Data Structures & Algorithms 1. What is sorting? List the different types of sorting techniques? 2.

Differentiate between Linear & Binary search? 3. Define the following terms:a. Connected graph b. Complete graph c. Complete tree d. Binary tree 4. What do you know about Quick sort? Sort the following elements using quick sort….. 45 26 77 14 68 97 39 99 90 5. Define radix sort with suitable example? 6. Define the following tree terminology…………… a. Root node d. depth b. Path e. degree of a tree c. Level f. terminal node 7. What do you understand Linear data structure define Stack & Queue? 8. What is the application of Stack? Define Recursion? 9. In the below given elements search the element ‘55’ using binary search 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 10. Define the stack operations with example? Write down the suitable algorithms? 11. Consider the binary tree T in fig. A B C F





a. Do the In-order traversing of the given tree b. Do the Post-order traversing of the given tree 12. Convert A+ (B*C-(D/E-F)*G)*H into postfix form.

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