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Triumph- Of Soul

Triumph- Of Soul

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Published by Leon Basin

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Leon Basin on Apr 03, 2009
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Triumph: Of the Soul A soul is projection of ancient history, embedded into our brains.

Our desire to succeed goes far further than that. To come out victories in our society, one must attain control, common sense and love. A difficult task, but not cumbersome. Many of us struggle with desire to come out on top. However, many dismiss the most basic rule, which hinders them from being a creator of their own life. You are the projection of your happiness. If you focus on the negative, in return, you will receive negative. If for instance, you get a flat tire, you begin to react in a negative way. Cursing and yelling is not going to solve anything. Try to take something positive from it. An experience that you can share with family and friends. If next time they get a flat tire, you can keep them calm and composed. You can be a manual, who has all the answers they need. Everything we go through in this lifetime, is just another example of maturation. “One cannot run, if he cannot walk.” The premise of this is, start from the basics and build yourself up. When things happen to you, attain the composure to think outside of the box. Step outside of yourself, but use common sense and love in order to build a stronger you. Love is an ultimate key that will help you break even the greasiest doors and fly over the highest mountains.

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