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy
3. Geothermal energy – Heat energy inside the earth
4. Nuclear energy – Not dependent on solar energy, never-ending source, very
efficient source, more environment friendly

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