Equity theory generalist>specialists, get to take out clients resentment  Equity theory (pp.

160-162): Employees compare the inputs they invest in a job and the outcomes they receive from the job to the inputs and the outcomes of other workers Talk about how people will put in less work.

Skill Variety in lower levels (job enrichment in lower levels. New system has more task identity and task significance Less Automonomy because not getting full client Feedback has gotten worse, because more on soft skills versus hard skills John Oates complaining about specialization, so give him more important job. Decreases futures/options leads to more autonomy  Task Performance  Organizational Citizenship Behaviour  Counterproductive Work Behaviour OCB-less likely under new system,

.Counterproductive work behavior more likely from Oates if he not strong.150 1) 2) 3) 4) Perceving emotions accurately in oneself and others Using emotions to facilate thinking Understaning emotions. and the signals coveyed by emotions Manaaging emotions as to attain specific goals. Callahan has need Growth needs in ERG for both Callahan and Oates. Oates has self actualization needs. especially in managerial and sales jobs Callahan-Extravert John Oates Introvert  Pay can be a powerful source of motivation when it is tied to job performance  Professional and managerial jobs: Merit pay  Benefits?  Limited (i. Callahan and Winston Emotioanlly intelligent-p.  How about extraverts?  They are good performers. a missed opportunity)  Potential Problems?  Low discrimination  Small increases  Pay secrecy Elimantes problem of underestimating boss’s pay and oversemating peer and subordinates Quantitivate metrics increase chance of decreasing discirmination Have a public system oin pay Acknowledge when help is occurring(OCB) Hiearchy of needs.(153) . emotional language.e.

Job scope has all decreased. Breadth has decreased(task variety). Merit Pay: Problems: Low discrimination small increases. . Make feedback more direct(198) Oates 3 issues Compensation Specialization. the depth has also decreases.Need for power for Calhan.(192). Proximal and Distal Goals Goals-Specific Challenging.would make him do things he din’t want. Make a chart on 157. commitment and feedback. Profit sharing –using pay to give teamwork. We should give Callahn clear goal.

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