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Smuckers Response
Smuckers Response

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Published by: Trixie Devine on May 03, 2013
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April 5,2013

Dr. Trixie Devine 402 Jacquelyn Dr Elkins, WV 26241-9546

Dear Dr. Devine, We recognize and respect t at consumers appreciate a variety of product options; and therefore we provide many alternatives in each of our product categories, including organic offerings for consumers that prefer products that do not feature genetically modified ingredients. For many years, agricultural science has developed and grown crops using genetic modification - also called biotechnology - to produce a more economical and dependable quality food supply. Certain varieties of corn and soybean plants, for example, have been developed to be more disease and weather resistant and require less use of pesticides as a result of biotechnology. Numerous health and scientific organizations including the American Medical Association, U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Academy of Sciences have determined that foods grown with modern biotechnology are safe. We value and appreciate the perspectives of all consumers and hope that you will continue to enjoy our Smucker products. Sincerely,

Debbie W. Consumer Relations Representative Ref# 10045172

THE J.M. SMUCKER COMPANY· STRAWBERRY LANE, ORRVILLE, OHIO 44667-0280 TELEPHONE (330) 682-3000 • FAX (330) 684-3370 • www.srnuckers.corn

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