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Which strategies did you chose? Please provide the name and number for each.

I chose Personal Correspondence as a Primary Source (Strategy 17) and Connecting to Music Studies (Strategy 21.) How are the strategies you chose similar? Both of these strategies can be used to help students grasp an understanding of the way life is around the world and at different points in time. The postcards in strategy 17 allow students to see pictures and writing and strategy 21 uses music to allow students to come to an understanding of the changes that have occurred throughout history. Students will also begin to develop an understanding and appreciation for diversity. How are the strategies different? For the music studies strategy, a board is made to have students search for information to complete the squares whether the teacher assigns the students to complete all of the squares or only a few squares. For the postcard activity for strategy 17, the teacher more or less just probes the students to think about the postcards, their meaning and setting. The postcard activity seems to rely more on student discussion, while the music studies activity is based more on research.