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TURKISH ARMS SHIZED AT CORFU. THREATS TO RETAKE THEM BY FORCE RE- SISTED BY THE GREEK AUTHORITIES— THR POWERS APPEALED TO. Lonvox, June 23.—The second edition of the Times has a dispatch from Athens saying : “Pive or six days ago on Austrian Lloyd steamor landed at Corfu, for the Turkish Gov- ernment, 193 cases of arms, which it intended to reship for Prevesa, in Albania, bus tho Russian Consul protested to the Greok Government against the use of neutral terri- tory as adepot for arms of a bolligerout, the Government thereupon ordered the detention of the arms, and the Captain of the Austrian ship in which they had al- retdy been re-embarked, on hearing the protest, unloaded them into boats, where they now remain. The Turks intimated that they were about to send a man-of-war to fetch the arms. The Greeks reptied that they would send what force was at their disposal to pre- ventit. The Turkish Governmont protested, but, notwithstanding, the Greeks ave ordered the iron-clads George and Olga to leave im- mediately, and they are now ready. The Greek Government has informed the powers ot this, calling upon them for support in preserving neutrahty. They will allow the arms to be taken to Trieste by a neutral ship.” Lonpox, June 30.—Tho Times’ Athens cor- resvondent telegraphs the following: ‘Aus- tria approves the course taken by the Greek Government in detaming Turkish arms at Corfu. 1tis proposed that an Austrian steamer be allowed to take them to some neutral port. This Greece will agree to, provided the Aus- trian Consul gives a written guarantee as to their destination.” The New York Eimes Published: June 30, 1877 Copyright © The New York Times