Catching Up This is not my usual comprehensive update, because I sent you information just three days ago.

However, there are some things you need to know. At this point in session things are moving very quickly. Daycare Unionization Bill Democrats are highly motivated to get daycare providers and personal care attendants (PCA) under the union umbrella. This is not a good idea. Most daycare providers and virtually all PCAs are self-employed. The union model doesn’t even fit for these folks. This legislation is a brazen attempt to grow union membership and create yet another group that is working to get more money from taxpayers. It appeared this bill was dead. But earlier today, the bill was resurrected and given a hearing in the Finance Committee. Fortunately the bill did not pass. But it will be up again on Monday. WE NEED TO GET AS MANY OPPONENTS AS POSSIBLE TO THE CAPITOL! The unions will show up in large numbers. We need to show that there is strong opposition to this power grab. Daycare providers and PCAs do not want this. Dream Act Earlier this week the Senate passed a bill allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. In addition, illegal immigrants would be eligible for financial aid that would result in less money available for other students. Senator Eric Pratt offered an amendment that would have at least removed the financial aid component. Unfortunately, the proposed amendment was defeated. There is a second reason I voted against the Dream Act. Currently, illegal immigrants are prohibited by federal law from working in the United States. Why would we facilitate educating people who, at this point, will not be legally employable? 30 Days of Wasteful Spending Day Thirteen: $200,000 for a State Employee Compensation Study Day Fourteen: $360,000 for Re-branding of State Bureaucratic Programs Day Fifteen: $20,000 in golf green fees, travel, & undocumented expenditures for State Council Executive Director Day Sixteen: $5,000,000 to bailout the St. Paul Xcel Energy Center in loan forgiveness Day Seventeen: $26,000 to promote critical habitat license plates I will continue to provide updates as we head down the home stretch. Thank you for your support, and be sure to let your views be known! Sincerely, Dave