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SWOT Analysis on

Diamond Cutting
Diamond is a precious stone and is regarded as a
symbol of love. It is valued by its four major
characteristics, which are its essential
constituents and are often dubbed as‘ four Cs’ of
the diamond. These are cut, clarity, carat and

Indian jewelry was made scrupulously by hand

and was traditionally crafted by family jewelers
skilled in a particular style.

Large exports directed to the establishment of

factories, prepared with the latest modern
machinery. It is the newest methods in the
manufacturing process that were employed.
India`s artisans along with their traditional skills dominated
contemporary techniques to provide the world with jewelry
that conformed to international standards.

There is a new generation of young designers dominating the

world market, apart from a host of established houses that
design the fashion jewelry.

The Surat diamond industry is worth Rs 800,000 million and

constitutes more than half of the total diamond exports from
India. It employs more than 700,000 workers from across the
country. Over 2,500,000 people are associated with the trade,

The industry earns 90 per cent of its revenue through export of

the finished products.

Today across India there are several jewelry

design institutes, encouraging fresh ideas and talent.
Mines in

13% Textile

7.5% IT
8% Diamond

7% Steel
Diamond has three primary roles in industry:
(A)it is used as a cutting tool
(B) it is imbedded in another material and used as a tool or
(C)it is turned to powder or paste for grinding and polishing.

Diamond is used for machining a wide variety of plastics, glasses,

and metals, shaping products such as the drums for copying
machines, polygon mirrors in laser printers, and aluminum-alloy
pistons in automobile engines.

The Diamond industry in Surat is the largest user of laser

machines in India. Also extensively use modern equipments like
polishing machines, which are semi automatic and automatic and
diamond planners, which are computerized.

Diamonds from Surat are exported to a lot of countries all over

the world.Exports are routed through exporters based in Mumbai.
There are no institutes for training new

Diamond cannot be used for machining alloys

of iron. Under intense machining conditions
the diamond abrades very quickly against
some materials, apparently because of a high-
temperature reaction between iron and

• As the major raw material requirements need to be

imported, companies normally stock huge quantities of
inventory resulting high inventory carrying costs.

• Technology is less improved compared to China and

1/3 of the population of Surat is a part of the
flourishing diamond industry. Population of Surat
thrives on diamond and textile related job

lot of people from all over India have found

employment in the diamond industries.

There are a total of 10000 diamond processing

units in the city of Surat employing around 15
lakh people.

New initiatives by the government of Gujarat aim

at training diamond cutters in jewellery making
thereby providing them with a wider scope in this

It is believed that almost 90 per cent of the small

diamonds obtained in different mines in Africa
China posing threat to the Indian diamond industry.

The diamond manufacturers and the artisans have thus

advanced further in their field sustaining their profits even
as they glitter in various stores in India

Diamond exporters are feeling the heat of the US

meltdown. With the demand gone down not only in the
international market, but in the domestic market as well,
more orders are being cancelled every day.

The diamond industry in Canada's Far North is vulnerable

to smugglers looking to import "blood diamonds" or launder
the proceeds of organized crime syndicates and terrorist
Diamond Facts
The largest Diamond ever found:
-- Cullinan at 3,106 carats.

What is the hardest natural substance on Earth?

-- The Diamond.

80% of the world's diamonds are not suitable for Jewelry.

Is a Diamond Indestructible?
-- No. The fact that Diamonds are a hard substance
refers to their ability to withstand scratching. But that is
different than toughness, which refers to the ability to
withstand breaking or cleavage.

How old are most diamonds which are found in nature?

-- 1 billion to 3 billion years, by most accounts.
How do diamonds reach us?
-- They are formed deep within the
Earth's crust, and come to the surface via
Volcanoes. Most diamonds are found in
Kimberlite, which is volcanic rock.

Sanky Kohino Great

Diamond or Star Of
Diamo Africa