stranded in the middle of the sun-scorched desert, las vegas has earned a reputation as an oasis of sin.

travelers are drawn to its glittering strip in search of release… release from their families, their desk jobs, and the day-to-day grind.

they find pleasure in the comfort of strangers

in the thrill of chance

and in over-indulgence.

it’s as if there were something deep underneath the cracked, dry earth; some dark force whispering in ears, pressing you to go further, to do more, to satisfy your most secret desires… and it’s to this spirit we pay homage.

we want to open a gate, rip a hole in the earth outside of las vegas so that travelers can directly pay tribute to the spirit of sin city.

here, you can sacrifice as burnt offerings the things you wish to leave behind: old photos in your wallet, your neck ties, the ring you still wear after all this time…

it is a spot to embrace all that vegas promises, and to let go of everything else.

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