Name______________________________________________Date_________________ TheF ive People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom Multiple choice 20 questions ( 2 pts each; total

40 points) 1. The first person Eddie meets in heaven is? (A) Tala (B) Joseph, the blue man (C) The Captian (D) His Father 2. Eddie always made animals for children out of what? (A) Pipe Cleaners (B) Balloons (C) Felt (D) Popsicle Sicks 3. What was the last thing Eddie felt as the ride car came crashing down? (A) The cart (B) The ground (C) A small child’s hands (D) The ocean 4. Who was Mickey Shea? (A) Eddie’s Brother (B) The man his farther died trying to saave (C) Marguerite’s Father (D) Eddies Dad 5. What couldn’t Eddie do with the first person he met in Heaven? (A) Run like he was young again (B) Talk (C) Jump up and down (D) Walk without a limp 6. “Sacrifice is needed in life”; “ People do not die for nothing” are lessons Eddie learned from who? (A) Ruby (B) Tala (C) His brother (D) The captain

Name______________________________________________Date_________________ 7. Right before he meets Ruby Eddie is standing in front of what? (A) A palm tree on the beach (B) The Freddy Freefall at Ruby Pier (C) Diner looking at his father (D) A burning house with a shadow inside 8. Who kills the Blue Man, Joseph? (A) Eddie (B) Tala (C) Mickey Shea (D) A person in the ‘Freak Show’ 9. Why did the Captain shoot Eddie? (A) Because Eddie disobeyed him (B) To stop him from going into a burning building; to save his life (C) He wanted to leave Eddie behind (D) To keep him from attacking other soldiers 10. Which person in Eddies Heaven said, “ Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know” ? (A) First (B) Second (C) Fourth (D) Fifth 11. Why does Marguetite choose weddings as the place to meet Eddie? (A) Because she likes Italian food. (B) Because she loves the look in the newly married couple’s eyes; the look like their love will beat all the records. (C) Because she hated her wedding in the Chinese restaurant and wanted to see better. (D) Because she wanted to dance and liked how she looked at her Wedding. 12. Eddie first started to feel neglected from his father because he... (A) Beat him when he came home from being out with his Buddies (B) Left him with people at Ruby Pier while he played cards and drank. (C) Only let him help by collecting the coins under the Ferris Wheel (D) All of the Above


13. How was Ruby connected to Eddie? (A) Her husband built Ruby Pier for her. (B) She worked at Ruby Pier. (C) She was Marguerite’s sister. (D) She burnt down the pier on purpose. 14. Why did Eddie tell his father stories of fights he had won? (A) To entice his father into a fight (B) To explain why he enlisted (C) It made his father proud (D) It made his mother happy 15. What is the lesson Eddie learns about peace? (A) You have to ask God for peace (B) Only your parents can give you peace (C) You should give up and not try to have peace in your life. (D) You have to make peace with yourself. 16. Who says, “ Love doesn’t end when someone dies. I could still feel that you loved me”? (A) Eddies Mother (B) Marguerite (C) Ruby (D) Tala 17. What did Tala tell Eddie was the reason he was meant to work at Ruby Pier? (A) To make children happy and keep them safe (B) To fix rides (C) To remain grumpy and stubborn (D) To work in the ‘Freak Show’ 18. How do Eddie and Marguerite find out she has a brain cancer? (A) She slips while walking on the boardwalk (B) She faints at the race track (C) Someone drops a bottle from the bridge causing her to crash (D) She can’t have children


19. How does the Captain die? (A) Sacrificing himself; mistakenly stepping on a landmine (B) Saving Mickey Shea (C) Eddie shot him (D) From brain Cancer 20. What song did Marguerite often sing to Eddie? (A) I can’t stop this feeling anymore (B) Happy Birthday (C) You Made me love you (D) Ave Maria On themeShort answer: 10 points each 1. Explain Eddie’s relationship with his parents. Using examples from the text, how was his relationship with his mother different than his relationship with his father? 2. "Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to." Tell who says this quote, and what it means. 3.Why would Tala be Eddie’s fifth person? How does her connection with Eddie effect the rest of his life? (In your answer explain Tala’s lesson) Essay: Choose 1 (30 points) 1. What is the main lesson of The Five People you Meet in Heaven? Explain how the 5 lessons are tied to the main lesson. In your opinion, do you think the same lessons apply for everyone on earth? 2. In the book Eddie meets people he would not have expected to meet. Explain how love and death are important themes throughout Eddie’s life, and throughout his time with the five people. Include at least three different characters and lessons that pertain to these themes. 3. Throughout the novel, we learn about Eddie by hearing about various birthdays. What do these birthdays teach us about him? What do they add to the story? Why did Albom choose birthdays for this purpose?

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