Choose the word which has different stress from the others. 1. A. technical 2. A. technology 3. A. result 4. A. medical 5. A.

farmer 6. A. cattle 7. A. money 8. A. borrow 9. A. suggest 10. A. interesting 11. A. decide 12. A. ocean B. introduce B. important B. hardly B. knowledge B. farewell B. country B. machine B. agree B. manage B. direction B. educate B. divide B. satellite C. villager C. popularity C. method C. possible C. factory C. canal C. many C. await C. visit C. knowledge C. supply C. modem C. century C. information C. diversity C. scientist C. accident C. population C. release C. discover /pə’lu:/ D. family D. impossible D. farmer D. resurface D. fairy D. cover D. mother D. prepare D. listen D. narrow D. provide D. water D. animal D. consequence D. technology D. environment D. paragraph D. intelligent D. increase D. description

13. A. pacific /pəsific/ 15. A. organism 16. A. carnivore 17. A. condition 19. A. shortage

14. A. temperature B. photograph B. investigate B. difference B. habitat B. complete

18. A. entrapment B. gestation 20. A. mysterious B. medicine

21. A. seafood 22. A. destroy 24. A. national

B. pollute B. planet B. ‘establish

C. mammal

D. proper D. forest D. appearance D. interest

C. farmer C. important C. tropical

23. A. destruction B. movement

excite C. compete C. express B. calendar C. international 42. final C. A. celebrate D. express 32. A. detective 41. acceptance B. dependent C. policy B. recognize 29. suitable C. district 47. A. A. A. global C. announce C. poisoning B. fascinate C. solemn 35. artistic B. organize C. industry C. cover D. invade C. involve 46. tournament D. classical B. A. fauna quần thể đ vật D. metropolitan C. pagoda C. wilderness B. iceberg D. variety 26. horror D. anthem 36. information B. trophy D. passionate B. minority D. disaster D. A. composer 31. tragic C. abandon từ bỏ . succeed C. emotion D. orphanage C. defeat B. temperate /kən C. forester 50. A. champion B. popular 44. entertain B. popular 34. endanger 28. equipment C. A. suppose B.25. A. everglade đầm lầy D. finance /prə’məʊ/ B. expression D. A. population 48. honour B. unusual B. national B. A. cinema 37. hero C. funeral C. event D. invite D. A. A. A. purpose C. cartoon 39. A. A. nation D. A. conserve bảo tồn B. A. intention D. erosion sói mòn D. vegetable D. control B. postpone D. continent D. lyric B. cathedral /kə D. different B. survival 30. contaminate B. A. A. integral C. cancer B. century 38. atmosphere 33. refusal 27. retire 43. thriller truyện ly kỳ C. A. promote 45. A. photograph D. elimination C. historic 46. A. character B. occasion C. information C. excursion D. temperate B. voyage 40. competition D. A. joyfulness D. considers /kə’sidə/ B. gallery D. fiction B. musician D. A. A. sickness 49.

B. country 14) A. sympathy . participate -----.C.C.D.D.C.D.C. vacation -----. quickly C. remote 12) A. calendar -----. nation -----. competition ---B.D. support -. cotton -----. easy --. entertainment -----.--.C.B.B.D. perhaps -----. hospital 10) A.B.C.C. successful -----.B. resources 20) A.D. anniversary 4) A. idol -----B. campaign -----. embrace ôm 6) A. banner -----. stimulate 17) A. capable -----.C. announce 18) A.D. interesting -----. remember 19) A.Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.C. interest --5) A. remember -----.B. number ----. different -----.D.B.D.B.D. effective .C. minority -----. eradicate -----. area -----. happen ---7) A. province -----. final ----D. celebrate C. figure -----B. celebration ------C. ready -----.D. believe 13) A. preparation .D. colour 23) A. research -----.C. relative /relơ/ 24) A. difficulty ------C. floppy -----.D.C.B. acquaintance -B. special 21) A. special -----. highland -----.D.C. annual -/æn.C. believe ---3) A.C. orphanage ----B.B. ethnic 15) A. enjoyment -----. candle -----. family -----D.C.B. illiteracy -----.D. comfort /kʌm-----.B. golden -----. finish -----9) A.B.B. 1) A. traditional --C. future D. together -----. volunteer -----B. primary -----. happiness -----. college ------ 11) A. village -----16) A. northern -----.D. celebration ---B.C.B. expected ----. instead -----..C.D.D. apologize ---. government 22) A. eager -----2) A. experience -. adult ------ 8) A.D. extreme -----. double ----. video ----C. affair -. between -----.D. decrease -----.B. feeling ----. imagine -. available ----. embarrass ngượng--. decorate -----. relation -----. birthday -----.D.B. performance -. pagoda -----.