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UG NX3 Tutorial

UG NX3 Tutorial

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Published by: flomanea on Apr 03, 2009
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s for the scenario. Actually
of the cone with the shaft as you can see in the assemb

to the core of the impeller. The
and the deformations of the blades are to be analyzed accordingly.

Let us give the boundary condition

the impeller rotates about the axis
ly in the previous chapters. It is not fixed.

Unigraphics-NX3 for Engineering Design

University of Missouri - Rolla


But our concern is the deformation of the blades with respect
conical core is relatively fixed

Click on the Boundary Conditions icon

Click on the conical surface of the impeller as shown in the following figure. The default
option is for both translational and rotational motions to be fixed. Keep these default options.

Choose OK

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