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Single Shift

 NOT quantity demanded The original equilibrium price and quantity is P0 and Q0 respectively. The ageing  State the determinant that caused the change! population puts pressure on emergency care and this change in population structure  State your assumption(s)! is likely to increase the demand for healthcare services, ceteris paribus. The demand  Analyse whether there is a shortage/surplus at the original equilibrium price. curve shifts rightward from D to D1. At price P0, quantity demanded is greater than quantity supplied. There is a shortage in healthcare services and this results in an  State the pressure on price. upward pressure on prices. Prices continue to rise until it reaches the new equilibrium.  State how equilibrium price and quantity change. Overall, equilibrium price of healthcare increases from P0 to P1 and equilibrium quantity increases from Q0 to Q1. **** Note: When there is a shortage, the upward pressure on price will cause producers to increase quantity supplied (movement along your SS curve - due the rise in price). SS curve does not shift!!!