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ANALYSIS OF AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY OF PAKISTAN COURSE: ANALYSIS OF PAKISTANI INDUSTURY INSTRUCTOR: Mr. ZEESHAN ALI DATED: June 3, 2008 SUBMITTED BY: BILAL RAZZAK MAAZ KHALID MUHAMMAD ZAIN ANALYSIS OF PAKISTANI INDUSTRY INDEX S.No. Description Page No. o2 ‘Acknowledgement 2 04 Major Policies After Year 2005, 4 Installed Capacity Of Cars And Light Commercial Vehicles 08 Production 9 Market Shares For FYYear os 2006-2007 ae 12 SWOT Analysis 19 BAHRIA UNIVERSITY KARACHI LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL June 03, 2008 Mr. Zeeshan Ali Teacher, Analysis of Pakistani Industry Bahria University Karachi. We herewith present our “Term Report” authorized by you as a requirement for this course, In this report, we have tried to provide updated information and SWOT analysis of Automobile Industry. We hope we have covered all that was required for the report. If there be any clarification demanded, we would appreciate a call from you to our group members. Sincerely, Bilal Razzak ‘Maaz Khalid Muhammad Zain BAHRIA UNIVERSITY KARACH