1. Boys should be restricted in the girl’s dormitory and vice versa. 2. Be polite. Always listen to the speakers.  3. Any damage or malfunctions on the facilities must be reported to any of the Service Team. 4. Please do not litter, use the trash bins/bags properly located around the area. 5. You are not allowed to go beyond the “OFF LIMITS” sign. 6. No vices allowed. (cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs etc.) 7. Watch your mouth. Avoid swearing and cursing (bad words) 8. Wear appropriate clothes especially during sessions. The following are not allowed: - sleeveless tops without jackets, boleros, cardigans or sweaters - hanging tops and tops with plunging necklines - sando - see-through tops - short shorts and mini skirts 9. Youth campers are to abstain from using their cellular phones, PSPs, iPods, etc. during sessions. 11. If an emergency situation arises, don't hesitate to tell your TLs, HSs or Couple Coords. 12. No food inside the dormitories!  If you want to eat, you can do so in the mess hall. 13. After eating, clean as you go. (CLAYGO rule) 14. Please modulate voices when outside. 15. Wear a smile at all times! It greatly improves your face value! 

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