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MassINC Polling Group Q2-2013 Omnibus Survey Topline results for WGBH sponsored questions Survey of 501 Massachusetts

residents Field Dates: April 23-27, 2013

About the survey: The questions included in this document were sponsored by WGBH and administered as a part of the MassPulse Quarterly Poll, an omnibus poll from The MassINC Polling Group. The MassPulse Quarterly Poll is conducted among representative samples of approximately 500 Massachusetts residents age 18 and older. The poll is conducted in English and Spanish among both cell phone and landline households. Results are weighted to match known demographic parameters for the State of Massachusetts. This iteration of the survey was conducted from April 23-27, 2013. The margin of sampling error is 4.4% at the 95% confidence level for the full sample.

Would you say the interaction between drivers and bicyclists on roads in your area is mostly safe or mostly unsafe, or evenly divided between safe and unsafe? Mostly safe Mostly unsafe Evenly divided Dont Know / Refused 33% 34% 31% 3%

In your opinion, who tends to be more responsible for accidents involving cars and bicycles drivers, bicycle riders, or both equally? Order rotated. Drivers Bicyclists Both equally Dont Know / Refused 21% 21% 56% 2%

In your opinion, which of the following would be the most effective way to prevent bike accidents? Order rotated. Install more bike lanes Pass stricter traffic laws for cars and bicycles Improve enforcement of existing traffic laws Enhance education about traffic laws Dont Know / Refused 45% 10% 22% 15% 7%

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Demographics Race / ethnic background White, not Hispanic All others Dont Know / Refused 78% 21% 1%

Age 18 to 29 30 to 44 45 to 59 60+ Dont Know / Refused Gender Male Female Education High school or less Some college, no degree College graduate (BA/BS) Advanced degree Dont Know / Refused 39% 26% 21% 13% 1% 48% 52% 21% 27% 27% 24% 0%

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