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Card Call Schedule

October 5, Friday Night

1. Signs You Can’t Ignore
2. How to Know the Future – Being Ready for Jesus Coming

October 6, Saturday Morning

3. The Great Escape – the Day You Step into Immortality - My Decision for Jesus

October 6, Saturday Night

4. Why So Much Suffering?
5. One Life Changed the World – The Most Important Question

October 12, Friday Night

6. What Happened to Right and Wrong
7. Millions Fooled by a Myth – Don’s let it happen to you – The Great Deception

October 13, Saturday Morning

8. Making a New Start – You Can Begin Again – Making a New Start

October 13, Saturday Night

9. Voices from the Grave; Can the Living Talk to the Dead?
10. Evil in Chains – When the Devil Can Tempt No More – When the Fire Falls

October 19, Friday Night

11. Set Free By the Truth – Where Can I Find It?
12. Forever Marked – How to Avoid Receiving the Mark of the Beast – Mark of the

October 20, Saturday Morning

13. The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin - The Most Sought After Secret

October 20, Saturday Night

14. An Investment We Can’t Lose
15. What is Heaven Really Like? – Being Ready to Meet Jesus