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Mulan is a pretty chinese

girl. She is getting

prepared for the

The Matchmaker tells

Mulan that she is very

bad as a wife.
Mulan’s father can’t go

to war, so Mulan goes

instead of him.
Dressed up as a boy, she

introduces herself to

captain Shang.
The training for the war

is very hard.
When the training

finishes she is the best

soldier in the troop.

She even saves Shang

from death.
But when they realize

that she is a girl they

leave her.
She decides to help the

troop win over Shan Yu.

And they win.

The Emperor thanks

Mulan for saving China

from Shan Yu.

When she returns home,

Fa Zhou is very proud of

Suddenly, Shang

appears and their love

comes out.
This is Mulan. She is a
chinese girl. She is short
and thin. Her hair is dark
and long. She is very brave.
This is Fa Zhou. He is
Mulans father. He is old. He
is proud of Mulan because
she has won over Shan Yu
and saved China.
Shan Yu is tall and strong.
He is a bad person. He is
the villain in the film and he
wants to conquer China.
Crickee os a lucky cricket.
During the film he follows
Mushu, uhe dragon, and
Mulan in their adventure to
save China from Shan Yu.
Mushu is a small, red
dragon. He talks very
much. He isn’t the dragon
the ancestors wanted to
help Mulan, but he does his
Captain Shang is a tall and
strong man. He is in love
with Mulan because she
saved his life.