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GRADE: 6th.
DATE: ________________________________

1º Circle the correct answer

A, B or C.

1. It doesn’t snow ________________ summer.
A . on

B . in

C. at

2. We celebrate Spring Day ______________________
September 21st.
A. in

B. on

C. at

3. The football season starts _______________________ the end
of autumn.

4. What’s the weather like today? ________________ very
cold and rainy.



5. I ____________________ drink coffee but sometimes I drink



2º Complete. Use yhe correct form of to be.
1.He ____________________ Australian.
2. You __________________ eleven years old.
3. I _________________ a student.

It________________a dog. I want some / any water. 5. (often)___________________________ 3º. It is warm in Lisbon. They have got some / any apple trees in their garden. Is there some / any salt in the kitchen? 3. 1. ( always)_______________________________________ 2º.I go to bed late. 2.I have a shower in the afternoon (always)__________________________ 4º. at the end / it’s/ of autumn/ cold and windy / usually ____________________________________________________________ _______________.4. 3º Put the adverbs of frequency in the right position. 2. 1. I’m thirsty. 5º Put the words in the correct order. (never)_______________________________________________ 4ºCircle the correct words. 1º.It rains in the summer in Florida. Chocolate / there is / but / some / there aren’t/ oranges / any . She ________________my friend Pilar.

Cold/ of January / it’s / in the middle/ never ____________________________________________________________ _________________. .____________________________________________________________ _________________. 3.