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How complicated Yibbum and Halizah used to be when men had multiple wives.

An explanation of the diagram:

Diamonds are males. Circles are females.
Shapes with the same color are related, brothers or sisters.
Hollow shapes are dead, full ones are alive.

has died, and is his brother. He has decided not to perform Yibbum, instead he

preformed Halizah with A . So now can never marry because that he had

performed Halizah with her sister A . also can never marry because she was

married to at the same time as .

also certainly can never marry A because one of the most basic rules is that once

you can never marry your brother’s wife, whether she left him through his death or

divorce except in the case where you are performing Yibbum. Interestingly enough

however, he is able to marry .

A Halitza