Dance Center Friday Night Ballroom (Spring session) Foxtrot Combos part I Things to remember: • • • • Move around the

room counterclockwise Think of the long wall as the traveling wall and the short wall as the combo wall Keep the dance moving and use defensive moves when you are near another couple The last sentence makes this dance seem like fighting-- it is not-- have fun!

Combos with Traveling Basic (LW-- long wall, C-- Corner, SH-- short wall) • • • • LW-- Basic, C-- Box step, SH-- basic (this is how I will order the steps) Basic, Hesitation, Basic Basic, Promenade w/ turn, Box step Basic, Promenade, Natural turn to Promenade

Combos with Zig Zag Traveling Step • • • Zig Zag, Hesitate, Zig Zag Zig Zag, Natural turn to Promenade on back half, Zig Zag Zig Zag, Box with turn, Whisk (like a Promenade w/ diff legs), Pivot turn